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10 football anime


Currently, people are loving to watch the different sports anime. In addition, we have also updated the 10 best volleyball anime. Here is the list of the 10 sports genre anime related to football. Besides the old series, the list also contains new series with overwhelming animations.


Giant Killing (Source: Pinterest)

The Giant Killing is one of the football anime series, and the plot revolves around the progress of the club. In addition, like the various anime, it is not protagonist-centered. But it focuses on the success of the whole club. The plot of the series follows a football team named East Tokyo United.

The club was doing very poorly in the Japanese professional football league. So, the team has a challenge to meet for their success. Also, the fans of the club used to hate Tatsumi, who is the manager. Later, he takes the club back on track after all.


Knight in the Area (Source: Pinterest)

Another series on our list is Knight in the Area. Even more, the series is about the stories of two brothers, Kakeru and Suguru. Kakeru becomes the manager of the high school football team, whereas his brother becomes the finest player on the Japanese national football team.

Heading on after the loss of the Japanese national team in the World Cup To erase the scar of his brother, Kakeru decides to win the World Cup for him.


Clean Freak! Aoyama Kun

CLEAN FREAK! AOYAMA KUN is also an interesting football anime series that is worth watching. Even more, the main protagonist of the series suffers from a disease called mysophobia. Also, due to his goodness, everyone respects him, and another was due to his disease.

Heading into the game, he is a very good playmaker and dribbles very fast. Also, he does not engage in physical contact. But it will be very hard for him to join the national team. For which he should turn into a dirty player on the field.


Captain Tsubasa (Source: Pinterest)

This anime is the first prolific soccer anime that was aired in the 1980s. Also, the series was able to pass through a number of generations. As well, it is still famous. Further, the main protagonist of the series, Tsubasa, wants to win the FIFA World Cup with Japan.

From a young age, he was a very good player. But he needs to improve more to complete his goals. On his journey, he meets different enemies as well as very good friends.


Whistle (Source: Pinterest)

Whistle is a football anime series that has a very motivational protagonist. Shou Lazamatsuri has a dream of becoming a good football player, for which he leaves his old high school. To play football in a good environment, he joins Sakura Jousui High.

But the gameplay there was not easy, as they have quality players and good playing mechanisms. It is not enough to stop him, and he keeps trying his best. He is able to show everyone that hard work is very important. Finally, he told everyone to never give up and fight for the championship to complete his goal.


Hungry Heart: Wild Striker (Source: Pinterest)

This is also one of the old series featuring a good soccer player, Kano Kyosuke. He loves playing football, and his brother helps him a lot to become a good player. His brother’s name is Seisuke Kano, who was actually a very good soccer player.

It was very hard for him to meet the level of his brother. As a result, he starts to lose interest in sports and decides that he will never play soccer again. But his manager sees the good qualities in him and tells him to return to become the best striker in the world.

  1. DAYS

Days (Source: Pinterest)

Days is a football anime series that is directed by the famous studio MAPPA. Unlike other series, this one focuses on the battle between two players. Tsukushi and Jin are the two players we can see battling around.

On the one hand, Tsukuhi is the player with no talent who plays well with hard work. On the other hand, Jin is a genius player who is at the highest level. They were unaware that they would be linked and come together in the world of football.


Inazuma Eleven (Source: Pinterest)

Inazuma Eleven is one of the anime that makes most anime watchers love football anime. The series follows the goalkeeper, Mamoru Endo. In addition, his football team seems lacking, as they have only six players and the other six don’t want to play football.

Everything changes when 40-year-old football player Goenji comes to town. Even more, he is also a championship holder. Moving on, he gets a challenge from Goenji. Thus, he heads to collect his remaining six players to take the challenge.


Aoashi (Source: Pinterest)

The plot of the series is set on the J-League youth team. Also, the series is about the youth and their struggles in football. Among them, Aoashi is one of the players who struggled very hard to become a professional football player. As well, he plays in a backwater town in Japan.

Further, he also hopes to get into a good high school. But it all crashes after the elimination of his team from a tournament. Despite it, a coach from one high school catches his talent and calls him to Tokyo.


Blue Lock (Source: Pinterest)

In our list, the anime to take first place is Blue Lock. In addition, it is the best recent football anime series. As well, the series follows the main protagonist, Isagi Yoichi. Unfortunately, he fails to do well for his school team after the defeat in the match.

Later, a confidential football project is created called Blue Lock. Isagi, along with the other 299 strikers, participates in the project. It is very hard for him, as only one of them will become the best striker in the world and choose to play for the Japan nationalnational football team.

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