Every thing you should know about Nezuko. Also find about her relationship and blood demon art

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Nezuko (Source: Pinterest)

Nezuko (A Chosen Demon)

Nezuko kamado is a character in the Japanese anime series Demon Slayer. Also, she belongs to the Kamado family and is the younger sister of Tanjiro Kamado. In the past, she was a human being. But, when her family gets attacked by the Muzan, she changes into a demon.
You can also know more about her from the description box below:

Nezuko kamado’s Description
Age 14
Height 153 cm
Weight 45 kg
Birthday December 28th
Voice actors Akari Kit0- (Japanese VA)

Abby Trott (English VA)

Nezuko Family Background

Nezuko’s Family (Source: Pinterest)

Nezuko is from the Kamado family. Her father’s name is Tanjuro Kamado and her mother’s name is Kie Kamado. As of now, Nezuko is 14 years old and her birthday is on December 28th. Even more, she also has three younger brothers whose names are Takeo Kamado, Hanako Kamado, and Shigeru Kamado. Adding on, she also has a younger sister whose name is Hanako Kamado.

The Kamado family was a very happy family. but, her father died getting sick. One day, the demon attacks the Kamado family as the order from Muzan. Which, every member of the family dies in which Nezuko turns into a demon Tanjiro manages to get himself very well. Later, Tanjiro even helps Nezuko to behave well though she has already turned into a demon.

Who are the voice actors of Nezuko Kamado?

Japanese voice actress, Akari Kitō

Akari Kitō (Source: Pinterest)

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actress and singer Akari Kito. Moving to her birth date, she was born on October 16, 1994, in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. She is also famous for providing her voice for anime like Classroom of the Elite, A Couple of Cuckoos, and Azur Lane.

American voice actress, Abby Trott

Abby Trott (Source: Pinterest)

The English voice for the character is portrayed by the American voice actress, Abby Trott. Heading towards her birth date, she was born on May 8, in Attleboro, Massachusetts, U.S. Besides, Demon Slayers some of her notable works include The Seven Deadly Sins, Hunter x Hunter, and Vinland Saga.

Demon Form of Nezuko Kamado

Half Demon Form

Nezuko half-demon (Source: Pinterest)

In the half-demon form of Nezuko, she looks very cute girl. As well, she has bamboo in her which Giyu put to control her from her monstrous demonic nature. In addition, she has pale pink eyes in this form. Whereas, her hair changes from black to flame orange. Even more, she wears the same dress as in human form which is pink color kimono.

She looks too cute in this form. Further, she even goes with her brother traveling and sitting inside the box.

Full Demon Form

Nezuko full demon (Source: Pinterest)

In Nezuko’s full demon form, she grows green leaves that are all over her body. also, she develops a horn that comes out from her right head. It not only changes her look but also increases her fighting ability too. But, it is very difficult to turn her back into the half-demon form. One of the ways to change her to a half-demon from this form is by making her hear Tanjiro’s singing. She changes herself into this form only when Tanjiro is in trouble. Adding on, when she is in this form she also develops the need to feed human blood.


Nezuko as a human is a girl who is very kind and loves to take care of people. Even more, she does not need human blood as well as human flesh. The reason is she changes herself as she sees her brother’s desire to change her into a human. Even though he is
a demon slayer and she is already a demon. Moving on, she strongly guards her brother which shows her love and affection of her toward him.

Power and Abilities

Nezuko’s Power (Source: Pinterest)

Abnormal Demonic Physiology

Though, Nezuko is a demon she still has some abilities which demons are probably not able of. For example, she can restore power without needing any human flesh. Some of her other demonic physiology is as follows:

Sunlight Resistance

We all know that all demons cannot expose themselves to the sunlight. But, she is able to do such a thing. Adding on, she was able to do it in the fight with Upper-Rank Four, Hantegu. At that time, she was able to get resistance from the sunlight which the Demon King is also not capable of.


