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Overtake! is a sports (auto racing (F4)) anime television series. In addition, the anime was first aired on October 1, 2023, on the original network, Tokyo MX. The studio to animate the series is Troyca.

It is a different type of anime as it is related to F4 racing. As a result, it is able to get the hype of anime fans. As of now, the series has six episodes.

Main Plot

The main plot of the series follows two friends, whose names are Koya Madoka and Haruka Asahina. In the present time, Koya Madoka is a freelancer working as a photographer whereas Haruka is a F4 racer. One day, with some certain motive, Koya goes towards the Fuji International Speedway. His motive was to make a story about the Speedway.

At the same place, he meets his old high school friend, Haruka. In addition, it has been a very long period of time since they have met each other. This even made his heart race too. So, after meeting, he starts supporting his friend Haruka. Even more, he strongly helps the team of Haruka and helps him get his goal.

Main Characters

Koya Madoka

Koya Madoka (Source: Pinterest)

Koya Madoka is one of the main characters in the series. As of now, he is working as a freelancer in the field of photography. The main motive for him doing it is to get recognition as a photojournalist. He has a lot of weaknesses that need to be improved to become a professional in this field of photography. One day, he got a chance to visit the Super GT event. In the event, he meets his high school-fired Haruka Asahina.

Even more, he did not even meet his friend. He was also able to watch the amazing driving skills of his friend. After watching such skills, it reminds him of the thrills that he has been missing in his life. Then, he decides to help his friend in order to let him complete his goals. Due to his growing beard, he does not shave. Most people assume that it is because of his depression due to his unsuccessful career. In his past days, he has had a different look as a charming character.

Haruka Asahina

Haruka Asahina (Source: Sportskeeda)

Haruka Asahina is a very good F4 racer. Also, he has a high school friend, Koya Madaoka. They both used to study in taciturn high school. At high school, they were very good friends and close to each other. Besides F4 racing, he also has another part-time job job where he works as a newspaper delivery person. Due to his career as racer, he has a very good body. Along with it, he looks very tall. As a racer, most of the time he seems to be wearing a racing suit.

When Koya came into the F4 race, he was able to meet with Haruka. Also, Haruka seems to have a very different type of personality. As well, he wants to do everything on his own. Likewise, he wants to complete his dream on his own and works singlehandedly. Later, when Koya meets his old friend and sees his driving skills, he wants to help him a lot. Heading on, Koya comes to help Haruka’s team, Komaki Motors, including Haruka himself.

Kotarou Komaki

Kotarou Komaki (Source: Crunchyroll)

Kotarou Kimaki is also one of the F4 racers. Also, he is from the same group as Haruka, Komaki Motors. The name of his father is Futoshi Komaki. His father is the owner of the group, Komaki Motors. In addition, he has very long hair, which is pale pink in color. As well, he used to wear a white and purple racing suit. Heading on, he is a very show-off type of person when it comes to personality.

Even though he has such a personality, he has very good driving skills. Also, he follows very good mechanisms and skills, which makes him one of the best F4 racers. His family and Haruka family are actually friends with each other. As a result, they have a brotherhood relationship with each other and have been friends since their childhood.

Aris Mitsuzawa

Aris Mitsuzawa (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Aris Mitsuzawa is also working as a racer in the series. She is on a very different team than Haruka. The name of her team is Team Bersorizzo. As well,she looks very beautiful with her brownish-yellow eyes. Also, she is very popular as the racing queen of Bersorizzo. Even more, she seems to be wearing a yellow dress along with red shoes.

Though she is from a very different team than Haruka, In addition, she cares a lot about Haruka Asahina and his team, Komaki Motors. Moving on, she is also a huge fan of Hayatsuki. But she has not been able to talk with him till now. Due to her shy nature, she is not able to get near him and share talks too.

Satsuki Harunaga

Satsuki Harunaga (Source: Anime Corner)

Satsuki Harunaga is the supporting character in the series. Also, he is the first person to join the team, Team Bersorizzo. In the racing sector, his skills are far better. Even more, he looks very handsome in his appearance. The color of his racing attire is red and white. There are many female fans of him, too.

Adding on, he used to call kittens to all of his fans. As well, he is famous for a reason. His driving skills and how he manages the corners are very good. Even more, his skills are so good that he is very close to upgrading himself to F3 or F2 in the near future. F3 racing is the higher-category racing than F4 racing.

Toshiki Tokumaru

Toshiki Tokumaru (Source: Anime Corner)

Toshiki Tokumaru is one of the members of Team Borsorizzo. On the team, he is the second driver. If any problems appear or he needs to take the place of the first driver, he will be racing in the F4 race. His racing skills are far better than that of Haruka Asahina.

In addition, he has a very emotional type of personality. But he has very different odds for Haruka. Though he is very young and is around 17 years old, he has very good skill in driving the F4.

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