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Female Characters of Record of Ragnarok
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Female characters of Record of Ragnarok

Record of the Ragnarok is one of the most loved anime by anime and manga lovers. Despite the fact that all the fighters from the God side and human side in Ragnarok are male, there are some strong female representations in the series. The Female characters of the Record of Ragnarok ranked as per there strength are as follows:

14. Benzaiten: Goddess of Knowledge

Benzaiten (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Benzaiten is one of the members of the Seven Lucky Gods and the goddess of fortune in music, arts, and knowledge. In the series, she seems to be treating the wounds of the gods that appear in the battle of Ragnarok.

13. Eve: Mother of Humanity

Eve (Source: Pinterest)

Eve is the wife of Adam. Her husband fights in the second round of Ragnarok from the side of a human. Even more, she is the first woman to exist in this human world. In addition, she is a very supportive wife and cares a lot about her husband.

12. Kali: Goddess of Time and Death

Kali (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Kali is known as the second wife of the Hindu lord Shiva. Also, she is the goddess of both death as well time. Being the wife of Shiva, we can expect that she is a very powerful female character in the series. But, she did not participate in the battle of Ragnarok she just watched and cheer her husband, Shiva.

11. Parvati: Goddess of Fertility

Parvati (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

She is the first wife of Shiva. In her early life, she was Sati. As in the series, she reincarnated as Parvati and marries Shiva. Likewise, Kali also does not get a chance to battle in Ragnarok but she was there to cheer her husband.

10. Göndul: God of War

Göndul (Source: Reddit)

Göndul is the ninth Valkyrie among the 13 Valkyrie. She has her debut in Chapter 66 of the manga. As of now, she is 1800+ in age in the series. She was a god as of now she is fighting from the side of humanity.

Adding on, we can see her during the eighth round of Ragnarok. In this battle, she becomes a völundr of Nikola Tesla. Even more, she helps Nikola Tesla to build the defense. She was even used by Nikola Tesla to attack Beelzebub.

9 . Alvitr: 10th of Thirteen Valkyries

Alvitr (Source: Pinterest)

Alvitr is also one of the Valkyrie from the 13th of Valkyrie. She is also 1800+ in age. Adding on, she falls under the demigod species. In the seventh round of Ragnarok, she becomes the völunder of Qin Shi Huang.

She helped a lot to the first emperor of China fight against Hades. But, they both did not practice their völunder before their battle. Even Alvitr reminds Qin Shi Huang. But, he tells her not to worry as they both performed as one in the seventh round of Ragnarok.

8. Hlökk: 11th of Thirteen Valkyries Sisters

Hlök (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Hlökk is the eleventh Valkyrie from the 13th of the Valkyrie. She is very small in her appearance. She was shown in Chapter 26 of the manga. Whereas, she has her first appearance in Episode 15 of the anime series.

In addition, she gets along with Jack the Ripper in the battle of Ragnarok. In the battle, she becomes a glove for Jack the Ripper. As a result, everything he touches changes into a weapon.

7. Reginleif: 7th of Thirteen Valkyries Sisters

Reginleif (Source: Pinterest)

Reginleif is the seventh sister of the Valkyrie. She shows her appearance in the very first part of the series. Reginleif is a Völundr of Adam in the second round of the Ragnarok. Without her, Adam will have a very difficult time in the battle and Zeus even warned her about it.

When Adam lost the battle against Zeus, Reginleif died along with Adam.

6. Göll: The Youngest Valkyrie

Göll (Source: Twitter)

Göll is the youngest sister of the Valkyrie. She used to follow Brunhilde a lot. Every time she keeps going along with her and watches every match of the Ragnarok. As she keeps on following her, she also wants to fight from the side of humanity. Her debut in the first episode of the anime and the first chapter of the manga.

5. Randgriz: The Kindest Valkyrie

Randgriz (Source: Pinterest)

Randgriz is the fourth sister among the 13 Valkyrie. Moving on, she helps Lü Bu to fight Thor in the first round of Ragnarok as Völundr.

In the battle, Randgriz becomes her spear. Even more, the spear is called the shield breaker. The spear is also powerful enough as it can easily destroy any kind of protection. Further, the spear can also destroy gloves of Thor.

4. Thrúd: The Monster

Thrúd (Source: Wattpad)

Thrúd is the third of the Valkyrie sister. She is very different from other Valkyrie due to her muscular body structure and nature like a boy. Hence, she refers to herself as a monster. Also, she is a very different type of Völundr as she can change the user to have control over their body and change their muscle too.

Thrúd becomes völundr of Raiden Tameemon who actually is a sumo wrestler and has a muscular body. while fighting together, they both fall in love with each other. She vanished along with Raiden who lose the match against Shiva.

I swore to myself a long time ago… that once I fell in love with a man… I’d stay with him for the rest of my life (Thrud to Raiden Tameemon)

3. Aphrodite: Goddess of Love

Aphrodite (Source: YouTube)

Aphrodite is a Greek goddess of passion. In Greek mythology, she is also taken as the goddess of beauty and love. In Ragnarok, she is on the side of the gods.

As of now, she is 4000+ in age. She seems to be very lustful as she was appreciating Adam’s baked body in the second round of Ragnarok. She thinks that humanity should come to end as she does not like pollution, killing animals, and wars which are actually done by humans.

2. Hrist: 2nd of Thirteen Valkyries Sisters

Hrist (Source: Pinterest)

Hrist is the second sister of Valkyrie. Even more, she has a dual personality. Adding on, she helped Kojiro Sasaki in the battle. Sometimes, she seems to have fear personality whereas sometimes she changes herself into the kind one. The user of her as völundr are so great as they can use her dual power. It is because of her dual personality. She has different powers and it depends on her personality.

1. Brunhilde: The General for Humanity

Brunhilde (Source: Pinterest)

Brunhilde is the strongest character of the series who is conducting fights against the gods for the sake of humanity.

Brunhilde is the eldest sister of all the Valkyrie. Also, she stands as one of the most powerful female characters in the series. The one to start the Ragnarok is Brunhilde. She did it in order to save humanity. In the series, she seems as one of the cold characters as she let any of her sisters die to win over humanity’s side.


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