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Ryomen Sukuna in Japanese mythology

Sukuna Real Life (Source: The Japan Times)

Looking at the plot of Jujutsu Kaisen, it is formed by a lot of slices of myth. He also appears in the Japanese book Nihon Seki. He described Sukuna as a Japanese Yokai demon. In Japanese mythology, he is from Gifu Prefecture in Japan. In the myths, he is not a demon but a hero.

According to legend in Gifu, the sculpture of Ryomen Sukuna is in “Zenkyuji”, a Buddhist temple. In this area, he is a local hero who died fighting against Takefurukumanomikoto.

Who is Ryomen Sukuna in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Ryomen Sukuna is famously known as Sukuna. Even more, he is also popular as the “King of Curses“. Adding to that, he is one of the cursed spirits and antagonists of the series.

During the golden age of Jujutsu over 1000 years ago, he was an imaginary dragon. Also, he worked as a human sorcerer. So, other sorcerers killed him together, which led him to change into a cursed spirit.

Who is the voice actor for Ryomen Sukuna?

Voice Actors of Ryomen Sukuna

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actor, Junichi Suwabe. Whereas, the English voice for the character is contributed by the American voice actor, Ray Chase.


Appearance of Sukuna (Source: Pinterest)

Ryomen Sukuna’s first appearance is as a demon with four arms and two faces. As of now, he looks like the host he is. But he has a pair of eyes under his real eye. Even more, he also has lines on his arms and upper shoulders.

Learn about the true form of Ryomen Sukuna

Real Form of Sukuna (Source: Pinterest)

Gojo describes the real form of Sukuna. Also, Gojo describes it as a threat from very ancient times. Adding on, he explains that Sukuna was able to have control over the world just with his four arms. As a result, Sukuna’s true form has 20 fingers, 4 arms, and 4 hands. Even more, the plotline is also based on the twenty fingers of Sukuna. whereas it is still not clear why ancient sorcerers used to have four arms.

Sukuna wants control over Megumi

Sukuna and Megumi (Source: Pinterest)

In chapter 212, Sukuna possesses the body of Megumi. Unlike Itadori, he has full control over Megumi. Also, Megumi has a cursed spirit. As a result, he can have control over it and use the cursed spirit of Megumi too. To do this, he summons Nue. As he was in Itadori’s body, he was not able to control him, whereas being able to have full control over Megumi, he has turned into Jujutsu Kaisen’s scariest villain.

Power and Abilities

Power and Abilities of Sukuna (Source: Sportskeeda)


Sukuna has the ability to reincarnate into the person who eats his finger. Yuji Itadori is one of the best examples of it.

Hand-to-hand Combat

Also, Ryomen Sukuna is very strong when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. Adding on, Sukuna fights Megumi easily only with his physical power.

Immense Speed

Heading towards immense speed, Sukuna’s speed makes it very difficult for the opponents. While fighting with Jogo, Jogo was not able to capture the movements of Sukuna. He easily dodged Jogo and beat him into the ground.


It is a technique of Sukuna that allows him to create extra eyes and a mouth in his host. Using it, he can also control the body of the host in order to see and speak.


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Shibuya Incident Arc

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Sukuna was not the only sorcerer to survive the Golden Age

Kenjaku and Sukuna (Source: Pinterest)

We already know that Sukuna is a sorcerer from the Golden Age, but he is not the only one. We were able to know it when Sukuna was surprised to see Kenjaku.

Adding on, Kenjaku was in the body of Suguru Geto. Kenjaku seems like a white-haired monk. Also, Kenjaku is a witch, and Sukuna is a demon. They both have stories and some relationships between them, but we are not aware of it. Heading on, the plotline of the series will show the story of Kenjaku too.

Sukuna lost and died in his previous life

The writer of the series has mentioned Sukuna as the most powerful character. Even more, his domain expansion stands as a huge threat to the other characters.

Anyway, he was sealed into a number of rotten fingers. As the manga of the series shows, he might be sealed by Kenjaku. But everyone is in doubt about how he can lose a fight with Kenjaku. Further, if Kenjaku wins Sukuna in the battle, the fans will realize how powerful Kenjaku really is.

Sukuna can use various cursed techniques

In the Shibuya Incident Arc, Sukuna was performing a very different curse technique. While fighting with Jogo, he reveals his fire-based curse in order to test Jogo. As a result, Sukuna seems to be able to perform various types of cursed techniques.

Sukuna vs. Gojo Can Sukuna defeat Satoru Gojo?

Sukuna vs Gojo (Source: Pinterest)

We are very near to experiencing the battle, Sukuna vs Satoru Gojo. Gege Akutami will be providing us with the battle in Chapter 221 of the series. At the first meeting, Gojo can go easy on Sukuna because, at that time, Yuiji has eaten only two fingers of Sukuna. Even though Gojo says that Sukuna will be difficult to defeat, Even more, Sukuna also says that he will kill Gojo first if he has full control over the Itadori’s body.

Now, coming to the upcoming battle, Gojo is at the peak of his power, just as Sukuna has control over Megumi’s body. Also, it is beneficial for Sukuna because Megumi is a curse user, whereas Itadori was not a curse user. As of now, Gojo is in a position to defeat Sukuna, but if Sukuna reveals his new ability, it will be difficult for Gojo too. Thus, we can just wait until the real battle starts between them.


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