Sung II Hwan vs Thomas Andre: Who will win the battle?

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Sung II Hwan vs. Thomas Andre

Sung Hwan II vs. Thomas André

Solo Leveling is a South Korean web novel series. The anime is scheduled for Q1-2024. It has been able to meet the fans expectations with amazing battles and character development. Moving towards Sung-Hwan II vs. Thomas Andre, they both are hunters. Hwan is from Korea, whereas Thomas is from America.

Before going into their battles, here is a list of their powers and abilities.

Sung II Hwan

Sung II Hwan (Source: Pinterest)

Sung II Hwan is one of the strongest Korean hunters. Adding to that, he is also the father of Sung Jin-woo. His family thought that he was dead when he trapped himself in the dungeon. Later, he was found by the rulers. Also, he does not have an official Hunter ranking.

Power and Abilities

Sung II Hwan Power and Abilities (Source: Pinterest)

Immense Strength

Hwan has a good amount of strength, which makes him too hard to defeat in hand-to-hand combat. For example, he easily defeated Hwang Dongsoo in combat. The hits were too critical, as Dongsoo takes months to heal from his hits.

Immense Speed

Along with his strength, he is very good in the area of speed too. He shows a glimpse of his immense speed during his battle between Frost and Beast Monarch. In the battle, he was able to dodge the attack from both of them at once.


Adding on, Sung-Hwan can also hide in the surroundings or camouflage. Like the ninjas, he is very good at this ability. Besides, he can also hide magically.

Ruler’s Authority

It is one of his most important abilities, as shown in the series. Adding on, using it, he can control and move the objects. To do so, he uses telekinesis.

Thomas Andre

Thomas Andre (Source: Pinterest)

Thomas Andre is one of the strongest hunters in America. Among the five national-level hunters, he is one of them. He is very muscular in appearance. Adding on, his family was surrounded by a lot of enemies as he was an immigrant. So he trains harder and becomes a brawler in order to survive in the difficult environment.

Power and Abilities

Powe and Abilities of Thomas Andre (Source: Pinterest)

Immense Strength

Heading towards strength, Thomas André has superhuman strength. Even more, he was able to send Sung Jin-woo flying very easily. Also, he has a very close battle with Beast Monarch.

Immense Durability

Thomas Andre shows a great will and is durable during the battles. Also, when he was fighting against Jinwoo, Jinwoo was able to break his arm. But Thomas Andre was continuing the fight even though his arm was broken, which shows his immense amount of durability.


Thomas seems to be stronger, as he has both defense and attack power. He uses golden armor for his defense with a glowing flame quality. The defense is so strong that even Jinwoo had bruises on his hands after hitting the defense of Thomas Andre.


Using the capture, he can pull things and objects towards him. whereas Jinwoo explains it as a black hole. If anyone is stuck in it, they cannot use the ruler’s authority either.

Sung-Hwan II vs. Thomas Andre (predictions)

Sung II Hwan vs Thomas Andre

As of now, we are not able to see the battle between Sung-II Hwan and Thomas André. So, here is only our prediction about what might happen if a battle between them takes place. Thomas Andre is also known as Goliath, whereas Hwan is the hunter who has immense strength. Adding on, when Hwan fought with him, he easily won over him because of his physical strength and immense physicality.

The rank of Hwan is the same as that of Andre, as they both are S-Rank hunters. The rank between them is managed with the help of the mana the hunters have. Sung-II Hwan was also able to fight with the Beast Monarch as well as the Frost Monarch at the same time. Even more, he even sends Frost Monarch flying with his single hit. The battle will be amazing; it will happen in the series. Sung-II Hwan vs. Thomas Andre will bring more attraction toward the manhwa.

Sung-II Hwan vs. Thomas Andre (Result)

We know that Thomas Andre is a good fighter with a muscular body. But Thomas Andre was able to gain the power when he was trapped in the dungeon for a decade. Mostly, he was able to gain the powers during that period. As a result, if the battle happens between them, Sung-II Hwan might win the battle like his son.

Honourable Mention

Sung Jinwoo vs. Thomas André


Sung Jinwoo vs Thomas Andre (Source: Pinterest)

The battle between Sung-Jin Woo and Thomas Andre happened in the International Guild Conference Arc. Hwang was on his way to kill Jinwoo. Later, Andre calls Hwang to his office and tells him not to do anything there. But Hwang starts to target Jinwoo’s right-hand man. As a result, Jinwoo goes after Hwang as revenge. Thomas was trying to stop the fight, but Jinwoo had already beaten Hwang and Hwang was bleeding.

Thomas later requested that Jinwoo let Hwang go, but he refused. As a result, the battle started. As the battle begins, Jinwoo shows his speed and starts to attack Thomas André.

Who wins the battle between Sung Jinwoo and Thomas André?

Jinwoo was able to get his hits on Thomas Andre. He even made André bleed. So, Thomas decides not to stop and uses his reinforcement. But it did not work against Jinwoo. Adding on, Jinwoo easily fought against him and was able to defeat him with his bare hands.

As the battle ended, Thomas Andre admits to the hospital. Even more, after a day, Thomas Andre was recovered. Thomas asked why he did not kill him. Also, Jinwoo replies that he has not done anything to Hwang. So he did not kill him as well as his guild members.


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