Why the release of Ten Count Delayed? Know every facts about Ten Count

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Ten Count (Source: Pinterest)

Ten Count

Ten Count (Source: Simon & Schuster)

Ten Count is a boy’s love Japanese manga series. The manga was written and illustrated by the Manga Artist, Rihito Takarai. Also, the manga was first serialized in the manga magazine dear +. Also, there are two games already adapted to the plot from the manga.

What is the plot of the upcoming anime Ten Count?

The plot of the anime follows the secretary of Tosawa Corporation, Tadaomi Shirotani. Moreover, he is a mysophobe who is abnormal towards fear. Because of such abnormality, he keeps on living in the house. In addition, if he has to go out he used to go wearing a pair of gloves.

One day, Shirotani has an accident and unknowingly saved a very young man, Riku Kurose. As he saves Shirotani he quickly leaves from there. Further, Riku also finds out about his abnormality. Additionally, some moments after the accident Shirotani goes to a Psychiatrist, Shimada. Then he finds out about the boy who saved him working there as a counselor in the clinic.

Even more, Kurose wants to help him and tells him that write a list of only 10 things. The 10 things that he often used to do. But, that lets him very shocked as he was very kind and helped him with only one interaction. As if Shirotani fills all 10 things then only Kurose can know what is the real matter with him.

Why the anime Ten Count is delayed?

The anime was about to release too earlier. But, the staff activities of reconsidering the form lets the anime be delayed. Further, the staff has not also revealed other things too. It is supposed that the anime can fall in 2022.

The popularity of the manga of Ten Count?

Ten Count (Source: Pinterest)

As, if the anime falls it can be very popular worldwide. And, that is only because of the manga. Moreover, the manga was very popular as it was able to sell 2 million copies coming up to 2018. Further, the selling rate kept on increasing. Even more, we also have played the puzzle game based on this manga too. Altogether, the anime is supposed to get a very huge fan base.

Does Shirotani fall for Kurose?

Shirotani and Kurose (Source: Pinterest)

When we look at the anime from the start, Shirotani meets Kurose and was saved from the accident. Similarly, at that time Shirotani was not able to see Kurosaki. As Kurosaki left just by saving him. Even more, they again meet at the clinic. Further, Shirotani feels so amazed as finds Kurose as a very kind boy. Even more, Kurosaki was a counselor and starts to help through the a-ten-step program to cure his abnormality. Moving on, while having such kind of therapy, Shirotani builds up attraction and wants to have a relation with Kurosaki. Slowly, he starts to fall for Kurose.

Review of the manga Ten Count

Well talking about the manga of Ten Count, it is very different than other types of BL anime. Moreover, it just does not have the relation of two boys falling for each other. In addition, the manga consists of two therapists and a patient type of relationship. Similarly, the abnormality of Shirotani is well found in Kurose. Besides, developing a relationship between them, Kurose is also helping him to withstand this abnormality. Even more, the development of their relationship is very slow. That makes viewers more exciting.

Is the manga based on the theme of mental health?

Yes, the manga is really based on the theme of mental health. In addition, the theme of mental health has attracted the viewers to the manga too. Further, the manga has everything reality about the disease and the treatment too. Moreover, the plot of the anime to create a relationship between two characters also starts because of mental health of Shirotani. As a result, the manga is based on the theme of mental health.

Is romance development very slow in Ten Count?

Shirotani and Kurose (Source: Pinterest)

If we look at the other BL manga, the relationship between the two parties starts off very fast. Whereas, this manga is quite slow than we used to see in other types of manga. Moreover, it is quite good too as a reader can know very well about the characters too. As the blushing and contact start to happen at coming to end of the series. The romance development is quite slow in this manga.

Which are similar BL manga to read while waiting for Ten Count?

1. Slow Starter

Slow starter ( Source: Kobo.com)

Slow Starter also seems to be quite similar to the manga Ten Count. Even more, the manga follows two boys whose names are Kiyo and Ino. In addition, they read in different schools whereas they used to go to school traveling on the same train. Further, they travel on the same train but they didn’t have to talk at once. But one day it happens when Kiyo has slept on the train and Ino gradually wakes him up. From that day, they have a chance to start up and start to have a good relationship between them.

2. Adam no Rokkotsu

Adam no Rokkotsu (Source: Pinterest)

Adam no Rokkotsu is based on Yuuma and he used to live in the amusement named Dream Park. Further, he used to have very normal days just looking at the kids who come to play at the park. In addition, he also used to have some talks with co-workers. Moving on, things change as a new co-worker comes there. Even more, the new co-worker was his roommate.

3. Houyou Jikken

Houyou Jikken (Source: Sweet Yaoi Fansub)

The plotline of this manga follows Miya who was reading at a university. Further, he has something in his neck and used to have constant checks up because it stands as sickness. Moving on, one day he encounters Rei. Additionally, Rei was a boy who was involved in a drug-dealing firm. Also, Rei takes Miya to the lab in order to help him from the sickness. Besides, helping Miya, he wants something else too. Further, their relationship turns into something else later.

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