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Character: Zerofuku Anime Name : Record of Ragnarok Power : Semi-immortality and Misfortune Manipulation Height : N/A Gender : Male Width : N/A Hair color : Dark Purple Eye color: N/A Partners: N/A Birthday : N/A

Zerofuku of Record of Ragnarok

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Zerofuku (Source: Pinterest)


Zerofuku is representing the gods in the sixth round of the series. Also, his name translates to zero fortune. Adding on, he is a fusion of Seven Lucky Gods who are Bishamonten, Ebisu, Benzaiten, Hoteison, Fukurokuju, Daikokuten, and Jurojin. They all fused as one in order to fight with Lord Buddha.

You can also know more about him from the table below:

Zerofuku’s Description
Age 2500 +
Species God
Origin Heaven
Absorbed by Hajun
Manga Debut Chapter 44


Zerofuku (Source: Pinterest)

Zerofuku is a very muscular person from the size of his body. In addition, he also has a hole at the place where the heart should be located. Whereas, the color of his hair is dark purple. Heading on, he also has the Japanese symbol on his cheeks. Further, these symbols are actually Japanese Kanji which symbolize fortune.

Zerofuku’s Original Form (Source: Pinterest)

He changed into this form after absorbing the misfortune of the Humans. Before, this he was a child-like boy in appearance. Even more, he also gets a chance to get into this form while fighting Lord Buddha. As well, his hole in the place of his heart also disappears when he was in this form. But, he was absorbed by Hajun later.


Zerofuku was a very kind loving boy. Also, he used to love human beings a lot. Further, he took all the misfortune of all human beings. But, things start to change when he watches Lord Buddha making people happier than him. After watching this he goes near the river and starts crying. Then he creates strong jealousy and wants to destroy humanity. Altogether, he seems very childish and easily gets mad about the things he hates.

How Zerofuku transforms into Hajun?

Zerofuku as Hajun (Source: Pinterest)

Beelzebub implanted the parasitic organism in the head of Zerofuku. After millennia, this parasite takes over the body of Zerofuku. Also, it makes Hajun revive from death and take over, Zerofuku. Heading on, transforming his horns will push toward his mouth as well as to the hole in his chest. Adding on, from those place dragons comes out and left egg shell. Later, Hajun comes out from the eggshells.

Power and Abilities

Zerofuku’s Power (Source: Pinterest)


The strength of Zerofuku is unmatchable as he can easily carry his axe even though it starts to change size. Even more, he also holds his axe easily as it increases its size up to 900 times more than its actual size.

Speed & Reflex

Zerofuku not only got speed while fighting but he also can swing the axe in the direction he wants with a very fast momentum.


Due to this power, he can’t die because of old age. As a result, he is at a similar age to Lord Buddha. As of now, he is around 2500+ years.

Misfortune Manipulation

He is also known as the God of Misfortune. So, he can easily absorb the misfortune of the humans. But, it kindly affects his mental health. Similarly, he has added up this in his axe too. Thus, his axe also grows in size as it absorbs the misfortune.


He gets absorbed by Hajun while fighting Lord Buddha.
His name also means zero fortune.

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