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Release Date : April 5, 2019 Publisher : Hakusensha Budget : N/A Producer : TMS Entertainment Rating : 8.6 Country : Japan Duration : Half an hour per episode Genre Romantic Comedy, Slice of Life, Supernatural,

Fruits Basket

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Fruits Basket

Fruits basket is a romantic comedy, slice of life, and supernatural Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Natsuki Takaya. The manga was first serialized in shōjo manga magazine Hana to Yume under Hakusensha.

Moving towards the anime, the anime was first aired on 5 July 2001 on the  English network, Funimation Channel. The anime is directed by the director Akitaro Daichi and written by Higuchi Tachibana. The has even won the 2001 Animemage’s Anime Grand Prix Awards. As of now, the anime has completed its 3rd  season with 63 episodes.

Main Plot

The main plot of the anime is based on the life of young girl Tohru Honda, as she lost her grandmother due to an accident she plans to move and live with her grandfather. But her grandfather’s home was under renovation so she was not able to live with him. As she doesn’t want to give any problems to her friends she decides to live secretly on her own in a tent in the woods

One day, when she returned after her work she finds that her tent gets collapsed under a landslide. The “prince” of her school Yuki Sohma and his cousin Shigure Sohma tangles at her situation and gives her an invitation to stay with them until her grandfather’s house renovation completes.

While living with them, Tohru knows their secret: if Sohma is hugged by the opposite gender, they temporarily change themselves into animals of their respective zodiac which was their curse with a dark history.

Fruit Basket Character Chart

This is the list of Fruits Basket character list. As in the anime, there are many more Sohmas and classmates. But, the listed are the ones to show up timely in the series and show up throughout the story’s event. The age and height of the character are based on their first appearance.

 Character Name             Age


         Birth Zodiac*/Cursed      zodiac          Height
Tohru Honda               15            Dog      156.7cm/5’8”
Shigure Sohma               25        Boar/Dog      178cm/5’10”
Yuki Sohma               16         Dog/Rat      170.5cm/5’7”
Kyo Sohma               16        Boar/Cat      171.3cm/5’7”
Hatori Sohma               26     Boar/Dragon       182cm/6’0”
Saki Hanajima               16            Dog       162cm/5’3”
Arisa Uotani               16            Dog       168cm/5’6”
Ayame Sohma               26      Boar/Snake       175cm/5’9”
Momiji Sohma               15       Rat/Rabbit     155.8cm/5’1”
Hatsuhara Sohma               15          Boar/Ox     170.2cm/5’7”
Akito Sohma          ~20**      Horse/God      164cm/5’5”

* The zodiac is based on the Chinese calendar as Japan does not follows Lunar New Year but follows the calendar year.

**The age of Akito Sohma is not mentioned in the anime. So the age of Akito is taken as around of Ritsu and Kagura.

Tohru Honda

  • Age: 16
  • Zodiac Birth Year: Dog
  • Height : 7cm/5’8”

Tohru Honda is the main protagonist of the Japanese anime series Fruits Basket. She is a kind girl studying at high school. Unfortunately, she lost her mother at a young age and before the start of the anime which leads her to live a life burdening her friends or family.

As her tent gets collapsed she enters the Sohma family. While living with Shigure, Kyo, and Yuki she has a strong bond and relationship with the members of the Sohma family. Furthermore, she is quite strong and incredible at a young age.

The Japanese voice actress Manaka Iwami has provided the Japanese voice for Tohru Honda. At, 13th Seiyu Awards for Voice Acting In Japan.

Moving towards the English dubbed version, the American voice actress Laura Bailey provided the voice. The first character to get her voice was kid Trunk in Dragon Ball Z.

Shigure Sohma

  • Age: 25
  • Zodiac Birth Year: Boar
  • Height : 178cm/5’10”

Shigure Shoma is the older cousin living with the three of the protagonist. Working like a novelist he earns money. Though, being the older cousin he loves to tease his younger cousins as he gets a chance. Shigure used to take care of the home and runs home smoothly.

Japanese voice for this character is provided by the Japanese actor and voice actor Ryōtarō Okiayu. Also, he is affiliated with Aoni Production.

Heading towards the English dubbed version, the American voice actor, writer, and musician John Burgmeier has provided the voice.

Yuki Sohma

  • Age: 16
  • Zodiac Birth Year: Dog
  • Height: 5/5’7”

Yuki Sohma is the first character who met Tohru Honda as both are students of the same high school. Yuki is a kind, mature, and gentle person. His childhood was painful because he including his family member gets emotional abuse. Furthermore, he looks like a matching person for the strong and kind girl Tohru Honda.

The Japanese voice for the character is contributed by the Japanese voice actor Nobunaga Shimazaki. Shimazaki is also affiliated with Aoni Production. Even more, he won the 7th Seiyu Awards for Best Rookie Actor Award.

Whereas, the English voice for the character is provided by American voice actor Eric Vale.

