Top 10 Haikyuu teams ranked according to their strength and team play

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Haikyuu teams (Source: Pinterest)

Top 10 Haikyuu Team Ranked

Haikyuu (Source: Pinterest)

Haikyuu is a comedy, coming-of-age, and sports Japanese anime and manga series. The manga is written and illustrated by Manga Artist, Haruichi Furudate. The manga was first serialized on February 20, 2012, in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump. Moving the anime, the anime was first aired on April 6, 2014, on English Network, Animax Asia. Also, the anime is directed by the director Susumu Mitsunaka and Masaka Satō.

The anime Haikyuu has gained a lot of popularity in a short period of time. It keeps following a boy of small height Hinata. Moreover, he goes to Karasuno after his middle High and plays with Kageyama. Further, they both worked well as duos. But, there are very underdogs and other teams in the High School tournament. Some of these best teams are mentioned here ranked, according to their strength and team play:

10. Date Tech

Date Tech (Source: Pinterest)

Date Tech is one of the strongest teams present in Haikyuu. And, it is also the team with whom Karasuno has their first win. The team Date Tech is very famous for their defensive skills. Even more, their team set is very focused on defending for which they are also known as Iron Wall. In addition, with the very strongest player playing at mid, Aone makes the team even stronger. Though they are very good at defense, they even got a very good setter for attacking too. Further, the setter Date Tech has is Kanji Koganegawa. The reason they are at 10th in this ranking is because of their low performance in attack.

9. Nohebi

Nohebi (Source: Pinterest)

Nohebi is the team we have seen competing against one of the strongest teams Nekoma. Also, the team was led by one of the best players, Suguru Daisho. Whereas he still got the talent of tipping the ball and that can stand as a great threat to the opponents. Though they stand as a good team still they were not too difficult against other good rival teams.

8. Aoba Johsai

Aobo Johsai (Source: Pinterest)

Aoba Johsai is the team that most people have liked. Because the team has a very handsome and strong player Oikawa Toru. Additionally, he is very good at setting and delivering his balls he also has the two best spikers on the team. And, they are Izumi and Mad Dog. Besides, the reason that makes Aoba Johsai stronger is because of the service from Oikawa. Even more, if we have clear look Aoba stands as the most powerful server in the series.

7. Shiratorizawa

Shiratorizawa (Source: Pinterest)

Shiratorizawa was also the best team in the series as they have won the championship last year. Moreover, the team was able to show their best performance when they were performing in the nationals. The team was too strongest rival because they have one of the strongest players in the nation, Ushijima. In addition, they also have the best middle blocker with quick reflexes and he is Tendo. While having the Ushijima, the team usually hold only on Ushijima which was their weakness. Anyway, they were able to win.

6. Nekoma

Nekoma (Source: Pinterest)

As the team, Nekoma focuses on team play they are very good at both receiving and defense. Further, they do not have individual kinds of talent, they all have team play. Even though, Kuroo stands to be one of the best players from team Nekoma. Among all players from Nekoma, Kuroo’s receiving and defensive skills are the best.

5. Karasuno

Karasuno (Source: Pinterest)

Karasuno is the team in the series whom the plotline is following. Moreover, the very player in the team is the best in their respective sector as they all have Haikyuu moments in the series. Also, the team has a very good setter with spiker Hinata. Though, at first, they do not match each other. Later, the duo stands a monster. Likewise, the team has a very good libero Nishinoya. Additionally, with his rolling thunder technique, he easily receives the ball.

4. Inarizaki

Inarizaki (Source: Pinterest)

Inarizaki is also a very great team in the series but was defeated by Karasuno in a very close call. Sports is not all about strength sometimes, we have seen in reality too strong teams losing to the weaker ones. Likewise, the same happened in the series during the match between Karasuno and Inarizaki. Even more, having a great performance from the set of twins, Miya twins Inarizaki is the strongest team in the series.

3. Kamomedai

Kamomedai (Source: Pinterest)

Likewise our main protagonist, Hinata Kamomedai also contains a little giant with good ability. And his name is Hoshiumi. Further, the little giant has made the team, Kamomedai even more popular. Also, Hoshiumi has already met Hinata at the Spring Tournament and they both stand as each other’s opponents. Further, as the team Karasuno was eliminated early we were not able to see further matches of Kamomedai. Anyway, they have reached and progressed to the third round. Altogether, they are able to stand in the third position in this list.

2. Fukurodani

Fukurodani (Source: Pinterest)

Fukurodani is the team which has helped to make the gameplay of Karasuno grow. Further, the team contains very good players. Some of them are Bokuto and Akaashi. Even more, they stand as the best duos in the series who were able to break down most of the opponents. Moreover, they were likely to win the tournament because one of the strongest team, Inarizaki were eliminated. As well, Bokuto stands as both a weakness and strength of the team. One of his weaknesses is, that he certainly goes into emo mode. Whereas, when he focuses on the game he easily extracts the points.

1. Itachiyama

Itachiyama (Source: Pinterest)

Itachiyama is at the top of the list because they have won the previous national tournament and they are national champions. Moreover, the team contains the very strongest ace and even has shown in the series. And, he is none other than Sasuka. Besides, he has not mostly revealed in the anime but he stands for every favorite making Itachiyama win most of the matches.

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