The Change in Sung Jinwoo, Read about Episode 5 of Solo Leveling

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Episode 5 of Solo Leveling

Episode 5 of Solo Leveling

In episode 4 of the series, Jinwoo was able to kill the monster inside the dungeon, which he entered with the help of the instant dungeon key. In his short journey through this dungeon, he gains some experience as well as strength.

As he kills the boss in the dungeon, everything dissipates and seems normal. Even more, one of the officers also saw him while he was roaming there. Anyway, the officer finds out that he is one of the hunters from the appearance of Sung Jinwoo.

Episode 5: Change in Sung Jinwoo

Change in Sung Jinwoo

The episode 5 starts with Jinwoo talking with the officer, Jinwoo and the officer find out that the portal has been opened and monsters are entering Earth. Whereas, it was not the dungeon but the monsters who were directly entering Earth. The officer and Jinwoo go towards the place where the event was happening. The hunters fighting there were having a very difficult time and were resting for the help of other more powerful hunters.

At the same time, Sung Jinwoo sees the struggle of the healer, who was trying her best to heal the injured hunter. But it was not possible to beat down the monster, and the appearance of a stronger-ranking hunter was trying to be late. As a result, Sung Jinwoo wants to help there. So, he attacks with a small set of fangs and kills the monster in an instant. The hunters present there realize that it was done by someone. In addition, the officer recognized it must be Jinwoo, but Jinwoo left the place before he searched for him.


New Physique of Sung Jinwoo

After these events, he returns to the hospital. We can see him doing exercise in the hospital. Even more, he has changed his physical appearance too. Also, his height grows, and he also grows the muscles in his body. The nurse also gets shocked while entering the room as the door was unlocked. As well, the nurse keeps looking at the body and packs of Sung Jinwoo. Adding on, she feels it is hard to recognize him as he has changed a lot since he was admitted to the hospital.

Then, the nurse tells him that he is very well and is ready to be discharged. After a few moments, he was going to be discharged. The nurse again appears and asks for his number if he does not have a problem. whereas Jinwoo, without hesitation, gives his number to her. At his home after discharge, her sister was ready to go to school while Jinwoo showed up. Even more, her sister also tells him about the change in his appearance.


Jinwoo keeps it secret

It was clear to Jinwoo that he has the ability and can greatly level himself up. Also, he even thinks that what if he only adds up to strength? But he thinks balance is more important than only upgrading one stat.

Moving on, he considers telling everyone about his ability. It seems like creating trouble for him. Further, the media and sources keep making things up about hunters. If he will expose his ability to others, he thinks he will surely become one of the most talked-about people in the world. So he wants to keep his ability a secret.


World’s Weakest Hunter

It was not enough for him. Thus, he decides to earn some money too by entering the dungeons like in his old days when he was weaker. He even applies for it and receives a letter, so he heads for the dungeon. As he reaches there, he meets Dong-Suk, who seems to be the leader of the dungeon. All of the remaining C-Rank hunters know Jinwoo and yell that he is an E-Rank hunter. In addition, they also tell him that he is popular as “the world’s weakest hunter.”.

But they were unaware that he had upgraded himself and was really different. As they thought that he was still weaker and an E-Rank Hunter, he was assigned the task of carrying the bags. The bags there contain foods and other materials that the hunter requires during the dungeon. At the same time, he meets a D-Rank hunter whose name is Yoo Jin-Ho. His appearance was different, as he was wearing some shiny equipment.


C-Rank Dungeon

After all, they start moving towards the gate of the dungeon. By the way, Yoo Jin-Ho keeps on talking with Jinwoo, whereas Jinwoo walks silently, hesitating to talk with him. As they reach there, one of the members says it is bigger than the gate of the C-Rank dungeon. The leader yells that it is normal for them and they are not weaker. Heading on, it was the first time for Sung-Jinwoo to enter the C-Rank gate. Dong-Suk keeps on leading the way, moving first and ahead of everyone.

Even more, Jinwoo was still confused about how the D-Rank Jin-Ho could have good equipment. Jinwoo finds out it is very different from the E and D-Rank dungeons. The place even gets darker as they keep moving ahead, so one of the members creates fire to provide light. No monster seemed to be there, but Jinwoo figured it out and listened carefully. Later, he finds out it was an insect-type monster and yells in a large voice. He finds them above, and they start fighting with the insect-type monster, which was an ant-type monster.


At the end of episode 5, there was a trace of the boss left. The insect was cut down, but no one has done it looking towards the cut. Also, Jinwoo also finds the sense of it, and it is getting darker.

So, following the current moment, we will be able to watch the battle with the boss of this dungeon. Even more, we can also see Jinwoo involving himself in the battle and unleashing his powers.

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