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Mysterious Characters of One Piece

7 Mysterious Characters of One Piece

One Piece is an anime and manga series that is very popular at the moment. As the series keeps on moving, we become able to watch various mysteries behind him. Along with it, the main mystery still remains in One Piece. Beside it, here is the list of 10 mysterious characters in One Piece.

7. Shanks

Shanks (Source: Pinterest)

In the series, Shanks is the captain of the Red Haired Pirates. In addition, because of his power, he is one of the emperors of the sea. We are not able to see him most of the time. He has only shown up a few times in the series till now but is able to get the hype. Even more, in his childhood days, he was one of the members of Roger’s Pirates. But he was not able to go towards the Laugh Tale when Roger was acquiring One Piece.

Also, he has had his appearance since the very start of the series, and he has had very good interest in Luffy until then. His crew also stole the fruit that Luffy ate. Along with it, he knows more about the fruit and has a strong motive for stealing it. Some theories also say that he is connected to celestial dragons. As a result, he stands as one of the most mysterious characters in the series.

6. Monkey D Dragon

Monkey D Dragon (Source: Pinterest)

Monkey D Dragon is father of Luffy. Also, he is leader of the famous group, Revolutionary Army. In the series, he is getting less screen time than that of Shanks. The Revolutionary Army is made in order to fight against the World Government.

So, a question remains: why does he want to fight with them? Whether he holds a grudge against them or not Similarly, we are not able to see his exact power like Shanks. Even more, the devil fruit or any other information is still remaining a mystery in the series.

5. Gol D. Roger

Gol D. Roger (Source: Pinterest)

Another mysterious character in the series is Gol D. Roger. He is the only person who was able to get the One Piece. As well, he is also popular as the King of the Pirates. But the one piece he got still remains a mystery in the series. Before his death, he was able to tell people about it.

Due to it, the new pirate era was able to start. Even though some of the unknown facts about him have been revealed, There are still some mysteries about him to be revealed. Likewise, about his childhood, Also, whether he has devil fruit or not If yes, what was his devil fruit? How was he able to become so powerful?

4. Im-sama

Im-sama (Source: Pinterest)

Im-sama is one of the mysterious character of the series. We are not even able to see the face of him too. As of now, he is a secretive leader of the World Goverment. Though, he remains as a mystery in the series, people beleive that he is more powerful than that of Monkey D. Dragon and Monkey D. Garp.

But we are not able to know exactly what his power is. As The One Piece itself is a mystery, the characters like him are making the series more interesting to watch. Similarly, we have not been able to see him engage in any fights till now. It will be more fun when we are able to see his powers along with his face.

3. Dr. Vegapunk

Dr. Vegapunk (Source: Pinterest)

Dr. Vegapunk is a very intelligent scientist in the series. She has made various scientific inventions and is known for her inventions. Even more, she was also able to make the artificial devil fruits. There is a huge rumor about her devil fruit. People assume that the name of her devil fruit is Nomi Nomi no Mi. It is believed that due to this fruit, she is able to remember things and continue towards her new inventions very easily.

Later, the revolutionary army captures her. The motive behind them is still unknown. Similarly, the reason why she was making the artificial devil fruit is still unknown. But we are very close to the Egghead arc of the series, where we will meet her. Then, we might find out about her various mysteries hidden in the series. As of now, she stands as a mysterious character in the series.

2. Rocks D. Xebec

Rocks D. Xebec (Source: Pinterest)

We know that the people with D in the series hold various mysteries. Also, Rocks was captain of the Rocks Pirates. He was in the era of Roger. At that time, he was a very powerful pirate. The Rock Pirates include powerful members such as Edward Newgate, Kaido, and Big Mom. They were all in the Rock Pirates, and it was one of the strongest pirate groups of that time. At that time, he had a strong motive to become King of the World. So, he used to attack at various locations and cause destruction.

Due to his terror, the government was behind him. Due to his power, strong people like Roger and Garp form an alliance. Thus, their power together was able to beat down the powers of Rocks D. Xebec. Whitebeard used to say that he was a very careless person. But it is still unknown what powers he used to have. Why does the government have to ally with pirates to defeat him? Why do they just leave other members of his family after defeating him? We will know after heading into it’s mystery.

1. Joy Boy


Joy Boy (Source: Pinterest)

Joy Boy, as of now, we watch him as Luffy, third gear, is a mysterious character from the past. Joy Boy used to live during the Void Century. Also, the Void Century is still a mystery, and the government does not want others to know about it either. Likewise, we can also see about his promise on the Fisherman Island. But we were not able to see it.

As he failed his promise, he mentioned it in the ponelgyph too. As of now, we see that he is somehow connected to Luffy. So, a question arises: how is he connected to Luffy? Is Luffy a Joyboy from the Void Century? With lots of questions and answers, he remains one of the most mysterious characters in the series.

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