Who is Makima? Know About Makima’s Abilities, Voice Actors, and Spoilers

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Makima (Source: Pinterest)

Makima of Chainsaw Man

Makima (Source: Pinterest)

Makima is also one of the main characters of the series. In the first season, we can watch her as the senior member of Public Safety Devil Hunters. In addition, she is also working as the leader of the experimental unit Tokyo Special Division 4.

She is the one who finds Denji in his form of Chainsaw Man in the first episode of the series. Adding, she tells him to join her squad in return Denji also agrees because of her friendly and caring nature.
You can also know more information about Makima from the description box below:

Makima’s Description
Age Late teens-Early 20’s
Height  173 cm
Birthday  Late 70s-Early 80s
Birth Place Japan


Who is the voice actress of Makima?

Japanese voice actress and singer, Tomoki Kusunoki

Tomori Kusunoki (Source: Reddit)

The Japanese voice for the character is contributed by the Japanese voice actress and singer Tomoki Kusunoki. Moving to her origin, she was born on December 22, 1999, in Tokyo, Japan. As of now, she is working as an agent for Sony Music Artists. Some of her notable works are providing her voice the anime like Sword Art Online, My Senpai is Annoying, and Tiger & Bunny.

American voice actress, Suzie Yeung

zSuzie Yeung (Source: Twitter)

The English voice for the character is contributed by the American voice actress Suzie Yeung. Heading towards her birth, she was born on June 12, 1991, in Maine, U.S. Besides, Chainsaw Man she is famous for providing her voice for anime like Kemono Friends, Rent-A-Girlfriend, and Jujutsu Kaisen.

Appearance and Dress-Up

Makima Dress-Up (Source: Pinterest)

Makima is a tall girl with a height of 173 cm. further, she looks so beautiful that Denji is also attracted to her. The color of her hair is red and she makes her hair into a loose braid with bangs. Adding on, the color of the eyes is yellow which has various red rings within them.

Moving towards her dress, she wears a white color of shirt. Along with it, she wears a black color of tie. In addition, the color of her pants and shoes is also black.


In the series, Makima seems to be a girl with a friendly and gentle personality. Most of the time, she seems to have a smile on her face. But, she starts to change and reveal her real personality to Denji after the death of Aki Hayakawa. Her real personality is like Machiavellian. These Machiavellians are actually that person who loves to use people as dogs. They just love to control other life without any hesitation.

What is the goal of Makima?

Makima and Pochita (Source: Pinterest)

When we come to know about the Control Devil, we know that Makima wants to have control over Pochita. Whereas, she wants to do so to create the world she wants. Also, she wants to create a world that will not have any fear, death, or bad things does not exist.

But, in chapter 96 of the manga she defeats Pochita. From this, she yells that she wants to live happily with him. Additionally, she even tells that she will be honored to be killed if she loses to him.

Know about Four Horsemen in Chainsaw Man

Likewise, the Four Horsemen in Christian mythology, this anime also has different Four Horsemen. But, in this anime, the Four Horsemen are those groups who are very dangerous devils. In the 87 chapters of the manga, we can know that they are the devils which can remember the name of other devils. Whereas, Pochita has erased them.
The Four Horsemen in the Chainsaw Man are as follows:

• Control Devil
• War Devil
• Hunter Devil
• Death Devil

Among them, we already know about the Control Devil, and Makima is one of them. As well, Makima stands as the antagonist of the first arc of Chainsaw Man. Heading on, the one of the War Devil, Yoru is revealed in Chapter 98. As a result, fans are waiting to watch other powerful villains of the series.

Makima’s Abilities

Makima Power (Source: Pinterest)

From the series, we know Makima has different kind of power and abilities. Here, are her power and abilities in a different section.

Common Abilities


It is her common power that let her heal herself. For the healing process, she consumes blood. After consuming the blood, she starts to heal herself.


Makima is very skillful in the hand to hand combat. One example of it is once she defeated Chainsaw Man in Chapter 96 of the series.

Devil Contract

We have seen in the anime that if a person has a contract with the devil he/she has to sacrifice or exchange something. But, because of her contract of her with the Japanese Prime Minister when she contracts with another devil, it will make the Japanese citizens ill.

Special Powers

Invisible Projectile (Source: Pinterest)


The command of her power can force people to have a contract with the devils. Whereas, the people who are under her control are unable to remember anything.

Stealing Abilities

She has a good stealing ability. But, this is about stealing power from the people she kills.

Remote Destruction

Remote Destruction (Source: Pinterest)

We have already seen this ability in the first season of Chainsaw Man. In which, Makima blindfolds people and makes them spell their names. As a result, both the person saying the name and the person with the name dies.

Invisible Projectiles

This is one of the power of Makima in which she uses her index finger as a gun, that shoots invisible bullets. Adding on, she shouts Bang while using this ability.


The way Makima manipulates others makes her a very hard person to fight for. Some of her enemies, Reze, Katana Man, and Quanxi becomes friend with her because of her manipulating techniques.

Makima’s Weakness

Makima is very hard to kill as she has a contract with Japan Prime Minister to transmit all the damage to Japanese citizens. But, Denji was able to find her weakness and let her hard to smell people. Even more, he was able to stop her contract by not letting her regenerate from the blood.

Is Makima Going To Die in Chainsaw Man?

Denji vs Makima (Source: Pinterest)

In the 96th Chapter of the Manga, Pochita and Denji were able to kill Makima. But, Makima only dies in this situation whereas the Control Devil still remains. The devil will not die unless Pochita drinks the blood of the Control Devil. Otherwise, the devil will be sent to hell. After these Control Devils die in hell they will be returning in life to Earth. But, while returning they will forget the memories from their past.

Some of The Question That Makima Fans Want To Know?

Is Makima the antagonist of the series?

Yes, Makima is an antagonist in the first arc of Chainsaw Man. She wants to create her own world without pain and suffering.

Does Makima Loves Denji?

Makima is not over Denji. But, she wants to have control over Pochita. Adding on, Denji shows his love interest towards Makima whereas Makima is just faking him around. Moreover, Denji has a huge dream to be in a relationship with Makima.

Who killed Makima in Chainsaw Man?

Makima is not only killed once in the series. She has been killed in the series multiple times with multiple people. Moving on, she can get revived unless she is killed with the help of Blood Devil. As of now, we can see Power as Blood Devil in the anime series.

What is the real age of Makima?

As of now Makima seems to be a beautiful young girl and is like a girl in her 20s. But as a devil, her age is in centuries.

Explanation of Control Devil

The Control Devils are those who can use the ability to contract with the devil. In return, they can control the people. On one side, Makima (Control Devil) has a contract with Japan Prime Minister that her pains will transfer to Japanese citizens. On another side, US President makes a contract with Gun Devil to kill Makima. So, Makima wants to use Denji to fulfill her goals.

Besides, Makima, Power is also one of the powerful characters of the series you should know about All facts about Power in Chainsaw Man(Spoiler Alert). Power is also a female character and her powers can only kill Makima. So we suggest you read about it. After reading all about Makima, how do you feel about her? Please comment down below.


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