As a demon, Nezuko is capable to regenerate and heal herself. Unlike, other demons she does not need any human flesh to do so. Further, she can do this in the blink of an eye. We can see her better regeneration ability in the fight of her with Daki.

Immense Strength

The strength of Nezuko is very high as when she turned into Demon. We have also watched Nezuko easily kick the demons and other beings easily with her legs. Further, she also increases her strength when strong opponents come to her.

Size Alternation

Nezuko has the ability to decrease her size and then after all increase her size. Also, she comes to fit in a bag of the box that her brother, Tanjiro uses to take with him. She gets into it and travels inside it to protect herself from the sunlight of days.

Why Nezuko is different from other demons?

Nezuko is very different from other demons and she is named The Chosen Demon. In addition, she gets this title/name as she can walk in the sunlight without being burned. Also, we have seen that when she involves in the fight, she keeps on getting more stronger and stronger. Adding on, the demon becomes very weak when they can’t get the human flesh. But, she is very different from it and does not need any other being’s blood in order to increase her strength.

As well, Tanjiro travels to Sakonji in order to change Nezuko into the human form. At that time, she was sleeping a lot rather than walking or doing other things. From watching it, Sakonji concludes that the reason that she does not need human flesh to become stronger is she can get energy from sleeping. So, she keeps on sleeping on the box and when Tanjiro is in problem she comes out to help him.

Blood Demon Art of Nezuko

Blood Demon Art of Nezuko (Source: Pinterest)

Blood Demon Art is different on the basis of demons. Even more, it is a special technique that can be only used by higher-level demons. The Blood Demon Art of her is also known as Pyrokinesis. Further, while using it Nezuko creates a flame of pink color around her body. But, it only harms the demons and the objects that are related to demons. In brief, we can see it while Nezuko is fighting with Rui and she easily burned the thread Rui.

Adding on, she was also able to heal Inosuke and Tengen from the poison of Gyutaro. Whereas, the blood demons’ arts also have its weakness. It makes the user not being able to expose to sunlight. but, being a chosen demon, it does not stand as the weakness of Nezuko.


Tanjiro and Nezuko

Tanjiro and Nezuko

Tanjiro Kamado is the elder brother of Nezuko. They both are the only remaining member of their family. Also, Nezuko gets very angry when someone tries to harm her brother. In addition, they both are very close to each other. The only one to make Nezuko calm is Tanjiro. To do so, Tanjiro sings the lullaby that their mother used to sing for Nezuko.

Even more, when Muzan turns Tanjiro into a demon, he does try to kill Nezuko. Because he was ordered by Muzan to kill the Demon Slayer Corps but not the demon.

Nezuko and Zenitsu

Zenitsu and Nezuko (Source: Pinterest)

Zenistu is also one of the members of the Demon Slayer Corps. Also, he falls in love with Nezuko from the first getting a chance to look at her. Likewise, her brother Zenitsu also shows love and care to Nezuko. Though, Zenitsu looks like a coward but is very powerful in the fight. When Zenitsu tells her story about Tanjiro’s training, Nezuko responds that she loves to hear it.

Giyu Tomioka

Giyu, Tanjiro and Nezuko (Source: Pinterest)

Giyu goes towards the Tanjiro and Nezuko as the Kamado family was killed. Moving on, he chase after Nezuko as she was already a demon. But, he learns a different thing about Nezuko. Rather than killing her brother, she was trying to protect him. Even more, Tanjiro is aware Giyu that she will not be a threat to humanity and mankind. As a result, he thinks to give them a chance to send both of them to master Sakonoji.


Yushiro and Nezuko (Source: Pinterest)

When they meet each other for the first time, both of them were threatened by each other. But, when Yahaba and Susamaru attack the hidden clinic of Yushiro, they both fight together as a team. Then, he learns she is not a bad demon and calls her beautiful. Whereas, Nezuko admits him as her younger sibling and pats him on his head.


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