It is my duty as the elder brother to take revenge for him.
Character: Hades Anime Name : Record of Ragnarok Power : Breaker of Storms and Divine Blood Height : N/A Gender : Male Width : N/A Hair color : Silver Eye color: N/A Partners: N/A Birthday : N/A

Hades – Record of Ragnarok

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Hades (Source: Pinterest)

Hades – Record of Ragnarok

Hades is the character of Japanese anime series who shows up in the seventh round of Ragnarok from God’s side. Adding on, he replaces Humanity’s representative Buddha from his betrayal in the previous round. In that round, he was standing against Qin Shi Huang. Even more, he has been named The God Whom Other Gods Rely on the Most.

The descriptive chart of him is below:

Hades Description
Age Eons
Species God
Manga Debut Chapter 50
Birth Possibly Heaven
Other Name King of Ntherworld

The God Whom Other Gods Rely on the Most


Hades (Source: Twitter)

The age of Hades is referred to as Eons. Adding on, similar to his younger brother, Poseidon, he also seems a tall and handsome man. Further, he is a character with an eye patch on his right eye. Heading towards his hair, he has silver color hair which looks like a spike in appearance. On his forehead, he has tattoos that match a design to the leaf-like pattern.

Hades – Dress Up

Hades Dress (Source: Pinterest)

Moving towards his dress, most of the time he seems to be wearing a very formal type of dress. In his left eye, he wears an earring. Along with it, he has a different small piercing in his ears. As well, the color of his coat is white in color. His coat contains different badges on its left side. Also, the color of his pants is also white.


Hades seems to be a calm and quiet person who has respect for the gods. Being an older son in his family, he loves his younger brother very much and follows everything as a duty of the older brother. His younger brother, Poseidon died in the third round of the Ragnarok.
As to take revenge for that he comes in the seventh round of the Ragnarok. Even though, he came to take revenge he was not blinded by the sense of revenge. But, he was more motivated enough to participate in the Ragnarok.

Power and Abilities

Hades Power (Source: Twitter)

High Strength

hades might not match up with the speed of his brother but he is very good strength as he can throw heavy jabs multiple times. It was so powerful that it can make Qin Shi Huang die instantly it landed perfectly. Adding on, his attacks are powerful enough that the wind from his attack can cut off the enemy.

Stamina and Endurance

One example of his stamina and endurance is he easily killed all of the titans that were present in the Gigantomachy. Also, while in the fight with Qin Shi, Qin Shi attacked him multiple times. But he was standing still as the attacks are just his warm-up. That actually shows he has a very high endurance level.

Breaker of Storms

It can stand as one of the powers in which he created force and attacked the enemy through the spiral wind. This wind seems to be very strong.

Divine Blood

With the power of divine blood, he is able to make different types of weapons through his blood. We can see him using this in the seventh round of Ragnarok while making the weapon, Ichor: Desmos.


The name of his wife is Persephone.
He is the god of blood.

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