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Episode 2 of Solo Leveling

Episode 2 of Solo Leveling

We have already provided details about Episode 1 of the series. As the end of episode 1 of the series, episode 2 will be more interesting than that. You can read about amazing incidents that will occur in Episode 2 of Solo Leveling.

Episode 2: Unveiling the powers

Unveiling power of Sung Jinwoo (Source: Sportskeeda)

Heading towards the quick recap of episode 1 of the series, the series ends with the dungeon or portal in which Sung Jinwoo enters and finds out about the glowing material. Later, it changes to something that helps him level up and become more powerful. The journey of him as the E-Rank hunter was illustrated in Episode 1.

A Glimpse of Power

At the end of the first episode. Jinwoo seems to have the power. So he separately wants to test his power. As a result, he keeps testing his new powers. Moving on, he starts to interact with his power, involving himself in various fights with the creatures.

Likewise, Viwers will sense an increase in his confidence as he gains the new powers. The time for him to improve as an E-Rank hunter starts.

Information about who are hunters

Introduction of Hunters (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

As the episode starts, it will show the gate from which different creatures can enter Earth at the present time. Even more, the tunnel that connects our world to the other world We can also see the timeline from 10 years ago and the world where many incidents, like the monsters entering Earth, took place.

Also, the ones to save from such events were hunters. As well, the strength of hunters remains the same after they awaken their powers.

The dungeon was different

First Dungeon (Source: Pinterest)

The dungeon where Jinwoo was supposed to get power seems to be very hectic for everyone. They all start to do the first rule inside the dungeon: praise the lord. After it, they start to praise him, but one of them gets killed while doing so. Thus, all of the hunters there start to separate. The main sculpture starts to ramble, Praise the Lord.

Then Jinwoo held on to life, but his legs were apart. He finally tells her to stand in the sculpture with the instruments, which will work to praise the lords. Anyway, he gets healed by one of the hunters. Finally, they go towards the place, and the gate opens. But the remaining sculpture starts to attack them.

The flames control the sculpture

Finally, Jinwoo finds out that the blue flame is set as a timer, and the sculpture praising will be gone as soon as anyone escapes from the door. The flame will change into a red one.

Heading on, most of the hunters start to escape from the gate. Even more, his master also escapes, remembering that he has a family too. Well, Jinwoo says that the hunter running from there will cause death to the remaining ones.

Sung Jinwoo wants to sacrifice

Sung Jinwoo’s sacrifice (Source: Sportskeeda)

As numbers of hunters keep running away, they find out that the door keeps on closing more. whereas there was only a small gap remaining in the door. Anyway, Jinwoo tells Ju-hee and Song Chi-yul to go ahead, whereas he will stay there in order to save both of them.

The Double Awakening

Double Awakening of Sung Jinwoo

Moving on, Jinwoo wakes up in a hospital. He gets confused about whether it was a dream or a reality. Adding on, the inspector from the Korean Hunter Guild comes to investigate him. In return, he was shocked that when they were there, there were no sculptures or anything. So they take him to the hospital.

Many hunters died in the dungeon; it was a normal thing. But in that dungeon, a number of hunters were killed like a massacre. Even more, the investigators tell him that he might have had a double awakening. The investigator also told him that some of the hunters, after getting awakened again, were hit from C-Rank to A and directly from B-Rank to S.

The mana of Jinwoo results in 10 after the dungeon

The main reason for the investigator’s being there was to check whether Jinwoo had received the double awakening or not. So, they tell him to put his hand in the machine that checks the mana. But it shows that he only has 10 as his mana. They say that even the E-rank hunter 70 has their respective mana.

The test of power starts

The test of power

Jinwoo finds a mail, but it is different as he can see it on a screen like thing. Even more, his sister thinks that his brother is losing his mind. whereas the game player had to complete the quest in order to level up. Also, he has a lot of quests, and it shows a warning that the player will be penalized if the quest is not completed in time.

But Jinwoo thinks it is one of his dreams and ignores it. It comes to be real, and an earthquake follows, after which he is sent to the desert. He also gets a quest to survive there from a monster as his penalty.

Conclusion: Unveiling the powers

The glowing things we thought meant that Jinwoo got the power were not true at all. He was able to enter the game-like scenario, which helped him level up after completing the respective mission. Now he will be confronted with some more dangerous quests.

So, we will only see him getting the powers and being familiar with the quests in episode 3 of the series. The exact chapter to be covered in one episode is not mentioned, but we have covered five chapters per episode.

What can we expect in episode 3 of Solo Leveling?

We can see what types of quests he will be involved in and how he can gain powers after completing such missions.


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