What is the real name of Loid Forger? Know top 10 facts about Loid of Spy x Family that only true fans would notice

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Spy x Family (Source: Pinterest)

What is the real name of Loid Forger? Know the top 10 facts about Loid Forger

Loid Forger (Source: Pinterest)

Spy x Family is an action, comedy, and spy Japanese anime and manga series. The manga was first serialized on, March 25, 2019, in Shueisha’s Shōnen Jump+. Also, the manga is written and illustrated by the Manga Artist, Tatsuya Indo. Whereas, the anime was aired on April 9, 2022, on Orginal Network, TV Tokyo. The anime is directed by the director Kazuhiro Furuhashi.

Moving toward it plot, the main plot of the anime is based on the undercover spy, who marries and adopts a child in order to complete his mission. But, he is unknown that his wife is an assassin and his child can read minds. Even more, his pet dog can also tell the future. The plot keeps on moving with this family being together.

Loid Forger’s Real Name is Twilight?

Heading toward the past, Loid was an orphan as he was born during the war. The real and even age of him through his previous life is very difficult to find. But, he actually grows up becoming a spy. Later, he was given a name called Twilight. Even, Loid himself cannot remember the incidents that happened in his past. His actual name from the past is even unknown, but as he became a spy he was called Twilight.

The top 10 facts about Loid Forger

Loid Lost his parents in his childhood

Loid’s Background (Source: Pinterest)

When he was a child, he lived in a place, Luwen. His father was very dedicated to the war. Whereas, his mother used to love him a lot. Both, way of looking after him often creates conflict between them. He had a great ambition to become an army. But, his father does not want him to become an army. Whereas, he has to leave his childhood friend with whom he wanted to become an army. Later, Luwen was attacked in which his father was killed. After which, in an air strike, his mother died too.

Loid is training with Bond

Loid Forger and Bond (Source: Pinterest)

Bond is actually a pet that used to live with Loid Forger and his family. Likewise, their family member has amazing facts, Bond can also predict and see the future. Usually, Loid takes him to his mission. Even more, it helps Loid through its intelligence and prediction. As he takes Bond on a dangerous mission to he starts to give it training and trains himself along with the dog.

Loid Forger Dresses Well

Loid Forger’s Dress (Source: Pinterest)

Most of the protagonist seems to be dressing quite well. But he is quite different as he wears a classic ’90s suit. Adding on, his green suit made him look too dashing. Along with it, he wears black gloves too. Altogether, he has a very good sense of dressing.

Loid Forger’s relationship with Anya

Loid Forger and Anya

Loid Forger and Anya have a daughter-and-father relationship. They are the ones who actually made the series more awesome. Without, their relationship the show would be so boring to watch. Anya can read minds and feels amazing to have a cool spy dad. Loid, actually loves Anya too much. Sometimes, we can see both of them playing with each other. Even more, they both stand as one of the best comedic duos too.

Loid loves teasing Franky

Franky and Loid Forger (Source: Pinterest)

Loid and Franky have a good term with each other. They both work together and has good chemistry between them. Sometimes, Franky feels jealous of how Loid can be thus much cool and has good looks. But, Loid keeps on teasing him as he loves to do it. Whereas, Franky also used to tease back him. Their this behavior has also made the anime one of the masterpieces to watch.

Loid Forger is a rubbed family man

Loid Forger (Source: Pinterest)

Looking after a child and family is not an easy task. When in the case of Loid it’s more difficult. Because he became a parent in a very short period of time. In addition, he focused on his job as a spy as well as he keeps on watching his family too. Also, he keeps on thinking is a good dad for her daughter or not. Most of the time, he tries a way to make her daughter happy which makes him one of the good dads. Whereas, it makes him create funny scenarios too.

Loid Forger is a cool spy

Loid Forger (Source: Pinterest)

Every fan of Spy x Family thinks Loid is James Bond. Adding on, for his combats he can use pistols as well as various punches and kicks. Though he is not talented as Yor he can manage situations and is very hardworking.

Loid Forger is a dual face character

Loid Personality (Source: Pinterest)

As Loid is keeping secret as he is a spy he generally acts like a normal man. Whereas, he is a talented spy. Also, he looks very kind and gentle from the outside but is the coolest person when it comes to business. Adding on, he is a spy who has a good choice of his dressing. Further, even becomes a good dad to his daughter. In which he changes himself into a very soft person. Thus, he seems to be dual face character.

Loid Forger thinks he is not a good parent

Loid Family (Source: Pinterest)

Most of the time, Loid keeps on thinking about whether he has done stuff like a good parent or not. As well, can he become a good dad for Anya or not? The time he thinks this more is when he sees Anya crying. He even cannot know what is wrong and doubts himself whether he is a good dad or not. These times have created him to have insecurities about his parenting.

Loid Forger is loving his new family

Loid Forger Family (Source: Pinterest)

The plot of the series keeps on moving with Loid forming a family. Actually, he does it to complete his mission but he starts to have love and feelings for each family member. Adding on, he is shortly changing himself into a father. Besides Anya, he also cares about Yor. Whereas, his love for them is growing day by day.


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