Why Blue Lock is different from other football anime? Find All About Blue Lock: Manga, Plot, Facts And Release Date

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Blue Lock

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Blue Lock is a sports and thriller Japanese anime and manga series. The manga is written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrated by Manga Artist, Yusuke Nomura. Also, the manga was first serialized on August 1, 2018, in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine.

What is the plot of the anime?

Due to the current level of state on football, the team of the Japanese football Association hires a new coach, Jinpachi Ego. Moreover, Jinpachi stands as a very good coach being a very energetic person. In addition, Japan comes with the ambition of winning the best trophy tournament World Cup. As the coach comes to train the players he finds out that the team is lacking a striker.

As a result, he calls all the strikers from high school and has the competition among them. And, the one to win it is going to be on the national team. Whereas, the losing ones are never going to make them involved in the national team. Then, we find a very good player who failed to make his high school to the national. Additionally, his name is Yoichi Isagi. Further, this time he comes with the full mentality to be selected for the national team for making Japan win World Cup.

When is Blue Lock going to be released?

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As we look towards it, the release date of Blue Lock is not exactly mentioned anywhere. But, it is set that the anime will be released in October 2022. Moreover, the anime is directed by the director Tetsuaki Watanabe. Even more, the animation of the anime can be great as it is animated under Eight Bit Studio.

Why Blue Lock is different from other football anime?

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If we look at the plot of the anime, the plot is very different than other football animes. Even more, as we look towards the selection process the only selected one is going to play for the national but others are eliminated for the future too. The anime is not quite like other football anime as the anime strictly follows the team plays without any powers like Haikyuu. A very hard situation is created among the players as they have a high risk if they fail. Further, the anime has even various thrillers added which kindly makes it different too.

Is Blue Lock Manga already popular?

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The anime audience has very high expectations from sports since they have watched Haikyuu. Further, the manga of Blue Lock has already gained popularity like Haikyuu. Even more, the anime is based on winning the World Cup, the anime possess a real environment similar to real football FIFA.

In addition, it is said that the anime plots are highly inspired by real events of France winning the World Cup. The manga was very popular as it sold 1.9 million copies of only 10 volumes in Japan. If we look altogether at manga popularity, anime can also be very famous among youngsters.

Blue Lock has battle shonen, a thriller with sports

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If you are a Haikyuu fan, you already have to feel the battle shonen. The battle between various teams really creates action-like scenes though it is a sports anime. Similarly, Blue lock is also going to follow a similar pattern. Because the skill moves by a player as well as tackles performed by the defender are going to have a shonen like a combat scene. Likewise, the plot consists of very thrilling things as the competition for the selection of striker is very different. Moving on, the anime has really got thriller and shonen though it is a sports anime.

Does Blue Lock is similar to Battle Royale?

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Yes, the Blue Lock anime seems quite similar to Battle Royale. The only motive that Japan Football Association held was to win the world cup. For, they also got the coach name, Jinpachi Ego. And, the coach comes to have a different condition for selecting a striker. The only winner stays and others eliminate and are never going to be part of the National Team. Additionally, it seems quite similar to playing a Battle Royale as in Battle Royale only the last one standing wins.

The manga of Blue Lock is very addictive

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Moving on, we all know that football is a very popular sport all over the world. Adding to it, the football scenarios are very well balanced in the manga. Even more, the pictures seem to be very great. Though it is a football manga, the manga seems to be very easy to read. Besides, the protagonist is the one who has attracted readers to read the manga. Because of his never losing attitude toward showing real skills, the manga has become very addictive to read. Altogether, the manga comes with a very good label and pictures with real-time skills like a rainbow, scissors, etc.

Blue Lock will have potential term episodes

Bleach, One Piece, and Blue Lock (Source: Pinterest)

Also, we have seen that different anime Like Bleach and One Piece episodes seems to be very long. The anime is ongoing too with 1000 chapters. But, in the case of Blue Lock, the anime will only have limited episodes to cover up the plot. But, if we look at the manga and story of the Blue Lock, it can also have about 300 chapters. Even more, some fans want the anime to run long-term whereas some anime fans love to watch fewer chapters of anime.

Will the anime have a slice of life?

Blue Lock and Haikyuu (Source: Pinterest)

The anime is not going to have a slice of life. In addition anime like Haikyuu consists of various life and ground story of team players as well as opponents. The plot is about the high school students. But, the anime will be consisting of only thrillers and action sports. Further, like the Haikyuu, the anime and manga do not want to have those characters develop with the ground story. Which makes the anime not have a slice of life genre.

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