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Zenitsu Agatsuma
Character: Zenitsu Agatsuma Anime Name : Demon Slayer Power : Shord, Electricity, Speed Height : 145cm Gender : male Width : 50kg Hair color : yellow Eye color: golden yellow Partners: Nejuko Birthday : 20210708

Zenitsu Agatsuma

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1. Who is Zenitsu Agatsuma?

Zenitsu Agatsuma is one of the main protagonists of the Japanese adventure, action, demon, dark fantasy anime series, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is Demon Slayer and a friend of another two main characters Inosuke Hashibira and Tanjiro Kamado.

He is a traveler and Thunder Breading Techniques user, who already proved one of the strongest characters of the Demon Slayer. According to the story, he got a chance to appear in episode 4 of the Demon Slayer season 1.

2. Godlike Speed of Zenitsu Agatsuma

speed of Zenitsu Agatsuma

Everybody is talking about Zenitsu God Like speed and it is very commendable. Currently closed in season 2 of the Demon Slayer series, he showed the world how wonderful and fast is he. He played a vital role to defeat demons Daki and Gyutaro with other three fellow demon slayer members. He demonstrated his various flashy thunder God Speed in season 2.

Even the upper-rank demon Daki is unable to read his move and attack. Without a doubt, Zenitsu is one of the strongest as well as the quickest characters in the whole Demon Slayer series. His Thunder Breading style is unbelievable and strikes blindly. The way he improves and modifies his Thunder Breathing Techniques and performs a very good Thunderclap and Flash movie is quite impressive. Normally he looks very shy and showered. However, he is in sleepy mode he always speeds up and breaks the speed limit, and gains superhuman flash ability.

Moreover, his God Like Speed is very powerful and super quick that no one ignores. We still did not know the full potential of his Thunder Breathing techniques. That’s why there is more god-like speed coming from Zenitsu in the upcoming Demon Slayer Series.

3. Zenitsu Agatsuma Voice Actor – Hiro Shimono

Hiro Shimono

Japanese Hiro Shimono provides a Japanese voice of the Zenitsu Agatsuma, of the anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He was born on Apr 21, in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. He is a voice artist as well as a good singer too. As of now, he is working with the Japanese voice talent management agency called I’m Enterprise.

Some of his famous project as a Voice Actor includes RahXephon as Ayato, in Baka no Sora, as KeimaKatsuragi, in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, as Zenitsu Agatsuma.

Some Personal Details on the Voice Actor

He is a married man and blessed with two kids. Unfortunately, on 2021, July 2, he also got Covid-19 and successfully recovered too. He started doing his work right after he gets fully treated for Covid-19.

According to the survey, it seems that he started his career in the adventure, action anime Tv Series titled RahXephon, in the role of Ayato Kamina. This anime is directed by Yutaka Izubuchi and distributed by Studio Bones. It has around 26 episodes in total. This anime story revolves around the 17 years boy named Ayato Kamina. Who has a superhuman ability to control the giant robots and machines also known as mecha or we can also call a RahXephon?

In 2010, he get a chance to portray the role of Akihisa Yoshii in a Comedy light novel-based Series, Baka, and Test: Summon the Beasts. This series was written by Kenji Inoue and published by the Japanese publisher Enterbrain. This series was actually run from January 29, 2007, to March 30, 2015. This novel-based anime series is the story of Akihisa Yoshii, who is titled Baka, and his friends at the school, Fumizuki Academy. Every character and illustration is done perfectly and interestingly. It is really worth watching such exciting and student-live drama. So, Shimono gets little fame after being a part of this movie.

Talking about his current work and career, in 2022, he is busy in various anime series such as Love of Kill, as Son Ryang-ha, Orient, as Shiro Inukai, Pokemon Master Journeys: The Series, as Piers, The Devil is a Part-Timer!, as Hanzo Urushihara/Lucifer, My StepMom’s Daughter is My Ex- Mizuto Irodo. Moreover, he recently finished his work in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba- Swordsmith Village Arc, as Zenitsu Agatsuma. He already received massive success throughout his career as a voice artist. There is more stuff coming from the Hiro Shimono in the near future.

Besides, there are various roles he portrayed in different anime worlds. Here are some honorable mentions.

