Who is Sung Jin-woo in Solo Leveling?

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Sung Jin-woo

Who is Sung Jin-woo?

Sung Jin-woo is a protagonist of the Korean Manhwa series Solo Leveling. At the start of the series, he was the infamous E-rank Hunter of the series. Due to it, he was also popular as “The World’s Weakest Hunter”. The reason he started working as a hunter was to support his sister’s education and his mother’s medical expenses.

Whereas, after the completion of his Double Dungeons, he was selected as a player of the System. Which leads him to grow up his strength without any limits as well as restrictions. Heading on, he becomes one of the greatest hunters and the second Shadow Monarch.

You can also know more about him from the description box below.

Sung Jin-woo’s Description
Age 24
Height 5 feet 10 inches (177.8 cm)
Gender Male
Birthday Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Occupation Hunter
Class Mage
Debut Chapter 1


Sung Jin-woo Appearance

Sung Jin-woo Appearance (Source: Pinterest)

He seems like a very handsome boy with a muscular body. The color of his hair is black whereas the color of his eyes is grey. But, when he uses his power his eyes glow to bright purple. Most of the time, he wears black dresses.

Even more, after defeating the Monarch for the second time, he started to wear the black color of the glove in his left hand. Whereas, when he was the weak one he has different kinds of looks. At that time, he was a short young man with long hair covering his ears. He even looks younger than his sister, Sung Jinah. At that time, he uses to wear a blue hoodie and jeans.


Heading towards his personality, he is a very kind and humble person who looks after his family. Adding on, he is very close to his mother, Park Kyung-Hye and sister and wants to help them a lot. Though he becomes the strongest hunter in the world he has not changed his behavior and is not arrogant to others. Even more, he also wants to save other hunters if he can.

An example of it was, he teleported to Jeju Island without waiting and hesitation in order to save the life of other Korean S-Rank Hunters. Though it seems that he is very selfless, he was able to save many of the hunters there.

Who is the father of Sung Jin-woo? Is he dead?

Father of Sung Jin-woo (Source: Pinterest)

The name of the father of Sung Jin-woo is Sung II-Hwan. He has his first debut in Chapter 56 of the series. As of now, his father is not dead and Sung Jin-woo gets a chance to meet his father. His father was trapped inside a dungeon during the raid. Which misleads his family that he was already dead. In chapter 166 of Manhwa, he meets with his son.

While fighting with the Monarch of Frost, Sung Jin-woo was stabbed in his chest and was nearly killed but his father saved him. His father puts all his efforts in order to save him. Also, his father was able to save him. The father and son have a good reunion but Sung II-Hwan was mortally wounded. Moving on, his father also explains why he ended up being far from his family. Both, of them, seem to be very powerful and their reunion made some of the fans very emotional.

Sung-Jin Woo has killed many people

Sung Jin-woo Killed People (Source: Pinterest)

Jin-woo was made to kill a number of ordinary people. Adding on, he also has killed lots of demons in the dungeons. The number s of people whom Jin killed was creating a threat to his family. Even more, as being selected in the System, the System also forced him to kill some of the people. Until the 155 Chapter, he had 8 people which includes Hwang Dong Suk (Chapter 24), Kang Tae-Sik (Chapter 34), Kim Chul (Chapter 53), and Hwang Dong Su (Chapter 145).

Strength and Abilities

Sung Jin-woo Strength and Abilities

Shadow Extraction

Due to his black heart of the shadow monarch, he holds extra unique skills. With this ability, he can change the shadow of the enemy into a demon, beast, or anything he wants. But, this ability fails when the one on whom the spell is cast is stronger than the user of this ability. Even more, this ability also fails when the dead body of the demon is old.

Domain of the Monarch

The domain of the Monarch is one of the very important abilities. As this ability changes the speed and power of the army or the crew of users. Adding on, this ability allows Jin-woo to increase the power of his army and make them stronger and faster while fighting.

Ruler’s Authority

This is a kind of ability that does not need the user to be around. The reason for it is, using this ability the user can control any object though he is not around the object. So, using this ability Jin-woo is one step ahead of the other characters.


Stealth is a kind of ability that most ninja uses. This ability is mainly used to hide from the enemy or people around. These people will not be able to sense, see, or smell the body, to use this ability in order to hide for a second 10 mana is required. Whereas, to hide without any traces the user should spend 200 mana.


It is a kind of ability that actually provide resistance to poison to the user.

Summoning Shadow

Sung Jin-woo is able to summon the shadow including is able to summon shadows including Igris, Tank, Iron, Tusk, Kaisel, Beru, Jima, Kamish, Greed, and Bellion.

Some of his other abilities besides those include Shadow Exchange Immunity, Mutilation, Detoxification, Tenacity, Dagger Throw,  Vital Strike, and Quick Silver.

Weapons used by Sung Jin-woo

• Knight Killer

• The Orb of Avarice

• Baruka’s Dagger

• Kamish’s Wrath

• Kim Sangshik’s Steel Blade

Equipment used by Sung Jin-woo

• Assassin’s Boots

• High Magician Ring

• High Knight’s Ring

• Warden’s Necklace

• Demon Monarch’s Ring

• High Knight’s Chestplate

• High Knight’s Gauntlet

Who is the wife of Sung-Jin Woo?

In the starting, Cha Hae-In was impressed with the Sung and eventually developed romantic feelings towards the Sung. Initally, the love was not mutual, it was one-sided. Due to this reason, she often loses her temper in front of Sung.

As time passed, Sung also started developing similar feelings for Cha. Moving forwards, they started dating each other. After S-Rank Gate spawned in Soeul, the couple went on their first date and acted as boyfriend and girlfriend.

In the Final Battle arc, Jinwoo defects Antares, King of Dragons. He asked Rulers to use the Cup of Reincarnation which has the ability to turn back 10 years each time, it is activated for bringing all the people lost in the war with the Monarchs. However, all the people will lose the memory of all the events.

After the usage of the Cup of Reincarnation, Cha also forgets Sung-Jin Woo and their love. Jinwoo first introduced Cha once more. Eventually, the wedding took place and the couple have a son named Sung Suho.


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