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Best Volleyball Anime's

10 Volleyball Anime Ranked

There are variations of anime according to the genre. Some of people love fantasy some action. Similarly, viewers are loving sports anime a lot nowadays.

In addition, after the good success of Haikyuu people are loving to watch the volleyball anime too. Due to it, anime fans also keeps high expectations on the different volleyball anime. Here, is the list of best 10 volleyball anime ranked.

10. The Crimson Hero

The Crimson Hero (Source: Pinterest)

The plot of the series follows a girl who loves to play volleyball. But, her mother does bot loves her being involved in playing volleyball. So, she restricts her in playing the volleyball. Whereas, she already develops her love and ambitions towards volleyball. As a result, she starts to living with her aunt in order to play volleyball.

Then, she forms a team to reach her success. While forming the team and leading her team she faces different types of difficulties too. Adding on, we can see romance and relationship according to the plot. Thus, you can love the anime with volleyball along with romance and slice of life.

9. Beach Stars

Beach Stars (Source: Manga news)

Beach stars is also a very enjoyable anime to watch. The plot revolves around a girl who loves to play volleyball. She starts to have a huge love towards the volleyball and a great ambition for it. Unfortunately, her team gets disbanded, but she still wants to play volleyball.

Moving on, one day she finds a different style of volleyball, beach volleyball. So she starts playing beach volleyball. Due to her small height, she still faces different circumstances while playing volleyball. Anyway, she does not want to stop playing because of this reason. As a result, she keeps on playing and works harder.

8. Attack on Tomorrow

Attack on Tomorrow (Source: IMDb)

The plot of the anime takes us back to 1997. This anime is about the women’s volleyball team. Every player on the team wants to work hard and make themselves an amateur in volleyball.

During the journey of the series, they also take part in a national high school volleyball competition. As well, they will teach us various life lessons along with lifting the trophy.

7. Why are you always staring at me?

Why are you staring at me? (Source: Amino Apps)

The main plot of the series follows a boy whose name is Shimada. Also, Shimada is a starting volleyball player. He is very good at volleyball and has a lot of knowledge about it.

But he shocks everyone by joining the high school, which is not known for volleyball. The high school, which does not do any good in volleyball, But he manages to play very well at the same high school. The journey shows whether he will be able to complete his journey from such a high school or not.

6. Attacker you

Attacker You (Source: Anime News Network)

The series Attacker You aired in 1984. This volleyball also holds the journey of the female volleyball player, You Hazuki. She lives in Tokyo with her young brother and father. In addition, she has a huge dream to join Japan’s women’s national volleyball team.

To make her dreams come true, she joins her school’s volleyball team. Even more, she starts to practice hard. whereas the school volleyball team has a very harsh instructor. Despite having difficulties, she manages to continue her volleyball journey.

5. Harukana Receive

Harukana Receive (Source: Pinterest)

Harukana Receive also follows beach volleyball. The main plot of the series follows a girl, Haruka Oozara. Also, she goes to live with her grandmother. During that time, she fell in love with playing beach volleyball. She develops a love for beach volleyball while helping her cousin’s brother play it.

Further, she also helps her brother win a junior tournament. One of the players on the team stops playing due to his body status. Whereas, Haruka convinced her to play beach volleyball.

4. Attack No. 1

Attack No.1 (Source: Pinterest)

This anime series was the first to feature the story of a female athlete in sports anime. In addition, the series features a girl whose name is Kozue. As well, she becomes a part of the national volleyball team.

While playing for the national team, she faces lots of trouble. Even more, she fails to become a member of the team later. But the support from her coach and team captain makes her able to resume her career. Likewise, Ahshita e Attack was made in honor of the 1964 volleyball team.

3. 2.43: Seiin High School Boy’s Volleyball Club

2.43: Seiin High School Boy’s Volleyball Club (Source: IMDb)

This is a new and good volleyball anime series featuring a male team. It is quite similar to Haikyuu in terms of character development. While watching the series, we somehow felt like we were watching Haikyuu.

Heading on, the plot of the series follows a high school boy whose name is Kimichika. He returns to his old high school after causing trouble in Tokyo. It made him reunite with his old school friend. They both join a similar team and start to become stars.

2. Haikyuu!!: To the top

Haikyuu!!: To the Top (Source: Pinterest)

Haikyuu!! To the Top follows the journey of Karasuno’s High Volleyball Team. In the series, they won the final match against Sharitozawa. It made them able to take part in nationals. We can watch them compete at the national level.

In the process of making it possible, they face many difficulties, problems in relationships, and many more. But they work hard in order to prove themselves. Heading on, most people consider it the best volleyball anime of the present time.


Haikyuu!! (Source: Pinterest)

Haikyuu!! is able to take the first place on our list. It is the prequel to Haikyuu! To the top. Even more, it follows the journey of Hinata. Hinata is a boy with short height and orange hair.

Due to his small height, he is also called a little giant. Thus, he feels different while playing volleyball, but it does not stop his volleyball career. After losing his game against Tobio in middle school. He tends to play on the same team as Tobio in high school.


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