Will Dandadan Manga Adapt Anime? What is the storyline of Dandadan? Know every facts of Dandadan Manga, Anime, and Characters

You are currently viewing Will Dandadan Manga Adapt Anime? What is the storyline of Dandadan? Know every facts of Dandadan Manga, Anime, and Characters
Dandadan Manga (Source: Pinterest)


Dandadan (Source: Pinterest)

Dandadan is an action, occult, and romantic comedy Japanese manga series. The manga is written and illustrated by the Manga Artist, Yukinobu Tatsu. Also, the manga was first serialized on, April 6, 2021, in Shueisha’s Shōnen Jump+.

What is the story of the manga Dandadan?

Momo Ayase and Okarun (Source: Omnitose)

The storyline of the manga Dandadan is so attractive as it follows two high schoolmates, Momo Ayase and Okarun. In addition, they stand to be completely their opposite as Momo believes in ghosts whereas she believes that aliens do not exist. Additionally, her friend Okarun is completely opposite of her as she believes in the existence of aliens while she believes that ghosts do not exist. And, to find out who is more correct they both have bet on each other.

Moving on, they travel to find their respective cases as ghosts exist or aliens exist to the respective place they used to be found. Even more, the shocking part comes when both of them were correct and realize that both aliens and ghosts do exist.

How the manga Dandadan was created?

Dundanan Manga (Source: Pinterest)

Well, when the creator of the Dandadan, Yukinobu Tatsu was interviewed in Alu Japan. Further, the stated that he was having a difficult time innovating and writing a new story. Then, he got a suggestion from his editor to write anything he can without thinking about any risks to the plot just write what he can. After all, he has the word Dandadan and that leads him to write it as a manga.

Will Dandadan manga adapt anime?

Manga and anime vary the fans all over the world. Further, there exist three sides of people, one is who love manga. The other is who loves anime and the remaining is who loves to watch anime as well as read manga too. Even more, due to its different storyline, its manga has been very popular. And, sold out in numbers worldwide. Due to this, we can think about the anime adaptation. As well, the anime is already in the process to come whereas different paperwork should also be done. But, the paperwork still remained. Moving on, the manga Dandadan can adapt to the anime if everything goes without any hindrance.

From where we can read the manga Dandadan?

There are various sites and places which are providing manga to read for free and some are payable too. Likewise, to read the manga Dandadan, the best platform is Viz. But, you have to pay to read the manga. Moreover, though you have to pay, you will have no other problems while reading the manga.

Who are the characters of Dandadan?

1. Okarun

Okarun (Source: Pinterest)

The real name Okarun is Ken Takakura. In addition, the name Okarun is given to him by his friend Momo. Further, he is a very young student and believes highly that in this universe aliens do exist. Additionally, he bets up with his friend who thinks that ghosts are real whereas aliens are not. So, he moves to see if ghosts really exist or not. And, he finds out that ghosts do exist. Besides, he is very different from others and feels very difficult while making friends. Though, he has any problem he does not think anything to tell people about what he keeps on thinking.

2. Momo Ayase

Momo Ayase (Source: Pinterest)

Momo Ayase is the main protagonist in the series. Additionally, Momo believes that ghost do exist and her friend Okarun also suffer from some kind of paranormal activities. In addition, she helped her friend to save him from the curse caused by the Spirit. As her personality is very brave she can withstand any problem on herself and is ready to help her friend Okarun. Even more, at the time when is she stressed she easily becomes angry with people. Sadly, her parents passed away which left her to live with her grandmother.

3. Aira Shiratori

Aira Shiratori (Source: Pinterest)

Aira Shiratori is a student of the same school where Momo Ayase and Okarun are reading. When she comes to know that she has some supernatural power over herself. Further, she thinks to go on a mission to save the world from various evils that are still residing. Even more, she thinks that the evil is none other than Momo Ayase, and she must stop her in order to protect the world. Though she has such an attitude toward Momo she has a little bit crush on Okarun. The thing that makes her so arrogant is because of the good looks and beauty she has.

4. Jin Enjoji

Jin Enjoji (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Jin Enjoji is also known by his other name Jiji. Jiji is the childhood friend of the protagonist Momo Ayase. Due to this Momo has a crush on himself and he is the first crush on her. The reason he was in the same school as Ayase was because his parents were in the hospital die to haunted by a spirit. While talking about his attitude, he is very active and loves to talk with everyone. Further, some girls like him too as he has very good looks well some girls feel very annoying because of his behavior. Besides, he has a very good nature from the inside.

5. Seiko Ayase

Seiko Ayase (Source: Tumblr)

Seiko Ayase is the grandmother of Momo Ayase and she is a spirit too. Moreover, she is a very good-looking woman with a ponytail. Even more, she loves her granddaughter very much and is often scared that anyone would hurt her. In addition, she is very strict towards Momo if she brings any boy or male friend home. Additionally, she does not believes that aliens exist though Momo brings one. As a spirit, she gradually makes the dead into the afterlife with the use of force. And, she usually does it when the spirits try to attack or cause any harm to the humans.

Further, she is ready to help people as if her power can but she even does not gets blown away by the emotions of peoples. Moving on, she makes Momo take part in a daily ritual that will produce good luck for her.

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