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Mushoku Tensei (Source: Pinterest)

Mushoku Tensei

Mushoku Tensei (Source: Pinterest)

Mushoku Tensei is a fantasy, harem, and isekai Japanese anime, light novel, and manga series. The novel series was first serialized on November 22, 2012. Also, the light novel series was illustrated by the Manga Artist, Shirotoka. Later, the manga was adapted and serialized on May 2, 2014, and was illustrated by the Manga Artist, Yuki Fujikawa.

Moving towards the anime, the anime was first aired on January 1, 2021, on English Network, Animax Asia. The anime is directed by the director Manabu Okamoto. As well, the anime is animated under Studio Bind.

What is the main plot of Mushoku Tensei?

The main plot of the anime follows a bullied and hated boy of 34 years old who dies involved in an accident. When he wakes up he finds himself in the body of the newly born baby, Rudeus Greyrat. This time he even got parents who love each other a lot.

Even though he was reincarnated into the new life, he still possesses all the memories from the past. So, he starts to live his new life very easily. He only has the body of a baby but he has the mind of an adult. Growing up, he even learns to use a sword from his father, Paul, and also increases his skills by learning from the mage, Roxy Migurdia.

Also, he meets a girl, Sylphiette with whom he became a very close friend. Altogether, he got the best chance to live a life he could not in his previous one. Along with it, he also needs to find love for himself which he can’t in his old one.

Character Chart Of Mushoku Tensei

Character Name Birth Age
Rudeus Greyrat K407 34(Previous life)

23( Current)

Sylphiette K407 5 (Debut)
Eris Boreas Greyrat K405 N/A
Roxy Migurdia K373 40-60 (Volume 1-23)

100 +(Volume 24)

Orsted N/A 2000+ (Physical)

22000 +(Mental)

Hitogami K373 40-60 (Volume 1-23)

100+ (Volume 24)

Birth is the year mentioned in the anime.

Mushoku Tensei- Main Characters

Rudeus Greyrat

Rudeus Greyrat (Source: Pinterest)

Rudeus Greyrat is the main protagonist of the Japanese anime series Mushoku Tensei. He died when he was 35 years old and reincarnated in the world. In his past life, he died because of a road accident. While crossing the road he was hit by the truck.

Also, he has wasted his old life as he couldn’t follow things he wished to. Moving on, the anime revolves around him following him as if he can do better in his new life or not. In his new life, he is born with a good height of 175 cm. Adding on, his eyes look like the eyes of a demon. In his new life, he is very arrogant due to his past lives.


Sylphiette (Source: Pinterest)

Sylphiette is old friend of Rudeus. She belongs to the elf as well as the human race. When the Teleport incident took place, many citizens were teleported to a random location and she was also one of them. The mana that appeared at that time made her hair turned into white.

Whereas, before that incident, she used to have short green hair. In addition, her appearance of looking like a tomboy made Rudeus confuse and he thought that she is a boy. In her childhood days, she was bullied a lot. As a result, she has a very shy and very low-confidence personality.

Eris Boreas Greyrat

Eris Boreas Greyrat (Source: Pinterest)

Eris Boreas Greyrat is the cousin sister of Rudeus. She has a very good ability to use swords. Among the people who were teleported at the Teleported incident, she was also one of them. Later, the incident made her establish a love for Rudeus.

Because of the low mana, she used to have white hair. Also, she becomes angry very fast which makes trouble for herself. Her personality is very similar to her grandfather, Sauros. Even though, she is aggressive and short temper she is a very shy girl.

Roxy Migurdia

Roxy Migurdia (Source: Pinterest)

Roxy Migurdia is an old magic teacher who belongs to the Migurd mage race. She left her village because she was not able to the teleportation. Many people use to make fun of her as she could carry that ability. Whereas, she forgets that and becomes a traveling teacher.

Later, she starts to teach Rudeus. Also, she is very helpful in nature as in the anime, she helps Paul to find survivors who teleported to random places due to the Teleport Incident. Her personality is very cool and calm and she reacts to everything by thinking properly.

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Orsted (Source: Pinterest)

Orsted belongs to the Dragon tribe. As well, Orsted is also known as Dragon God. Dragon God is a title given to the strongest people who belong to the Dragon tribe. The people of the Dragon tribe think of Hitogami as their enemy.

Also, Orsted is one of the antagonists of the series. Adding on, he nearly killed Rudeus twice. But he changed his nature after knowing everything about Hitogami. Because of living in hatred, he feels difficulty engaging with people.


Hitogami (Source: Pinterest)

Hitogami is a human god who is actually an enemy of the Dragon tribe. He even provides helpful tips for Rudeus. Later, Hitogami becomes the antagonist of the series. Adding on, he is the oldest character present in the Mushoku Tensei series. While talking with people, he talks in friendly nature. Even more, he likes to destroy the things that people usually love the most.

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The Chapters You Should Know Of Mushoku Tensei

Infancy Period

The series is divided into three chapters among which Infancy Period is the first one. In this chapter, the main Protagonist starts to learn various magic. This arc/chapter is all about Rudeus learning how to cast magic and spells actually this chapter follows his childhood days.

Adventurer Chapter

In this chapter, Rudues gets help from the demon, Rujierd. Along with Rudeus, Eris also travels toward the Magic continent to find the way to return home. As well, they also want to help the people who were teleported during Teleport Incident.

Home Tutor Chapter

This is the second of the series. In this chapter, Rudeus becomes a teacher to his cousin, Eris Boreas Greyrat. It was a very difficult task for him as she was a very short-temper girl. Even more, Rudues starts to teach her how to cast magics and spells which even made them closer to each other.


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