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The bubble is a sci-fi post-apocalyptic Japanese movie. The movie was released in different sources and different places at different times. Likewise, the movie was first released on February 10, 2022, in Berlin. Whereas, the movie was released on April 28, 2022, on Netflix. Similarly, the anime was released theatrically on May 13, 2022.

The anime movie is directed by the director Tesurō Araki. In addition, the movie is written by three writers and they are Gen Urobuchi, Naoko Sato, and Renji Ōki.

Main Plot of Bubble

The plot starts with a young boy and girl meeting as the gravity falls apart.

Moreover, the plot happens in the very developed and modern Japan, Tokyo. The situation was only after the bubble powered down as the gravity broke down. Due to this many lives of people were also gone. Because of that Tokyo becomes one pf playground for youngsters who does parkour. Even more, outside of the world, other people also arrive there for doing parkour.

In addition, there was a boy named Hibiki who was very good at the parkour and was nearly dead as he goes towards the gravity-bending sea. Nearly, he was dead but greatly he was saved by a girl with a magic, Uta. After the incident happened they both hear some noise but they both were only the ones to hear it. Where will the world take them to? There are numerous results after they start to meet with each other.

Who has provided music for Bubble?

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As we look at various anime, as we talk about being an anime fan the music of anime really makes sense. The music used in the anime also makes the anime worth watching. Likewise, the music of Bubble is not going to disappoint you as the music is provided by the good music composer, Hiroyuki Sawano. As he looks towards his previous work, he has also composed music for various other anime like Kill la Kill and Attack On Titan.

Besides, the singer for the composed music is also already viral through another platform TikTok. Moreover, the singer’s name is Riria and she has provided a very great ending theme song. The song is titled in Japanese Jaa ne, Mata ne which is See you, Catch you later in English.

What do we know about bubble anime from the director?

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The director of Bubble anime was interviewed. And, we found from him that he really wants to add the amazing landscape and a new view for the anime. Additionally, we can see such type of attractive landscape in the anime. Moreover, he also even was attracted to the landscape he made for the anime. Also, he wanted to work on the love story but with a different kind of plot and the love story that slips from our fingers.

Likewise, he has told in the interview that he also wants to introduce some type of graphics as we have seen in the Attack On Titan. But the same type of graphics without killing and the bloodshed whereas with the vibe of two-person falling for each other.

How is Tokyo shown in Bubble anime?

Tokyo in Bubble anime (Source: Newsbeezer)

The whole scenario of Tokyo is changed as it has shown a very colorful Tokyo. Even more, due to the fall of the bubble, most of the cars and other vehicles are seen just standing on the road. With that silent vehicle and the building with a very greenery environment. And, that’s enough to make Tokyo much more attractive. With the bubble anime’s unique vision the anime has seen very different.

How was the team of Bubble anime formed?

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When the director of the anime comes with a unique type of vision. Moreover, the director was in search of a person who can even widen the audience as much as he wanted. So, he goes to Kawamura with his unique thoughts. Likewise, when Kawamura also sees the idea of the director he was also impressed as the director work for anime like Attack On Titan. Moreover, the writer also plots very sci-fi-type things which made the anime more catchy. Altogether, they felt that they can hit the market with this movie as the best output and they started to work together.

How is Bubble anime different from other love anime?

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Well as we look at the characters of the anime, it is very different than others. The female character seems to be a very innocent little mermaid popping out. Whereas, the male character is full of action with his parkour ability. In addition, it is quite a different anime from others as parkour falls for a mermaid. Even more, this anime has a unique kind of love story that is favorable for all kinds of audiences, even for the audience who are very small in age too.

Bubble anime in Netflix review

Hibiki and Uta (Source: Pinterest)

We have already watched various good anime on Netflix. Similarly, the Bubble anime seems to be quite good as we hear the name. With that beautiful landscape in Tokyo, Bubble anime seems to be quite good rather it is not enough through the plotline and other things. It seems quite thin from the inside. Even though the anime is very worth watching as the character of the anime who are parkour is running in the difficult obstacle environment. The camera view while these parkour running can drag us into the feeling that we are even a part of parkour. As a result, the Bubble anime is worth watching.

How does the Bubble anime end?

Uta Death (Source: OtakuKart)

With some tragic anime, this anime also end as Uta dies sacrificing her in order to save her love Hibiki. When we find out some flashbacks of Hibiki that were not able to predict the death of Uta. Unless the anime left us to feel sad watching the girl we love to die. Though, the character dies, the anime goes on as other kids start doing the same parkour thing.

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