Release Date : October 3, 2008 Publisher : Square Enix Budget : N/A Producer : Hiro Maruyama, Hiroyoki Shimizu, Shunsuke Saito, Mikihiro Iwata Rating : 7.7 Country : Japan Duration : Half an hour per episode Genre Dark Comedy, Dark Fantsay, Supernatural,

Black Butler

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Black Butler

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Black Butler is a dark comedy, dark fantasy, and supernatural Japanese manga and anime series. The manga was written and illustrated by the Manga Artist, Yana Toboso. On September 6, 2006, the manga was first serialized in Square Enix’s shōnen manga magazine Monthly GFantasy.

Moving towards the anime, it was first aired on October 3, 2008, on the English network Animax Asia. Shinohara and Hirofumi Ogura directed the series for the first and second seasons respectively.

Main Plot

The anime is based on the Young Ciel Phantomhive also known as “Queen’s Guard Dog.” Ciel used to take of every event that happens in Victorian England for Her Majesty. Sebastian Michaelis, his loyal butler(chef) has inhuman abilities whom Ciel uses to get his job done.

Past of the Ciel was a secret tragedy that adds him into the darkness for a long period. When he was down he even formed a contract with Sebastian, a demon to provide the punishment for them who wronged him while he gives Sebastian his soul. By which Sebastian also becomes a butler carrying his master’s order and cooking delicious food eventually by the Ciel soul. They both bond and work together and can’t be separated by either hell or heaven.


Ciel Phantomhive

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Ciel Phantomhive is the current head of Phantom House and is also known as the “Queen’s Guard Dog.” Also, he is the owner of the Funtom Corporation and an Aristocrat of Evil. Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive gave him birth just after his elder identical twin brother.

When he was five, he developed asthma. However, he recovered from the disease after a few years. On his brother’s tenth birthday he found his mother, father, and dog dead. Then, he ran to Tanaka for help but Tanaka also was stabbed by an unseen assailant. The elder brother was sold to another person and treated like lambs for the demon and violated. After the death of his twin brother, Ciel was able to summon the demon and make a deal in place with his soul to provide the punishment to them who did him wrong.

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actress and singer Maaya Sakamoto.

Whereas, the English voice for the character is provided by the American voice and television actress Brina Palencia. Some of her projects include Baccano! Special, Black Clover, and My Hero Academia.

Sebastian Michaelis

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Sebastian Michaelis is the demon butler. At the Phantomhive household, he is one of the senior members. Sebastian was summoned by Ciel when he and his twin brother was going to be sacrificed in the cult’s summoning ritual at the cathedral. Then placing Sebastian in Ciel’s right eye, Sebastian formed a contract.

Sebastian approved the contract for Ciel’s soul. As per the contract, he is compelled to work as a butler until his revenge is completed. Following the incident, Ciel named the demon Sebastian by Ciel, which was originally his dog’s name.

The Japanese voice for the character is contributed by the Japanese voice actor and singer Daisuke Ono. At the 4th and 9th Seiyuu Awards, he won the Best Lead Actor for character Sebastian Michaelis.

Moving towards the English dubbed version, the American voice actor, ADR director, and scriptwriter J. Michael Tatum provided the voice.


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Baldroy is also known as the Baldo or Bard and is the chef of the Phantomhive household. Ancestors of Baldroy reached America to get the freedom of religion. They settled there and started farming until Baldroy’s generation.

The native and farmer started fighting due to the U.S Army overhunting buffalo, in which Baldroy’s family was killed and his dream to live happily with his family. Then, he killed one of the natives. Later on, Baldroy joined the U.S soldier and during one fight reached the point of starvation. He was going to eat the hand of Terry, Sebastian stops him and provides the tea which leads him to the Phantomhive household.

The Japanese actor, voice actor, and narrator Hiroki Tōchi has portrayed the voice for Baldroy. Hiroki is also affiliated with Office Osawa.

Heading towards the English dubbed version, the American voice actor Ian Sinclair provided the voice.


