Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs Anime, Manga, Characters, and Voice Actors

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Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs

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Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs is a comedy, isekai, and science fiction Japanese anime and manga series. The light novel series of anime is written and illustrated by Monda. On October 1, 2017, the novel was published on October 1, 2017, in Shōsetsuka ni Narō platform. Later, a manga was adopted on October 5, 2018, and serialized under Dragon Comics Age.
Moving towards the anime, the anime was first serialized on April 3, 2022, on the Network, Tokyo MX. The anime is directed by the director Kazuya Miura and Shin’ichi Fukumoto. Also, Kenta Ihara is the writer of the anime.

Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs- Main Plot

The anime follows a character whose name is Leon Fou Bartfort. Unfortunately, he dies and we open his eyes again, and he finds himself in another world. The world was similar to the game which he used to play because his sister forced him. As well, the place where he got reincarnated was Otome game world. Moreover, the place where he got reincarnated is the Holfort Kingdom. There he got reincarnated as a mob, which made his life a very difficult one.

In addition, he has most of the experience about his surroundings from his previous life. That keeps on adding new surprises to him. Further, he uses various cheats in order to live an easy life. But often finds himself in trouble while involved with various other characters.

Trapped in a Dating Sim- Characters

1. Leon Fou Bartfort

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Leon Fou Bartfort is the reincarnated character in the series. As of now, he is living in one of the games that he already played. And his life is being very tough as he is living as a mob. Additionally, he is different in his present life and is one of the heroes of Holfort Kingdom. Even more, he does not bear any patience in his life. Also, he hates the girls crying. His cold attitude of him is formed because he also has to survive in his new reincarnated world. Actually, he is a very caring person. Moving on, the more he wants to be away from the problem of the Otome world, he often keeps on attracting toward problems out of nowhere.

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actor Takeo Ōtsuka. Some of his projects include Haikyuu, Last Period, and Twin Angel Break.

2. Angelica Rapha Redgrave

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Angelica Rapha Redgrave is one of the legacy holders of Redgrave Household. Her father’s name is Duke Redgrave. Later, she become the one to marry Leon Fou Bartfort and even got engaged. As well, she easily gets her temper high for easy things too. Moving on, she was first rejected by prince Julius which make her heartbreak. Because of their anger of that reason, she also broke the vase in her room and cried a lot. After all, she started to be humble and think about the many things she have left to do. Then, she got engaged to Leon Fou Bartfort. Altogether, she is a very beautiful girl having blonde hair.

The Japanese voice for the character is contributed by the Japanese voice actress Fairouz Ai. In this anime world, she is known for providing a voice for anime like Dr. Stone, One Punch Man, and Fruits Basket.

3. Marie Fou Lafan

Marie Fou Lafan is one of the people who made the reincarnation of Leon Fou Bartfort possible. In addition, Leon is also her brother. Though she looks very shy and kind while involved with people whereas she is very selfish within her inner self. Also, she can make others do any things she wanted for her profit. Moving on, she comes to know that her brother has also reincarnated with her. Later, after knowing that she starts doing much of the work together with her brother. As she is selfish, she acts very calculatedly and trusts when she is working euth her brother. Besides it, she is very in love with money. One of the motives of her life is to earn money too.

The Japanese voice for the character is portrayed by the Japanese voice actress Ayane Sakura. Ayane is affiliated with Aoni Production.

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4. Noelle Zel Lespinasse

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Noelle Zel Lespinasse is also known through her other name, Noelle Beltre. Also, she reads at Alzer Academy in her second year. Moreover, she also has a younger sister, Lelia who is her twin of her. In the Otome game series, she is the protagonist. In addition, she is very calm and kind. Moreover, she has a good personality as she is very honest among others as well as with her own opinions. Besides it, she has learned more about various types of marriage. Because she was born into one of the noble families.

As the anime shows, political marriage among people is very common. So, she also comes to know about political marriage. Further, she wants to feel alive as she doesn’t get that when she was a child.

5. Olivia

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Olivia is the second person to get engaged with Leon Fou Bartfort. As well, she is a normal girl. Though her moods vary from time to time, when she acts among people she is very kind. Further, she does not like those who gamble as she hates gambling. As she has kind and calm in her behavior, she lacks self-confidence in doing various things. Moving on, she becomes very happy as she becomes friends with Leon and Angelica. At the Otome game, she enters the academy with a scholarship. After all, she comes to know she is a saint and her powers can be used to stop the war that was continuing at that time.

The Japanese voice for the character is played by the Japanese voice actress Kana Ichinose.

6. Mylene Rapha Holfort

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Mylene Rapha Holfort is the Queen of the Kingdom of Holfort. The name of her Husband is Roland. As well, she is a very talented person with beauty too. Even more, she easily gets angry when she is teased by other people. As a Queen, she does her work very perfectly and knows how to do her job. When the things around her start to get worse, she can even switch her personality to the strict one. But in the Otome game, she is also represented as a minor antagonist.

One of the reasons she was taken as the antagonist is her denial of the relationship between Julius and Olivia. Later, she accepts it as she comes to know that Olivia is a saint.

7. Erica Rapha Holfort

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Erica Rapha Holfort is a beautiful girl with white hair. His body language toward Erica shows that Marie could be her mother of the previous life. More evidence was added to it as later she told that her brother got killed in an accident. After, confessing it all Erica cried and starts to hug Marie. The incident shows that they both could be mother and daughter.

8. Lelia Zel Lespinasse

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Lelia Zel Lespinasse is one of the members of the Beltre Household. Even more, she also has an elder sister Noelle, who is also her twin sister. Further, she can be easily manipulated in the work anyone wants her to involve in. As she is very angry at small things, she even gets angry if someone says her bad too. Whereas, she acts very quietly and gently around her sister. But she still gives importance to the game rather than her sister. Later it is revealed that her behavior towards Noelle is because of her previous life. And that is affecting her current life. Likewise, the main protagonist also plays the real Otome game in her previous life.

While growing up, she often got compared with her sister, Even more, she got a boy for her marriage. As well, she introduced him to her family. But her family asks the boy if he is happy with her or wants the sister. Later, she finds that the boy is dating her sister. As a result, she wants to live alone without her family. Additionally, it is the main reason that causes her to hate her sister.

Why Watch Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs?

As we know that isekai animes are becoming common nowadays, but this anime differs from the rest of the others. One of the differences in the world taken in the anime is the Otome game, which comes as a new one. And another reason to watch the anime is the quality and animation of the anime are very high.

Besides, the animation the opening theme is very catchy too. The storyline of the anime is well-balanced. The start has become the best but as we know it is ongoing anime let’s hope to see better episodes in the future.

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