Anime Name Character
Yosuga no Sora Haruka Kasugno
The World God Only Knows Keima Katsuragi
Uta no Prince-Sama Syo Kurusu
Norifumi Kawakami Ace of Diamond
The Devil is a Part-Timer! Hanzo Urushihara
Attack on Titan Connie Spinger
My Hero Academia Dabi
Black Clover Nacht Faust
The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures Ryunosuke Naruhodo

3. Zenitsu Agatsuma – Birth, Age, Family Background, Mother, Father, Siblings

Zenitsu Agatsuma was born on September 3rd, 2006. in Ushigome District, Tokyo Prefecture. That makes him 16 years in 2022. He belongs to Toko and Yoshiteru’s ancestors. His father and mother’s name is still unknown and have not been revealed yet. There is no information about his siblings too.

As per the manga, he will be married to his beloved Nezuko Kamado. However, his great-granddaughter’s name is Toko Agatsuma, and his great-grandson is Yoshiteru Agatsuma.

4. Why did he become a demon slayer, accident

Zenitsu is a kind-hearted boy with a fair skin face. He is young and always freaks out when he is attacked by a demon and always asks Tanjiro to protect him. One time Tanjiro asked him why you become a demon slayer if you don’t want to fight the demon. Then he replies that he become a demon slayer because he got swindled by a woman, and racked up debt”.

5. Zenitsu Agatsuma’s love and relationship with Nezuko

Zenitsu always has a crush on Nezuko Kamado. Nezuko is the front protagonist of the Demon Slayer, who is a demon with higher-level Blood Demon Art abilities. She is a demon however she did not need the blood of innocent people to live. She is also the younger sister of our main hero Tanjiro Kamado. Nezuko has dark black long wavy hair with pink eyes.

He always asks her to marry him and failed many times. Though he is freaking out in front of demons, he always protects Nezuko while she faces some danger. He always shares his different training stories with Tanjiro. However, the sorties go they are going to marry each other in the future. Nezuko also accepts him as his lover and husband. Their grandchildren have also been shown in the manga demon slayer series.

6. Zenitsu Agatsuma – Height, Weight, Physical Appearance, Personality

Physical Appearance of Zenitsu Agatsuma ( Source: Instagram.com )

Zenitsu is a young man with light-toned skin and scared-looking eyes. He has long, wavy yellow hair. According to the source, his hair is actually black before he becomes a demon slayer. However, it turned the color it is currently when he was struck by lightning during his training. His height is 164 cm and his weight is 58 kg.

Actually, he has multi-personality inside him. In his regular type, he always considered himself useless and cowardly. But in another sleepy type, he is really more focused and shows his true nature of power. He cut the demon in his lighting speed while he is sleeping. But, he couldn’t believe he had slain a Demon and tricked himself into instead believing that.

7. what about his personal interest and facts

  1. His favorite food is Sweet, ell, and other expensive foods
  2. He likes to play Koi-Koi and Backgammon
  3. He has god-like Thunder Blast Abilities but he did not know
  4. his hair color changed during his training when a flash of strong lightning hit him hard. He has black and beautiful hair before.
  5. Once he become small and his limbs shrunk due to the poison injected by the Spider Demon. Later, he recovered with the help of Shinobu Kocho Medicine.

8. Abilities, powers

Zenitsu Agatsuma – Abilities ( Instagram.com )

He never realized how powerful his Thunder technique was. Because he always released his full potential while he is in a conscious state. He always helps the needy people through his lightning speed he stand-alone to defeat the Son Spider Demon and successfully saves the entire 3 train people who are under attack by a demon, alongside other fellow demon slayer members. By using his intimate flash moves he also goes head-to-head fight with the higher-rank demon Daki.

Zenitsu also has intense hearing techniques which allow him to sense danger and avoided every kind of danger moved by others. He sharpens his hearing ability to do a quick attack without being known by others.

In addition, his Speed and Reflexes are another God Level. He is not only fast his reflexes are fast and very unpredictable.

Zenitsu is one of the most powerful characters in the whole demon slayer series. He is fast and has lightning speed power. Electricity flows in his body, he became invincible, and his moves are hard to read. Besides, He is a great swordsman and has more potential to slay the hardest demons in the whole series of the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


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