What is Special About THE EMINENCE IN SHADOW Anime? Know All about characters and cast

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The Eminence in Shadow

Eminence in Shadow
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The Eminence in Shadow is isekai Japanese light novel and anime series. The light novel is written by Daisuke Aizawa and illustrated by the Manga Artist, Tōzai. Also, the novel series was first serialized in May 2018 online on the novel publishing website Shōsetsuka ni Narō.

Moving towards the anime, the anime is scheduled to be released in October 2022. The anime is written by Kanichi Katou and director by the director Kazuya Nakanishi

The Eminence in Shadow- Main Plot

Great heroes or great villain is the only thing that the people wants to be in this universe. Whereas, there is a boy Cid Kagenou who does not wants to become any of them. Moreover, he is only the character who works from his brain and also directs the entire plot of the series. Further, in his old life in Japan, he was not able to gain the things that he wanted.

As of now, he is born in the magical world where he wants to complete all of his ambition. In addition, he wants to demonstrate the true power of darkness. Also, he also owns a fake organization that stands with the name Shadow Garden. To find the guilty people who do bad things being in a shadow.

The Eminence in Shadow – Characters

1. Cid Kagenou of The Eminence in Shadow

Cid Kagenou
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Cid is the main protagonist of the series. Moreover, he owns a secret group which name is Shadow Garden. Further, the group fights with the shadows that deals bad things especially that is especially with the bad cult of Diabolos. At his previous in life he was unable to complete his ambition and fight. Whereas, in his new life he reincarnated in the magic world with the magics.

The Japanese voice for the character is played by the Japanese voice actor Seiichirō Yamashita.

2. Claire Kagenou

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Claire Kagenou is sister of Cid who used to behave very rude towards Cid. Though she have such behavior towards Cid while she loves him very much and is often scared if anything happens to him. Further, she thinks that she is more stronger than that lf Cid as a result she often stops Cid and steps on her own. In addition she has a good training of spellword from her childhood. So, as of now she stands as a strongest person too.

3. Alpha

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Alpha is also a member of Shadow Garden and is second-in-command of the Shadow Garden. Whereas, she also works on the elf hero, Oliver as his descendant. Moreover, she is the first member to become a part of Shadow Garden as Cid Kagenou has freed her life from the demonic possession. As well, Alpha wants to get revenge on Diabolos because she has faced various problems in her life due to the actions Diabolos. While working she is very innocent and is innocent for Cid as well as the member working in the Shadow Garden. Also, she is so loyal to him even she can give her life if it is suitable for Cid.

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actress Asami Seto. Some of her projects include Wandering Son, Haikyuu, and Death Parade.

4. Victoria

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Victoria is the only person who praises Cid a lot because she was able to live because of him. Due to the demon possession, she was nearly dead but in a time Cid save her life and she was able to live. Before, she faced these situations she was known as “The Saint”. Even more, she is very strong too as she has an ability that is nearly equal to the seven shades.

5. Eta

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Eta is also a member of the secret organization which is known as Shadow Garden. In addition, she works for the research purpose in the organization for which she also has her personal laboratory where she used to do things for her research. Besides, their research she is also very good at architecture. Additionally, she works at a very slow speed and can fall asleep at any period of time. Further, due to her good work as an architect, she has also won first place in the Architecture of the year.

The Japanese voice for the character is contributed by the Japanese voice actress Reina Kondō. In this anime world, she is known for providing a voice for anime like Tribe Nine, Sabikui Bisco, and Horimiya.

6. Rose Oriana

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Rose Oriana is a beautiful princess of the kingdom which is full of arts and the kingdom is known as the Oriana Kingdom. The kingdom contains various art as a princess is from the country of arts. Though, she is a princess she has also learned to use a sword at Spellsword Academy. But the people who live in the kingdom think that the usage of the sword is not good and it is not a type of art. As she knows how to use swords she is very strong but she is selfish sometimes. Even more, she has a good thought as she stands for those who can fight and stand for themselves. In addition, she also has two good friends whose name is Alexia and Miss Natsume.

7. Zeta

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Zeta is also a member of the secret group which is known as Shadow Garden. Further, she is very different from the rest of the others because to be perfect and gain more intelligence she keeps on traveling from one place to another.

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actress Ayaka Asai. Some of her projects include Schoolgirl Strikers, Wasimo, and Watamote.

8. Delta

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Delta is also working for the secret group, Shadow Garden. Even more, she is also very loyal to the leader of the group as she was saved from the near-death situation. As she was rescued from the demonic possession she was saved. Which forces her to work very loyally with her leader. In addition, Delta often seems to show the behavior like a child. When she sees her leader she often goes and hugs him as a child does. Though she is from the Shadow Garden she has created thinking of only fighting which shows her very immature behavior.

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actress Fairouz Ai. Some of her projects include One-Punch Man, Dr. Stone, and Full Dive.

Why Watch The Eminence in Shadow?

The Eminence in Shadow will be a very good pick for anime fans as its plot follows a good genre of fantasy. The main protagonist used to have various types of delusions and even it comes to become true in his life. The main character seems very fun to watch. As he is very ambitious towards his work as well as to become the master of shadows he works very hard. As a result, the anime can also provide you with some awareness as well as motivation to work very hard. Even more, the anime also contains very different types of jokes and can create very funny scenarios.

Similar Anime Like The Eminence in Shadow

1. Spy x Family

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Spy x Family is a new anime that is really getting hyped at now. It has gained a lot of popularity over a certain period of time. Like the anime The Eminence in Shadow, this anime protagonist also has secret things along with himself. Even more, he also hides his personal details from the world. In addition, the protagonist seems to be a good spy and he keeps on hiding his identity. Additionally, it shows both adapting to the family as well as a man working as a spy hiding from the world.

2. One-Punch Man

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One Punch Man also seems to be quite similar to the anime, The Eminence in Shadow. Because both the anime has the very strongest protagonist. Moreover, the fight scenes are very catchy that will attract you to watch the anime if you have loved the fight scenes of The Eminence in Shadow. Besides, you can also binge the One Punch Man in only one day it is only 12 episodes. Similarly, it also contains various comedy scenes and makes you out of the actions. The actions and comedy are well balanced with a very good plotline. Altogether, the anime One Punch Man is a very good pick to watch.

3. Trapped in a Dating Sim

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Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs is also a similar anime to that of The Eminence in Shadow. This anime also contains various background stories as well as the reincarnation theory. Further, you can also be attracted to the anime as it also contains various romance scenes.

4. Overlord

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This anime is very much similar to The Eminence in Shadow. As the anime contains very good fight scenes with humor in it like The Eminence in Shadow. Also, the protagonist stands as the strongest person with loyalty to his group members. The more similarities seem among the protagonist. As they both have the same kind of behaviors and attitudes.

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