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Character: Crimson Anime Name : Ragna Crimson Power : Superior Dragon Height : N/A Gender : Male Width : N/A Hair color : Crimson Eye color: Green (right), Red (left) Partners: N/A Birthday : N/A

Crimson – Ragna Crimson

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Crimson was one of the winged monarchs. As of now, he is not with dragons after his betrayal of them. Also, he is the one who tried to kill the dragon god.

The Dragon God is the entity who keeps the dragons under it and controls them. After failing it, he teams up with Crimson with the motive of killing all of the dragons. As a result, he also changes into one of the dragon hunters.

Who is the voice actor for Crimson?

Voice Actor of Crimson (Source: Pinterest)

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actor Ayume Murase.


Appearance of Crimson (Source: Sportskeeda)

Moving towards his appearance, there is no exact identity for him. In order to maintain his identity, he keeps changing his appearance. The only thing with a different identity is his eyes. The color of his one eye is green, whereas the color of his other eye is green.

Similarly, while he is with Ragna, he presents himself as a magician. Likewise, the magician seems to be wearing a magical hat with the cloak.


In the past, Crimson was also one of the dragons. Following it, he falls under the winged monarch. But his betrayal of them is still unknown. As a result, he also wanted to kill the dragon god.

Unfortunately, he was not able to do so. Thus, he has to hide himself. Whereas, most people thought that he was already dead. So, the second time, he goes through his plan not to fail. As well, he also made an alliance with Ragna to kill the dragon god and other dragons.

The identity of Crimson till now

Eliza Yorkshire

It is his identity as a maid. Even more, he wears traditional maid clothes with a skirt.

Crish Weiss

Crish Weiss is the identity we can mostly see when he is with Ragna. In this form, he wears a magical hat with a cloak.

Lady Veronica

When he is this identity, he appears as a woman and wears a veronica hat. Along with it, he also has long red hair in this form.

Power and Abilities

Power and Abilities of Crimson (Source: Epic Dope)

Superior Dragon

Being one of the superior dragons, his body is very different from that of human beings. Even more, his body can change from human to dragon. Using his blood, he can also release a number of dragons.

Space-time Magic

This ability allows him to have control over time. Along with it, he can also move while he keeps on stopping the time.

Mind Manipulation

One of his major brain manipulations is his identity-changing ability. As well, he mentally manipulates the people around him to clear up information about his identity to keep himself secret from others.


  • He was originally a Bone Monarch.
  • He has a storage key with him, which opens a functional door to dimensional storage.

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