Who is Mai Zenin? Know the Journey From Childhood to Death

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Mai Zenin

Who is Mai Zenin?

Mai Zenin is a second-year student at Kyoto Jujutsu High. Also, she belongs to the Zenin family. Adding on, she is the younger twin sister of Maki Zenin. More information about Mai is as follows:

Maki Zenin’s Description
Age 16
Height 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
Birthday January 20
Manga Debut Chapter 16
Anime Debut Episode 8

Who are the voice actress for Mai Zenin?

Voice Actresses of Maki Zenin

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actress, Marina Inoue. Whereas, the English voice for the character is contributed by the American voice actress, Laura Post.


Appearance of Mai Zenin (Source: Pinterest)

Mai looks similar to her twin sister, Maki Zenin. She does, however, have a small black hair. Even more, she is tall with height of 5 feet and 7 inches. Adding on, she also has dark brown eyes. Most of the time, Mai keeps on wearing the uniform of Kyoto Jujutsu High, which is a long tracksuit with black sleeves.

Mai Zenin: Father, mother, sister, and backstory

Both Maki and Mai are from the Zenin clan. Maki was unable to see the cursed spirits, but Mai was able to see them. Their father, Ogi Zenin, was the head of the Zenin clan. whereas the name of her mother is still unknown in the series. His father used to mistreat both Maki and Mai, as they were born girls and were not strong enough. The power of the Zenin family also belongs to the child they have.

As a result, her father used to punish and misbehave with both sisters in order to make them powerful. One day, fed up with the misbehavior and mistreatment, her sister leaves the Zenin clan.

Maki leaves the Zenin clan for Mai

Maki Zenin and Mai Zenin (Source: Pinterest)

One of the reasons Maki left the Zenin clan was for her sister. Both sisters were mistreated. In addition, Maki does not have any kind of cursed energy, and she could not even see them.

But she has good physical abilities. While leaving the Zenin clan, she left Mai within the family because she thought after she left the family, Mai would get the love and be treated right as she has cursed energy.

Power and Abilities

Power and Abilities of Mai Zenin (Source: Pinterest)

High Skill Level

Mai is a grade 3 sorcerer with a little talent for Jujutsu. In addition, she is different from her sister as she was born with cursed energy. Though she has more cursed energy than Maki, she is not able to utilize it properly. As she did not have proper physical ability, Maki used to develop her skills, which she had. As a result, she is a very skilled grade 3 sorcerer.

Expert Marksman

Mai is very good at using long-range shots with her revolver. She can hit her opponents in close range as well as in short range. The accuracy of her firing is very accurate and precise. One example of her skill as a marksman is that she was able to save Nobara by blasting the Tokyo student in the temple from a very far distance.


Cursed Tools


Revolver of Mai Zenin (Source: Pinterest)

The revolver is one of the cursed tools that Mai uses. Mai is very good at using it. With her ability to be a very good marksman, she can hit her opponents with cursed energy very accurately. While firing against the cursed energy, she uses the bullet as her cursed energy, whereas while fighting with the other sorcerers, she uses rubber bullets.

Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifle of Mai Zenin (Source: Reddit)

Maki was utilizing the sniper rifle when she was fighting in the Shibuya Incident. Even more, Mai can shoot her target from a very long distance with real bullets. Thus, she can use the revolver at short distances and the sniper rifle at long distances.

Does Mai change Maki into a monster?

In Jujutsu, the twins are treated as the same person. whereas Maki was born without the cursed energy. When Maki returns home with the weapon, her father engages both of the sisters in a fight. As they lost the fight, they were both punished. With too much pain from childhood to now, Mai decides to sacrifice herself and provide tools for Maki to live in the Creul world.

Even more, to utilize her powers, Maki has to die. Thus, she sacrifices herself. With it, Maki was able to get the cursed energy she had been missing since her childhood. While dying, Mai tells her last world “Destroy Everything”. Along with the pain of losing her sister and the misbehavior from childhood, she starts the massacre of the Zenin family by killing her father. As a result, Mai somehow changed Maki into a monster.

Mai Zenin vs. Maki Zennin? Is Mai more powerful than Maki?

Mai Zenin vs Maki Zenin ( Source: Wiki-Fandom )

We were well able to see Mai vs. Maki during the Kyoto Goodwill Arc. Mai was fighting with her revolver. She was even able to let Maki’s guard down. Even though Maki was able to stop the bullet with her hand, Heading on, Maki was able to win the battle by pointing her weapon at Mai’s neck. After ending the battle, Mai even tells her to return home.

Even though Mai was born with cursed energy, she does not have any physical ability as compared to her sister Maki. Maki was very strong physically, and she was not able to see the cursed energy. whereas Mai was not able to utilize her curse energy properly. As a result, Maki is more powerful than Mai. Anyway, Mai helped Maki get even more power by sacrificing herself.

Mai’s Death as Sacrifice

Mai Death (Source: Twitter)

In Chapter 149 of the series, we will see the tragic death of Mai Zenin. As Maki goes to see her sister in the Zenin household, she finds that her sister has been beaten so badly. The reason was her father. So Maki goes to fight with her father, but is defeated very badly. He beat them as he could not become the head of the Zenin clan, and the reason for it was Mai and Maki.

The Zenin clan’s power is based on the children of the parents. As a result, he misbehaved with them. Adding to this, he took both of the sisters to the training room, where cursed spirits were present. Mai finds out that her sister, Maki, is still breathing. Then, she promised Maki that she would destroy everything and sacrifice herself in order to save Maki.

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