Protocol: Rain- Main Plot, Characters, and Where to Watch?

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Protocol: Rain

Protocol: Rain

Protocol: Rain is a sports Japanese anime series. It is very different from any other sports-related anime series as it is related to eSports. In addition, it is an electronic sport that involves competitive video games.

Moving on, the anime was first aired on October 8, 2023, on the original network, TV Asahi. Also, the anime is directed by the director, Yasutaka Yamamoto. It is a current anime. Further, Crunchyroll also has a license for this anime.

Main Plot

The main plot of the series follows a young boy whose name is Shun Tokinoya. Even more, he is a high school student reading in his second year. Along with it, he is also a part of the e-sports world. As well, he also works for an esports cafe, FOX ONE.

Unfortunately, one day his father dies in a car accident. In the same accident, his sister was injured. Due to it, he goes into debt. Not only him, but the cafe also seems to be in debt. As a result, they take part in the “Xaxerion Championship” to earn the pool prize. So, they can pay their debt with that money.

Main Characters

Shun Tokinoya

Shun Tokinoya (Source: Anime Corner)

Shun Tokinoya is the main protagonist of the series. Also, he works at the esports cafe, FOX ONE. Most of the time, he keeps on playing video games. As well, his sister also wants to play video games with him.

Unfortunately, he loses his father in a car accident, and his sister is injured. Even more, he is also good at cooking food. In order to pay the debt after the death of his father, he and his friends plan to participate in the Xaxerion Championship.

Noromi Inazuki

Noromi Inazuki (Source: Crunchyroll)

Noromi Inazuki is also one of the main characters in the series. She is also very good at playing video games. As well, she also works in the cafe with Shun. Even more, she also handles everything, like serving or managing the games there.

Likewise, she is a very short-tempered girl. Adding on, she is also good at writing Kanji, but her drawing seems a little messier. Aside from that, she is very friendly with Shun and helps him with his work too.

Mio Tokinoya

Mio Tokinoya (Source: FindAnime)

Mio Tokinoya is the younger sister of Shun. During the accident, she was only injured. In addition, most of the time she watches various dramas on her mobile phone. As well, she also loves her brother a lot.

Moreover, she is a very cute and innocent girl. While his brother tries to play the video games, she wants to play along with him.

Akito Sendo

Akito Sendo (Source: Crunchyroll)

Akito Sendo is one of the customers of the cafe, FOX ONE. Similarly, he is also very good at playing online video games. Heading on, he keeps on acting like a very creepy person. Also, he keeps telling Inazuki she is his best friend forever.

Like her, he also gets angry in a very short period of time. But he is a very cheerful person. Along with it, he calls three boys to play with him and calls Inazuki to help them win so that they can become regular customers there. Moving on, he also wants Shun to play along with him.

Noromi’s father

Noromi’s Father

Noromi’s father is the owners of the cafe, FOX ONE. After losing, the coach does not want to work with him. Whereas, he keeps on telling him to chase the dreams together. After the coach plans to leave the cafe, he comes up with a big problem.

As well, it makes him go into debt. In addition, Jonathan resigns and wants the prizes he has won. So, he asks Shun to play in the competition in order to win the prize money. So, they can pay the debts.

Emiko Takanashi

Emiko Takanashi (Source: YouTube)

Emiko is very good at playing video games. Even more, she can easily handle close-range combat with her secondary equipment too. To participate in the tournament, Shun and his team were trying to find a player for them. She came in the try out with the name Big Bang Infinity.

So, she also comes there for the tryouts. Her gameplay in the tryouts shocks them. But, at first, she tells them that she cannot show her face. Thus, she will be hiding her face from all of the team members.

Nagamine Ryuusei

Ryuusei Nagamine (Source: Crunchyroll)

Nagamine is also one of the players who comes to the cafe to give tryouts for selection. But, before he arrives, everyone thought that he might be a female, as he has provided a name, Fallen Angel Winged Cat Princess.

Whereas, when he appeared, he was a fat boy. In addition, he wants to give the tryout but does not want to provide his name. Even more, he describes that the monitor there seems to be smaller than he has. His movements in the game were too fast, as he could kill the opponents with the axe.

What game is played in Protocol:Rain?

It is clear that Protocol: Rain is an e-sports game. So, there is, of course, an online video game. Even more, the online video game is about a 5v5 shooting game. It’s not about the battle royale or any type of video game.

If you play games like Counter Strike or Valorant, you will be familiar with the games they play in this series. The five players fight with five other opponents, and each side has the role of planting or defusing the bomb.

Where can I watch Protocol:Rain?

You can easily watch the protocol on Crunchyroll. But if you want to see it without any ads or problems, you need to buy a subscription to Crunchyroll.

In addition, if you want to watch the anime freely, there are a number of sites from which you can watch the series. Whereas, you might face various pop-up ads.

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