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Finnian is also known as the Finny or Finni. Finny is the gardener of the Phantomhive household. Before coming to Phantomhive’s household, he was kept indoors in the institution and given various injections for the test. Anyway, he can bear that because of his superhuman strength. One day when a raid was conducted against the institution, the person who caught Finny destroyed all the evidence and the doctor killed all his friends and was about to kill him. Instantly, he killed the doctor and ran away. Finally, he was found by Sebastian and Ciel.

The Japanese actor, voice actor, and singer Yuki Kaji played the character Finnian. Yuki is affiliated with the agency VIMS.

Also, the English voice for the character is provided by the American voice actor Ernetso Jason Liebrecht.


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Mey-Rin is working as the maid in the Phantomhive household. For tea trimming, Mey-Rin and her parents came to England. Suddenly, her parents died due to a pandemic. Jan and Hao met with her and she introduced herself as Rin. They started stealing with the help of Rin’s eyesight.

Even they stole earrings from rich women but her friends were caught by Haku. Haku promised to spare her if she throw earrings and if not they all including her friends will be dead. Though she threw the earrings Haku killed her friends and as a brother, Haku makes Mey-Rin a member of Qīng Bāng. As a task, she was even ordered by Haku to killed Ciel but was caught by Sebastian. Failing it she has been a maid at the Phantomhive household.

Japanese voice actress and singer Emiri Katō voiced the character Mey-Rin

The American voice actress and ADR director Monica Rial provided the English voice. Monica is affiliated with Funimation and Seraphim Digital/Sentai Filmworks.

Edward Midford

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Edward Midford is the son of Alexis Leon and Francis Midford. Usually, Edward dresses inexpensive coats. Currently, he is the house leader of the Green House at Weston College. His sister often helps him with his dressing style and gives him suggestions about what to wear.

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actor Seiichirō Yamashita. Seiichirō is affiliated with Office Osawa.

Whereas, the English voice for the character is provided by the American voice actor Justin Briner.


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Snake works as a footman in the Phantomhive household. Being a half-snake he can understand and talk to the snakes. At least he has nine snakes with him. Moreover, he is also the string member of Noah’s Arc Circus, like a snake charmer. Due to his appearance and control of the snake, the members of the circus has no choice besides him for string member.

The Japanese voice for the character is contributed by the Japanese voice actor and singer Takuma Terashima.

Moving towards the English dubbed version, the American voice actor and columnist Spike Spencer provided the voice.


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Tanaka is the senior staff of the Phantomhive household and was a former butler. When Ciel’s family was murdered Tanaka was also present at the stop. Warning Ciel he even told Ciel to run away and find a way to escape. While making him aware, he was unknowingly stabbed from behind and was heavily injured and treated at the Royal London Hospital. Angelina Dalles also works there. Tanaka was shocked to see Ciel alive when Ciel and Sebastian went to meet him at the hospital. Then, he gave his pocket watch to Sebastian, according to him which was passed from one butler to another of Phantomhive household.

The Japanese voice actor Shunji Fujimura portrayed the voice for Tanaka.

Heading towards the English dubbed version, the American voice actor, director, and scriptwriter R. Bruce Elliott provided the voice.

Charles Grey

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Charles Grey is the Private Secretarial Officer and butler of Queen Victoria. Family of Grey seems to be so famous as the tea flavor has also been named over their family(Earl Grey). Grey graduated from Weston college. Charles Phipps who is correspondence as Grey is referred to as Double Charles.

The Japanese actor, voice actor, and singer Ryōhei Kimura played the character Charles Grey.

Also, the English voice for the character is provided by the American voice actor and director Clifford Chapin provided the voice. Some of his projects include Black Clover, My Hero Academia, and Death Parade.


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Undertaker was Grim Reaper as well as former Aristocrat of Evil. As a grim reaper, he worked for a long period, reaping souls and sending them into peace. By his good work, he even got the title best grim reaper in Retrieval Division. Moving on he established funeral services to experiment the human life.

Japanese voice actor and singer Junichi Suwabe voiced the character, Undertaker.

The American voice actor, ADR director, and scriptwriter John Swasey has provided the English voice.


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