Will Zoro kill Sanji in one piece? Why or why not?

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Zoro kills Sanji

One Piece: Will Sanji kill Zoro?

Sanji and Zoro (Source: Pinterest)

Roronoa Zoro and Vinsmoke Sanji are both some of the best characters in the One Piece series. Also, they are members of the straw hat pirates. Even more, they are very good friends (nakama) with all of the members of the crew.

Heading on, a rumor has started to flourish that Zoro might kill Sanji. Here is the information on why or why not Zoro will kill Sanji in One Piece.

Why will Zoro kill Sanji?

Promise of Sanji

Queen vs Sanji (Source: Sportskeeda)

We can see Sanji using the twisted science of his father. Also, Sanji even changes into Germa. In the middle of the battle in Wano, he realizes that he has some changes in his body. Likewise, Germa is also going to lose humanity.

Moving on, in their journey to get the One Piece, Sanji might get along with it again. He feels that he might lose all of the humanity that he does not want to have with him. So, Sanji tells Zoro to kill him if any changes occur in him and he loses his humanity. Thus, Zoro also keeps it as his promise.

Zoro follows Luffy strongly

Luffy and Zoro (Source: Pinterest)

As if Sanji loses humanity and has changed due to the scientific things of his father. Luffy might ask Zoro to kill Sanji. Similarly, if Zoro gets the order from his captain, he will not stop killing his nakama, Sanji.

In some of the previous episodes, we can see Luffy and Zoro fighting together. Along with that, he is one of the most loyal members of the crew. Therefore, it depends on Luffy whether he will order such a thing or not. Anyway, Luffy also does not seem to have any hatred towards his crewmates.

Why will Zoro not kill Sanji?

The most loyal member of the crew

Zoro vs Kuma (Source: Dexerto)

Also, Zoro is the most loyal member of the crew. Though he keeps on arguing with Sanji all the time on the journey, he has a good bond with Sanji. They both make a good combination, and Zoro is somehow already attached to Sanji.

So, it will be a very difficult task for Zoro to pierce his friend with his own katana. Likewise, the only member to act reserve and calm is Zoro, beside getting the direction. Hence, it is clear that Zoro will not kill Sanji.

Zoro will kill Sanji only if necessary

When Sanji was fighting against Queen in Wano, he was feeling changes in his body. At that time, he told Zoro to kill him if he did or changed into something bad. Similarly, he will be stopped by the crew if he creates any scenes.

In addition, he does not show any changes and performs his rights after the incident. Even more, while Chopper also turns into a monster, the crew only helps him to cool down. In such a way, they can find a way to make Sanji cool down rather than killing him.

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