Where to read Solo Leveling? Find How To Read Online As Well As Physically

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Where to read Solo Leveling?

Where can you read Solo Leveling?

Solo Leveling has gained a lot of popularity at the present time. Also, it is going to get an anime adaptation too. But some people are still confused about where they can read about Solo Leveling.

So, if you are planning to read about the famous Manhwa Solo Leveling, You are in the right place to know the source or sites to read it. Before starting, the Solo Leveling has manhwa as well as Novel series too. If you are a novel lover rather than a manhwa lover, we have also mentioned where you can find it.

Where can you read Solo Leveling’s web novel?

Web Novel of Solo Leveling (Source: Pinterest)

The series Solo Leveling is also popular as Only I Level Up. In addition, the web novel series first aired in 2016. The web novel was written by the Manga artist Chugong. Also, it was published on the Kakao page.

Later, it was also released in English. Webnovel.com was the site to do it. You can easily read the web novel version of Solo Leveling from here. Even more, all 270 chapters with the whole story are here. As well, if you love to read the physical copies, they are also available, as they were published by Yen Press.

Where can you read Solo Leveling Manhwa?

Manhwa of Solo Leveling (Source: Pinterest)

Firstly, Solo Leveling was released as Only I Level Up in the form of a web novel. But it started gaining popularity after the Manhwa adaptation. It was released in 2018. It has fantastic artwork.

If you want to read it easily, the manhwa is available on sites like Tapas or Tappytoon. These are both webtoon sites, and they are very popular for reading webtoons. Likewise, the web novel series is also available in physical format, and Yen Oress is the company that makes it possible. So, you can also buy and read physical copies of Manhwa.

What is the price of physical copies of Solo Leveling?

Solo Leveling Physical Copies (Source: Amazaon.com)

As already mentioned, we can read Solo Leveling both online and physically. Most people wonder what the price of the physical copies of Solo Leveling is. You can easily order the physical copies from the online stores like, Amazon too.

It costs about $4.21 for a paperback. But, still, if you want it on Kindle, you can purchase it for $9.99. Also, if you buy from Amazon, you can receive it instantly. Many readers also prefer to read on their kindle by buying it online to read without any ads.

What genre is Solo Leveling?

Solo Leveling Genre (Source: Pinterest)

Solo Leveling is an isekai fantasy series. In addition, if you have watched the isekai anime like Re:Zero as well as Sword Art Online, it is similar. Like in anime, the protagonist gets a chance to power up in the fantasy world.

Likewise, Solo Leveling is similar, as the protagonist Jinwoo gets a chance to level up himself. But he has been in the world from the very start. Even more, it looks similar to how our world is, but with the various monsters, raids, and magic.

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