The Best New Comedy Anime: Paripi Koumei, Release Date, Manga And Characters

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Paripi Koumei


Paripi Koumei is a comedy Japanese anime and manga series. Further, it is also known by its other name Ya Boy Kongming! The manga was first serialized on December 31, 2019, on the website which name is Kodanshas’s Comic Days. Also, the manga is written by the Yuto Yotsuba and illustrated by the Manga Artist, Ryō Ogawa.

Moving towards the anime, the anime was first aired on April 5, 2022, on Network, Tokyo MX. The anime was directed by the director Shū Honma and written by Yōko Yonaiyama. As of now, the anime has 7 lists of episodes.

How is comedy connected to the plotline of Paripi Koumei?


A man named Zhuge Liag Kongming worked as a general of three kingdoms fed up with his life. Because there, he keeps involved in lots of fights and he wanted only peace. So, while he was dying he wanted to be born in another world and live in peace without involving in the fight. After all, he takes birth in modern Japan. Moreover, he takes birth in Tokyo. In addition, he even goes to the nightclub because of Shibuya. And comes to meet one of the finest singers, Eiko Tsukimi. Then, surviving with these party people he somehow feels different to adjust. As a result, it creates lots of comedy scenes that can even blow you away.

Will Zhuge Liag Kongming of Paripi Koumei have peace in his new life?

Zhuge Liag Kongming
Zhuge Liag Kongming (Source: Youtube and lostinanime)

As he was born in modern life in Tokyo at this time. And, he even got some friends in a nightclub who used to do party. In addition, a singer who uses to have songs and dance. That creates whole different scenarios besides the fighting. Moreover, even Zhuge sometimes seems to be dancing along with Eiko Tsukimi. If we look altogether towards it, we find Zhuge living peaceful life than his old life.

What was the previous life of Kongming?

Zhuge Liag Kongming
Zhuge Liag Kongming (Source: Crunchyroll and IMDb)

Kongming was born in China at a very early time 181 A D. Even more, he was raised by his uncle because his father died when he was very young. Also, they were living peacefully until the war started in their province. Because of that they escaped from there and travel to Jing province. As they traveled to Jing province Kongming met Liu Bei. Among Liu Bei, Kongming has won lots of fights.

Paripi Koumei- Main Characters

1. Eiko Tsukimi


Eiko Tsukimi is a very good singer who used to sing at BB Lounge. Further, she has great to become a professional singer one day. Even more, as her family was very difficult to live she even try to do suicide when she was on tour from her high school. In addition, she was not able to do so because of Kobayashi. Moreover, Kobayashi was the one who saved her and took her to BB Lounge to start her career singing there. Additionally, when she was taken there by Kobayashi an American singer named Maria Diezel was performing there.

As she then starts her career in singing, she comes to a point of leaving it one day. Again, it changed when she finally met Kongming.

2. Zhuge Kongming


Zhuge Kongming was previously working in the three kingdoms. There he has several fights. Because of it, he wanted to live a very peaceful life. When he travels to his deathbed, he only wishes to live in a place where exists peace. Which leads him to take place in the modern place of Tokyo. And, his appearance made two people think that he is doing cosplay, and they directly took him to the BB Lounge.

His second life with the motive to live in peace begins as he hears the singer named Eiko Tsukimi. In addition, it was recorded that he died at age of 54, but he was sent into modern Japan as he was in his young days. Because of his nature attitude, he can easily make friends.

3. Kabe-Taijin


Kabe-Taijin is also a very good rapper who has won different competitions. Among them, he has also won DRB Rap Battle Competition. But he is not an ordinary rapper as he has won the same competition three times in a row. Though, has so much talent he cannot continue his rapping career as he suffers from a stomach ulcer. And the pains start to grow day by day. Later, he was found by Kongming and invited to the show of Eiko that was promoting peace. After listening to their songs of Eiko, he made himself join their mission to create a world of peace.

4. Nanami Kuon


Nanami Kuon is a good user of the double bass guitar. Moreover, she also has a very good interest in music. Further, she has a good friendship with Eiko as they both love music very much. Additionally, Eiko also loves the way she uses the bass guitar. Even more, she is a very happy and peaceful person. When she was in high school, she was in a band with her friends. And the band name was AZALEA. Though, they performed together a lot they didn’t gain attention from other people.

5. Owner Kobayashi


Owner Kobayashi owns a lounge name BB Lounge. Further, his past life was also in the Three Kingdoms and he was a fanatical expert there. Even more, he is a very caring person as he saved Eiko and makes her sing again at his lounge. In addition, he also recruits Kongming as he was well educated and roamed to find peace.

6. RYO


RYO is a very good person on the singing platform. Because he is both the main guitarist as well as a lead vocal. Even more, he is a member of a band whose name is JET JACKET. Among very different types of bands, JET JACKET is an indie band. Likewise, other guitarists outfit he also wears black clothes and a scarf most of the time. Whereas, his outfit makes Kongming think that RYO comes to be a very sensitive person.

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