Inosuke Hashibira
Character: Inosuke Hashibira Anime Name : Demon slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Power : Beast Breathing Style Height : 164 cm (5 feet and 5 inches) Gender : Male Width : 63 kg Hair color : Black Eye color: Green Partners: Aoba Hashibira Birthday : April 22nd

Inosuke Hashibira

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Inosuke Hashibira (Source: Pinterest)

Who is Inosuke Hashibira?

Inosuke Hashibira is a demon slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps in the Japanese anime series, Demon slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is renowned for the Beast Breathing Technique in Demon Slayer Corps.

He is one of the tritagonists of the series and the traveling companions of Zenitsu Agatsuma and Tanjiro Kamado. The character made his anime and manga debut in the 11th episode and 21st chapter respectively.

Inosuke Hashibira Description
Age 15 years
Height 164 cm (5 feet and 5 inches)
Weight 63 kg
Birthday April 22nd
Breathing Style Beast Breathing Style
Voice Actors Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Japanese Voice Actor)

Bryce Papenbrook (English Voice Actor)

Who are the parents of Inosuke Hahibira? Are they alive?

Inosuke’s Mother (Source: Pinterest)

Insouke is an orphan. He lost his father and mother when he was still a baby. He is the son of Kotoha Hashibira and her unnamed husband. His mother, Kotoha was in an abusive relationship with his husband and always got bitten by her husband and mother-in-law. To avoid the situation and give better childhood for her son, she ran away.

Why Inosuke hate Doma?

Inosuka hates Doma so much as Doma is the killer of his parents. After Kotoha flew from the village, she got shelter in the Paradise Fath cult which used to worship their cult leader, Doma, The Upper Rank Two.

After some time, she realized the Doma is actually a demon who feeds on his worshippers. At this point in time, Doma had already killed his husband who was searching for him. Upon finding the truth, she again ran away from the cult to find the human village. Unfortunately, she comes to the end of the cliff with nowhere to go and hence, she dropped Inosuka from the cliff as the sole possible way to save him.

Soon after that, Doma killed her and devoured not even leaving her bones. At the final time too, Kotoha was worried about her son and regretted falling as a mother.

Inosuke Hashibira's Quote
Inosuke Hashibira’s Quote (Source: Facebook, Animeroar)

“I’ll create Hell for you!”

How does Hashibira recall all his past?

Actually, Doma is the one who helps Hashibira to recall his memories. After the cliff incident, he was raised by boars and has no memories of her mother except the lullaby name, Pinky Promise.

In chapter 16o of the manga, named Similar Feature, Returning Memories, Doma recognizes Inosuke’s face during the battle. To remember him exactly, he swirls his finger in his brain by piercing his own skull. Following the act, he sings the lullaby which jogs the memory of Inosuke and he recalls all the memories from the past.

Inosuke’s Sword, Why he use two swords?

Inosuke’s Sword (Source: Pinterest)

The name of the Sword that Inosuke uses is known as the Ninchirin sword. Initially, the sword he received through swordsmiths was a sharp edge with handguards.

However, he changed his sword’s sharp edge into a zigzag edge and replaced the handguards and bandages.

Inosuke’s Sword Description
Overall Length 101 cm
Blade Length 68.5 cm
Blade Width 2.8 cm
Blade Edge 4mm; Blunt


Inosuke with two swords (Source: Pinterest)

Inosuke uses two swords at a time which compliments his gung-ho fighting style.

What style does Inosuke use?

Beast Breathing Style (Source: Pinterest)

The style of Inosuke is called Beast Breathing Style. The breathing style is distantly derived from the Wind Breathing Style. He formed his breathing technique on his own.

Being raised among boars, his breathing style represents the unpredictability of animals which is difficult to anticipate his move to his opponents.

Why wasn’t Inosuke in the Final Selection?

Demon Slayer Final Selection (Source: Pinterest)

The Final Selection is the stage where the demon slayers join and get their rank. We were only able to see Zenitsu and Tanjiro during the final selection. This means that Inosuke had his final selection before or after the selection of Tanjiro and Zenitsu.

