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Episode 1 of Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling, Episode 1

We already know that Solo Leveling is getting an anime adaptation. Here is everything we know about Episode 1 of Solo Leveling. In addition, join the journey of Sung Jin-woo from here. Are you ready for the Solo Leveling anime?


Episode 1 of Solo Leveling (Source: Quora)

Before entering the actual episode, we will have a short introduction of the main protagonist, Jinwoo. In addition, he will be describing himself as an E-Rank hunter. He also explains that he is the weakest hunter of all of the hunters around the sculpture, which will be well described below.

After all, we will see him get hit from one of these sculptures. Then, it flashes black, which tends to start Episode 1: Awakening, featuring the beautiful city of Seoul.

Chapter 1: Awakening: Beginning

Beginning of Episode 1 of Solo Leveling

The episode starts in Seoul, where ordinary people live. Mysterious gates start to open from where monsters used to come on Earth. Heading on, we will see Sung Jinwoo, who is an E-Rank hunter and is very weak. Due to his weakness, he is having a very difficult time as a hunter.

Even more, Sung Jinwoo is a weak hunter who is trying to support his family with mother and a younger sister. His mother, Park Kyung Hye is suffering for disease named disease Eternal Slumber. At the time, his sister, Sung Jinah was studying. 

In order to support for the medical expenses of his mother and education expenses of his sister, he joined the dungeon raid for killing demons.

The Dungeon Raid

The Dungeon Raid of Episode 1

Meanwhile, different gates have opened around the world, leading to various dangerous monsters. As Sung Jinwoo was in great need of money, he also planned to go on a dungeon with the team of hunters. As a result, he goes along with the hunters in the dungeon inside the gate.

As they entered the gate, they were also unaware of the environment inside the gate. Moving on, they start to check here and there and see a number of statues that are standing still in their own positions. Later, the gate closes on its own. After it, they start to fear it. One of the hunters wanted to go back after quitting but was killed. One of the sculptures there kills the hunter. Even more, Jinwoo was shocked as the D-Rank hunter died in a single blow from one of the sculptures.

The awakening

Awakening in Episode 1 of Solo Leveling (Source: Pinterest)

All of the other hunters then start to feel difficulties as the sculpture starts to attack too. One of them reads what is written in the stone: You must follow the god. Heading on, in the hidden chamber, Jinwoo finds the luminious orb. Then he goes near it, which makes powers course through him. It gradually helps him gain the power he was seeking.

The power of it makes him very extraordinary, too. It also helps him gain superhuman abilities, which will help him a lot while involving himself in the fights with the monsters.

The Birth of a New Hunter

The birth of Jinwoo as new hunter starts as he receives power. He eagerly waits to test his powers by fighting against the monsters. Also, his life was going to take a very different turn from now on. After getting the power, he has to prove a lot.

Even more, he wants to help his family in every sector. Adding on, he also wants to ruse from the E-Rank of hunter to the more noble one. whereas he was still unaware of his true powers.

A Solo Journey Begins

Beginning of Sung Jinwoo (Source: Pinterest)

After getting the powers, Jinwoo has a lot to do. He decides to go on the journey of becoming the strongest hunter. Along with the awakening he has, he heads towards the various mysterious dungeons. Also, he was finally able to take a step forward in the world of dangerous monsters and creatures.

But the path he was heading down was not determined, which was not showing the end. Anyway, he was about to shape destiny. Episode 1 might not feature him going to the dungeon. So, we will only get to watch Jinwoo’s ordinary life and get the powers.

Episode 1: Awakening: Conclusion

As the first episode of Solo Leveling comes to an end, we have a chance to watch the ordinary young man, Jinwoo, struggle to become a different and extraordinary person. The episode actually starts with Seoul City and lots of gates opening, which lead to monstrous creatures threatening Earth.

The journey of Jinwoo takes a turn when he joins the raid in order to get rid of financial burdens. As a result, he becomes one of the hunters. He also comes to find his new strength ability, and from then on, a new journey for him seems to start.

Key themes of episode 1 of Solo Leveling

There are various key themes present in Solo Leveling Episode 1. We get a chance to see Sung Jinwoo’s struggle as an ordinary boy and all of the changes he has undergone. Moving on, how the peace in Seoul changes into something different

Also, we can watch the themes like transformation, power, responsibility, and the journey that will lead to greatness. In addition, this episode also sets a step for Jinwoo in order to become a legendary hunter or a powerful being later.

What can viewers expect in Episode 2 of Solo Leveling?

As episode 1 ends with Jinwoo just getting the power and the rest of the journey, he will be moving forward in for the next episode in the series. We can expect that the next episode will show his new found abilities and strength. Also, how will these abilities aid him in fighting the monsters?

Likewise, we will see Jinwoo fighting powerful monsters with his new powers. It will also drive him to get more powers than he has now. Altogether, episode 1 was just a set-up for him to become the most powerful hunter in the world.

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