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Character: Andy Anime Name : Undead Unluck Power : Undead Height : 6 feet 2 inch (189 cm) Gender : Male Width : N/A Hair color : Grey Eye color: Blue Partners: N/A Birthday : April 15

Andy – Undead Unluck

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Andy (Source: Epic Dope)


Andy is the ninth member of the union. Even more, he also has the ability to be Undead. Due to his ability, he is able to attain immortality. In addition, even after he dies, his corpse restarts to regenerate on its own.

In the past, he was Victor. As of now, he was able to meet Unluck, Fuuko Izumo. Moving on, they have a good friendship with each other and join the union together.

Who is the voice actor, Andy?

Yuichi Nakamura (Source: IMDb)

The Japanese voice for the character is portrayed by the Japanese voice actor, Yuichi Nakamura.


Appearance of Andy (Source: Pinterest)

Moving towards his appearance, he is tall and has a muscular body. Even more, he has a scar on his left side of the face above the eye. The color of his hair is gray, and the color of his eyes is blue.

Due to his ability, he can stop aging. So, he looks like he is still in his mid-20s. But when he first appeared in the series, his age was approximately 200 years. Also, he has an 1865 tattoo on his chest, which even fades though he regenerates multiple times.


Victor (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

In the past, Andy was known as Victor. At that time, he was the second member of the union. He and Juiz started the union at that time. Also, they even tried to kill the god. But they failed many times.

So, in order to live in peace, Victor chooses to go against Juiz. Whereas he was defeated, and she erased his memory. As a result, she turned him into Andy.

Love interests of Andy

Love Interest of Andy (Source: YouTube)

As the series keeps on moving, we can see Andy having feelings for Fuuko. After watching her ability, he was so amazed and wanted to get the ultimate death. In addition, he is very protective of her.

As well, he can do anything in order to protect himself. Also, he even develops romantic feelings for her. While saving her, he even expressed that he loved her.



Andy’s ability is Undead. It makes him immortal, as he can regenerate himself after dying too. Also, he does not even process the part about aging. Because it is also part of death.

Part Bullets

We know that Andy can regenerate himself. So, he detaches his body part to attack. Also, he does his part, holds a grenade, and throws it towards the target. Along with the body parts, he has various names for his attacks. Some of them are Parts Bullet Fist, Parts Bullet Hammer, Parts Bullet Head.



Kurikara is the name of the katana he uses in the battles. Also, the katana is unbreakable. The one to make the sword is Negator Unbreakable.


DB is the motorcycle he rides while traveling to different places. Ishhin and Nico Vorgeil were the ones to make DB for him.


  • He loves to drink Budweiser beer.
  • His favorite food is a cheeseburger.


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