But, we are not able to see the clips of him participating in the Final Selection because it helps to create a dramatic entry of him. Also, to make his entry dramatic he directly appears in the Drum House Arc as Zenitsu opens the door thinking it was the exit.

How did Inosuke become friends with Zenitsu and Tanjiro?

Inosuke, Tanjiro, and Zenitsu (Source: Pinterest)

Inosuke is also one of the Demon Slayers. So, there is no doubt that he has already passed his Final Selection Arc. When Tanjiro and Zenitsu were going to the drum house in Tsuzumi Mansion Arc. Zenitsu was not knowing the place to get out of the trap of the demon. Whereas, Inouske was also there and was locked for three days.

As Zenitsu opens one of the doors, Inosuke comes out of there and sprints his way. After the fight, he become good friends with them it was the first time they encounter each other.

Inosuke Hashibira and Kanao Tsuyuri vs Doma

At the start of the fight, Kanao was fighting with Doma. Doma was nearly to kill Kanao as he snatches the blade of her. Then, he throws the blades and calls her to pick if she wants to survive. Whereas, he was ready to use his technique of Scattering Lotuses. In the meantime, Inosuke breaks through the ceiling and was able to save Kanao. As he arrives, he was able to know that Doma is the Upper Two demon, and was happy if he kills him, he will become a hashira.

Inosuke and Kanao vs Doma (Source: Pinterest)

Then, he comes to know that Kanao was injured and Shinobu will get mad if she finds out. After it, he rapidly uses the Beast Breathing, Fourth Fang: Slice ‘n’ Dice. Doma was having a recall at the time and told Inosuke that he has met his mother before. But, Inosuke denies it and tells he was raised by the boars. As they were fighting, Doma comes to know that Akaza has been defeated. So, yells to them he has to leave and has no time to fight with the flies.

Moving on, he forms his small clones and made Inosuke and Kanao fight with them. Adding on, Doma also uses the Scattering Lotuses, Frozen Lotus as well as Cold White Princesses. But, while Doma was going to exit, his crystal children starts to crack as he has consume the poison when he was consuming Kanao.

The fight becomes intense with Doma’s Blood Demon Art. Who wins the battle?

Doma’s Blood Demon Art (Source: Twitter)

Heading on, Doma uses his Blood Demon Art: Rime – Water Lily Bodhisattva. Using it, he forms a Bodhisattva statue which even makes an earthquake and flies Inosuke and Kanao in the air. Further, Doma was very low in energy. So, they decide to cut him but Kanao is frozen. Whereas, Inosuke comes and attacks with Beast Breathing: Sudden Throwing Strikes. Finally, working together they were able to cut the head of Doma. Thus, Inosuke Hashibira wins the battle with Doma.

Inosuke Hashibira’s Love Interest

Inosuke’s Wife and Grandchild (Source: Pinterest)

In the manga and anime, Inosuke is in love with the Aoba Hashibira. Inosuke and Aoi first met in the Butterfly Mansion. Their relationship started as a practice partner and Insoukes always tries to prove himself strong by defeating her. However, Aoi always manages to beat him. Eventually, Insouke beat her final training section.

Aoi first shows love and affection towards Insokue he when Inosuke got badly beaten and poisoned while fighting against Upper Moon 6. At the moment, she always shed tears. Eventually, the couple will get married coming to the end of the anime.

Also, the lovebirds will have a great-grandson maned Aoba Hashibira. Aoba will be a renowned botanist. The major subject of his research is Blue Spider Lily. During his research, he also discovered that the Lily blooms for 2-3 days a year.

Is Inosuke Hashibira Dead?

When he was fighting with Gyutaro in Entertainment District Arc. He was nearly killed but with his technique, he manages to change the location of his vital organ. But, he still was on the poison of Gyutaro. Later, Nezuko heals him from the poison. In the end, he lives a happy life and dies the way most human dies.


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