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Yuri Briar

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Yuri Briar is the younger brother of Thorn Princess, Yor Forger. As of now, he is young 20 years old man. He is working for the State Security Service. Adding on, he keeps his job secret from everyone even his sister.
In keeping it a secret he acts as a normal citizen. Adding on, because of his handsome face he is very popular among the people.

Some facts on Yuri are given below:

Character Chart

Yuri Briar’s Data
Age 20
Height 179 cm
Voice Actor Kensho Ono
Job Counterintelligence Agent
Sister Name Yor Forger

The description above shows the details about Yuri Briar. It includes the personal detail that you should have. Also, the details are based on Yuri’s first appearance in the series :

Yuri has a good sister

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Yuri and her sister, Yor are actually orphans. Their parents died when they were young. After which Yor was the one to look after Yuri. Also, she even started working to provide Yuri with education. As well, Yuri is one of the reasons why she even becomes an assassin. Thus, Yuri is too lucky to have a sister like Yor.

Yuri’s voice actor

Kensho Ono (Source: Pinterest)

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actor and singer, Kensho Ono. Moving towards his birth, he was born on October 5, 1989, in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. The voice actor is also known for providing a voice for anime like Bungo Stray Dogs, Endride, and Gintama.
Whereas, the English voice for the character is provided by the American voice actor, Dallas Reid. Dallas was born on April 5, 1993, in Pennsylvania, USA. Most people know him for providing a voice for anime like Hyouka, Black Clover, and Angels of Death.

Yuri Briar is a tutor of Anya Forger

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When yuri meets Anya and Loid, he disliked both of them. His sister called him to help Anya with her studies. But, Anya was able to convince him and start the educational session. Adding on, Yuri follows Yor a lot. So, Yuri also admits to starting to tutor her.
As we know that Anya can read minds. So, Anya was able to know him as secret police. Even more, Anya even knows about those bombing incidents. Which makes her think that she can help Loid if Yuri comes to help her with her studies. Bedside it, sometimes Yuri comes into frustration when Anya fails to understand what he teaches.

Yuri Briar is smart and intelligent

Yuri Briar (Source: Pinterest)

Yuri Briar is a very intelligent person. His sister helps him to have an education. Further, he even started to hard work on his studies. As a result, he is more intelligent than his sister. Yuri seems to investigate the people in a proper manner.
A better example of it is, he easily tracks and observes the journalist in SSS in a short period of time. At a small age, he was able to get the tag for interrogation as the senior officer.

Know about Yuri’s Weaknesses

Yuri Briar Weakness (Source: Pinterest)

The weakness of Yuri Briar is alcohol like his sister, Yor. Adding on, he can easily drink a lot of alcohol in a short period of time. He even directly drinks the alcohol directly from the bottle.
The more he drinks, he becomes more intoxicated and cannot think properly. Because of this he even makes Loid and Yor kiss in front of him. Whereas, they both actually kiss in front of him. Later, he even regrets making them do so.

Yuri Briar is young and handsome

Yuri Briar (Source: Pinterest)

As of now, Yuri is just 20 years old. His long black hair with irregular bangs makes him look more attractive. At the time of his work, he wears an S.S.S uniform.
Along with his dressing sense, he looks handsome with his charming face. Most of the girls fall for him because of his looks. But, when these girls come to know about his personality, they just leave him.

Yuri is from Eastern Nielsberg

Yuri is actually from the place, Eastern Nielsberg. His parents passed when he was small. Due to his sister’s work, he moves to Berlint. Also, his sister is the one who takes care of him after the death of his parents. She works harder to educate him.
Yuri also works hard to make his sister happier. Moreover, Yuri cares for and loves his sister the most.

What is Yuri Briar’s job?

Yuri Briar Job (Source: Pinterest)

Yuri Briar is working secretly as a lieutenant for the State Security service. Adding on, he actually works on taking down various terrorist groups residing in the city. Also, he looks after this type of mission overseas too.
As of now, his main mission is to find one of the master spies whose name is Twilight. Further, the person who he is running after is non-other than his sister’s husband, Loid Forger.

Does Yuri know that Loid is a twilight?

Loid Forger and Yuri Briar (Source: Pinterest)

Well, in the anime as well as the manga it is clear that Yuri does not like Loid. Also, he thinks that Loid is not suitable for his sister. Even more, he also does not have any idea that Loid is the spy he is looking for.
Likewise, he also doesn’t know the actual job of her sister and she is a Thorn Princess. However, up to now, he is unable to know that his sister is an assassin and that his sister’s husband is the spy he wants to capture.

Is Yuri Briar an antagonist?

Yuri Briar (Source: Pinterest)

Yuri Briar is working as the Second Lieutenant for the State Security Service. He is the one to look at and capture the spy. In the series Spy x Family he is the secondary antagonist and he is after the twilight, Loid Forger. But, up to now, he does not know who the twilight is.

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