Kyo Sohma

  • Age: 16
  • Zodiac Birth Year: Boar
  • Height : 3cm/5’7”

Kyo Sohma is almost the opposite of his cousin. Kyo is too loud and often starts fights. In the Zodiac, he takes the role of the cat. It takes more time for him to be close with others. After he gets close with anyone he seems to be more loyal and protective towards that person. Unlike his rude and fighting attitude, he fights demons and wants to make Tohra and his family happy.

The Japanese voice actor and singer Yūma Uchida portrayed the character Kyo Sohma. Yūma works for I’m Enterprise.

The American voice actor and voice director Jerry Jewell provided the voice for Kyo Sohma. Jerry works for the Funimation and OkraTron 5000.

Hatori Sohma

  • Age: 26
  • Zodiac Birth Year: Boar
  • Height : 182cm/6’.0”

Hatori is one of the members of the Sohma family who used to spend time around Tohru and her roommates. He is also close with Sigume and Ayame as they both seem to be around his age. Occupationally he is a doctor so he seems to be intelligent, calm, and very caretaking. Though Dragon is his zodiac he turns into a sea horse instead of a Dragon whenever the curse is activated.

For the Japanese voice, this character is voiced by the Japanese actor, voice actor, and singer Hatori Sohma.

Also, for the English dubbed version, the American voice actor Kent Williams provided the voice. Kent works for Funimation and OkraTron 5000.

Saki Hanajima

  • Age: 16
  • Zodiac Birth Year: Dog
  • Height : 162cm/5’3”

Saki Hanajima is also known as Hana. Hana is the best friend of Tohru and Uo. She is kind of mysterious, unearthly, and dark to her classmates. While she is not afraid of her two friends a little bit. And she feels happy and overjoy to have friends like Tohru and Uo. Saki is outspoken and very trustworthy with her friends.

The Japanese voice actress and singer Satomi Satō provided the voice for this character. Some of her projects include Fairy Tail, Hyōka, and B: The Beginning.

Moving towards the English dubbed version, the American voice actress and ADR director Jad Saxton provided the voice.

Arisa Uotani

  • Age: 16
  • Zodiac Birth Year: Dog
  • Height : 168cm/5’6”

Arisa Uotani is also one of Tohru’s best friends. Even though her past is filled with various crimes it was solved by Tohru’s mother Kyoko Honda. While talking about her personality, she is very rough and tough. For her friends Tohru and Hana, she is very caring and protective.

Japanese voice for this character is provided by Japanese voice actress Atsumi Tanekazi. Atsumi is affiliated with Toritori Office.

Heading towards the English dubbed version, the American voice actress Elizabeth Maxwell has provided the voice.

Ayame Sohma

  • Age: 26
  • Zodiac Birth Year: Boar
  • Height : 175cm/5’9”

Ayame Sohma is an attractive character cursed by the zodiac of the snake. With his best friend Shigure, he acts pervy and crazy but when he is with Hatori he acts more mature. Ayame wants to be closer with his younger brother Yuki but his different personality and poor judgments make them awkward in various situations.

  • The Japanese voice for the character is contributed by the Japanese actor, voice actor and narrator Mitsuru Miyamoto has provided the voice.

Whereas the English voice for the character is provided by American voice actor, voice director, ADR engineer, and line producer Christopher Robin Sabat has provided the voice.

Momiji Sohma

  • Age: 15
  • Zodiac Birth Year: Rat
  • Height : 8cm/5’1”

Momiji Sohma is one of the strongest characters in the series. Momojj is so adorable and fun-loving with his friends and family. Among the people, he gets attached very easily. Rabbit is his zodiac and he is half German boy. So keeps using phrases more in the European language. When he is with Tohru, he acts super innocent and innocently flirty.

The Japanese actress Megumi Han has portrayed the character Momiji Sohma.

The American actress and voice actress Mikaela Krantz has provided the English voice.

Hatsuhara Sohma

  • Age: 15
  • Zodiac Birth Year: Boar
  • Height : 2cm/5’7”

Hatsuhara Sohma is the Ox zodiac and is known as simply Haru. He has both types of personality referred to as Black and White moods. When he is White mood he acts calm and serious but he acts loud and brash when he is in a Black mood. Haru loves and admires Yuki. As an Ox, he is strong and loyal.

For the Japanese voice, the character is voiced by Japanese voice actor and singer Makoto Furukawa. Previously, he was affiliated with SpaceCraft Entertainment as of now he is a freelancer.

Also, the English voice for the character is provided by American voice actor, voice director, audio engineer, and line producer Justin Cook.

Akito Sohma

  • Age :
  • Zodiac Birth Year :
  • Height :

Akito Sohma is the main antagonist of the series Fruits Basket because of his unhealthy and abusive control over the Sohma family. Every member of the Sohma family should follow Akito for the reason Akito is the God. Akito is not afraid of anyone and often gets physical with family members even Akito has hurt many of them in the past.

Maaya Sakamoto who is a Japanese actress, voice actress, and singer has provided the voice for Akito Sohma.

Colleen Clinkenbeard is an American voice actress, ADR Director, line producer, and writer who has provided the English voice for this character.


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