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Who is Zohakuten in Demon Slayer?

Zohakuten makes his appearance in Season 3 of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba. He is one of the forms of Hantengu. Adding on, when Hantengu shows up with his blood demon art, we are able to know that he can change into various forms.

The four of them have different abilities and powers. Even more, Zohakuten is the most powerful form, which is made by combining all of the forms. This form represents hatred for Hantengu. So, this form is also called the “Hatred Demon”.

Appearance and personality of Zohakuten

Appearance of Zohakuten (Source: Pinterest)

Zohakuten looks like a small, muscular child. He has spiked hair and a narrow orange eye. In his eye, there is the daiki of Upper Rank and 4 in both eyes. As a hatred demon, he used to have an angry personality on his face like Sekido.

As he has a hateful personality, he also shares many personalities with one of the forms, Sekido. Also, he keeps on providing hate speech to his peers for bullying because of his weak form as Hantengu. Even more, he also told Muichiro that he was a harlot.

Know about the abilities of Zohakuten

Abilities of Zohakuten (Source: Reddit)


Zohakuten has a huge number of strengths. He was able to handle all three demon slayers, including Love Hashira and Mitsuri Kanroji.

Menacing Aura

The menacing aura of Hantengu is very powerful; using it, he nearly choked Tanjiro. Adding on, Genya was also feeling the need to stand in the fight against his aura.

The Blood Demon Art of Zohakuten

Blood Demon Art of Zohakuten (Source: Spiel Times)

Wood Manipulation

While using this blood demon art, he uses the wood that is on his back. Also, he hits the drum in his back to manipulate the woods of his surroundings. It is more powerful as he can use it for short range as well as long range. Further, he can also change the wood into a 5-meter-high dragon head. Heading on, he uses those dragons to bite his opponents.

Ability Combination

As a combination of the other four forms, Sekido, Karaku, Aizetsu, and Urogi, Zohakuten can use the blood demon art of all four forms. As a result, he becomes more powerful as one. Thus, he can use lighting strikes like Sekido, powerful winds like Karaku, sound waves like Urogi, and spear attacks like Aizetsu.

Who killed Zohakuten/Hantengu in Demon Slayer?

Zohakuten/Hantengu Death (Source: Quora)

Tanjiro thought that one of the forms of Hantengu was a real body, as the demons were alive after cutting off the head of Hantengu. Zohakuten keeps fighting and even raises the Demon Slayer Mark of Mitsuri. whereas the headless body keeps running away from Tanjiro. He noticed that Mitsuri can lose her stamina and will act when it happens.

But later, Tanjito finds the headless Hantengu and finds out that the real head of Hantengu was hiding inside the body’s heart. After all, he was able to cut off the torso and kill Hantengu. Thus, after some time, Zohakuten also dies as Tanjiro kills Hantengu. Mitsuri also realizes that she could not have defeated the demon without Tanjiro’s efforts.


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