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Zoids: The Chaotic Century

Zoids: The Chaotic Century

Zoids: Chaotic Century is an adventure and mecha Japanese anime series. It was first aired on September 4, 1999, on the English Network and Cartoon Network. Also, it is popular with the title Zoids. Even more, it is one of the first anime series from five series that are based on the Zoids mecha models, which are produced by Tomy.

Similarly, the anime was directed by Takao Kato. Whereas, Xebec animated the series. As of now, the series has 67 episodes. Though it was the first franchise in Japan, it aired in western nations following Zoids: New Century.

Main Plot

The main plot of the series is set in the desert on Planet Zi. On the same planet, the main protagonist, Van, discovers the abandoned facility and enters it. In addition, when he enters there, he finds an opaque cocoon that comes to produce a dinosaur-like robot, the Organoid. Later, he claims it as his own and even names it Zeke. But, at the same time, some bandits come to capture Zeke.

The bandits have Zoids, mechanical beast-like units used in battles. Similarly, Zeke also manages to fuse with the old Zoids present there, Shield Liger. They somehow manage to get out. Then he returns there and finds a cocoon again. But this time, a girl comes out of it and tells him that she only remembers her name. She says her name is Fiona and has to locate the object called Zoid Eve. Moving on, the trio goes to find Zoid Eve, a mysterious object, becoming friends with each other.

Character Chart of Zoids: The Chaotic Century

Characters of Zoids: The Chaotic Century
Character’s Name Age Voice Actors
Van Flyheight 14 Daisuke Kishio (Japanese)

Mattheu Erickson (English)

Zeke N/A Takuma Suzuki (Japanese)

Dave Pettitt (English)

Fiona (Elisi Linette) N/A Makiko Ohmoto (Japanese)

Carol-Anne Day (English)

Raven N/A Mitsuki Saiga (Japanese)

Scott Hendrickson (English)

Moonbay 16 Kumiko Wantabe (Japanese)

Onalea Gilbertson (English)

Irvine 22 Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese)

Mark Gatha (English)

Main Characters

Van Flyheight

Van Flyheight (Source: Pinterest)

Van Flyheight is the main protagonist of the series Zoids: Chaotic Century. Even more, he was born and raised in the village, whose name is Colony Village. He also has a sister whose name is Maria, and his father’s name is Dan Flyheight. Whereas, information about her mother is not revealed in the series.

Moving on, he and his sister become orphans after his father is killed. His father was killed while defending the Wind Colony and Organoid. At the start of the series, he was able to get Zeke out of the cocoon. Later, Zeke takes him towards the Zoid, and he is able to turn into Shield Liger. After which, he was able to fight the bandits.


Zeke (Source: The Iron Bible)

Zeke is a dinosaur-like robot that is called an organoid. Also, it seems like he is somehow linked with Fiona. Adding to that, he was also found by Van. Later, Van gave him the name Zeke. When Zeke brought Van back to ruin, they were able to find a girl, Fiona.

When they return to the village, the bandits again come after Zeke. Then, the bandits kidnap the sister of Van, and in return, they want the exchange of her sister with Zeke. Heading on, while doing the exchange, Van goes there and is able to save both Maria and Zeke.

Fiona (Elisi Linette)

Fiona (Source: Pinterest)

Fiona is the female protagonist of Zoids: The Chaotic Century. In her past, she was alive during the Ancient Zoidian civilization. While the civilization was under destruction, she was able to run away along with Zeke. In order to protect themselves, they form a cocoon or capsule for a very long period of time.

Whereas, the actual time they were inside it is unknown. The first one to come out of it was Zeke. But Zeke again takes Van there to take him out. Even more, Van first thought that she would be like Zoid in appearance, whereas she turns out to be a female.


Raven (Source: The Iron Bible)

Raven is the main rival of the protagonist, Van Flyheigt. Also, he first appeared in episode 12 of the series. Heading on, Van Flyheight, Zeke, and Fiona were mistaken for the destruction of Zoids. So, the Republican army came after them. At the same time, Raven manages to protect them.

But it was Raven himself who was responsible for the destruction of the Zoids. Later, Van challenges Raven for battle against his Shiel Liger. Raven also accepts the challenge. In the battle, Van easily won the fight against Raven. They kept on battling multiple times since that time.


Moonbay (Source: Episode Ninja)

Moonbay is one of the main characters of the series. She makes her first appearance in episode 5 of the series. Even more, she meets Van and Fiona when the Shield Liger is destroyed. When the night appears, she offers Van and Fiona camp night and believes that their meeting was a fate.

Later, she becomes a member of them, and they start to work together. Though she appears to be greedy at first, she really thinks about her group too. In addition, she starts working as the main transporter in the group. Her job is to transport people, or Zoids, from one place to another.


Irvine (Source: The Iron Bible)

Irvine appears in episode 3 of the series. In his first appearance, he seems to sell Organoid and Zeke for money. But later, he joins the group of Van. The past information about Irvine is not well focused in the series, but he has a sister whose name is Helena. Unfortunately, his sister died from Karl fever when he was very young.

Even more, he also appears in the last battle between Van and Prozen. At that time, he seems to be piloting a Zoid, Gojulas. Moving on, at the end of the series, everyone, including Moonbay, gets a prize for helping in the war.

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