Know Everything and Facts Regrading Sweet Blue Flowers and its main Characters; FUMI MANJOUME and AKIRA OKUDAIRA

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Sweet Blue Flowers (Source: Pinterest)

Sweet Blue Flowers

Sweet Blue Flowers (Source: Pinterest)

Sweet Blue Flowers is a coming-of-age, romance, and yuri Japanese anime and manga series. The manga is written and illustrated by the Manga Artist, Takako Shimura. Also, the manga was first serialized on November 17, 2004, in Ohta Publishing’s Manga.

Moving the anime, the anime was first serialized on July 2, 2009, on Network, Fuji TV. The anime is directed by the director Ken’ichi Kasai. As of now, the anime has 11 episodes.

What is the main plot of Sweet Blue Flowers?

The plot of the anime usually follows two girls Fumi Manjoume and Akira Okudaira who used to be very good friends. But, things changed as Fumi moved away with her family to another place. Even more, years after it she again return to her hometown to be admitted to Matsuoka Girl’s High School. Whereas, her old friend was going to read in Fujigatani Girl’s High School.

While continuing her old friendship, Fumi starts to talk with Akira. Though, they again talked to each other the bond they have does not seems to be quite good as it was in past. As the things go on a famous face, Yasuko Sugimoto also gets attached to Fumi.n Moving on, can these two girls will be able to save their friendship for the rest of their lives?

Sweet Blue Flowers- Characters

1. Fumi Manjoume

Fumi Manjoume (Source: Pinterest)

Fumi Manjoume is a girl who is reading in Matsuoka Girl’s High School. Further, she has quite a good relationship with Akira in her past. Whereas, she consists of very shy nature. As her family was moved from her old hometown, she has to leave her friend too. But as she returns again to her hometown, she directly talks to her old friend. Also, while talking about their old days Akira used to protect her as if she was her bodyguard. Moving on, Fumi has some kind of lesbian feelings.

2. Akira Okudaira

Akira Okudaira (Source: Pinterest)

Akira Okudaira is reading at Fujigatani Girl’s High School. As well, she has a very cheerful and kind nature. Moreover, she was their best friend of Fumi in her old days and she again met her after 10 years. Even more, she always speaks the truth whether it is about her friends or other things. Altogether, she has a very pure heart. Likewise, like a bodyguard, she used to protect Fumi and provide her with various advice. Sometimes, her pure and kind intention creates problems for herself.

Fujigaya Girl’s High School Characters

1. Kyōko Ikumi

Kyōko Ikumi (Source: Pinterest)

Kyōko is a very different type of girl and she wishes for only one thing and that is Yasuko. Moreover, she is reading along with Akira and she is also a member of the drama club. In addition, with her good-looking face, she enriches other things also they include sewing, tennis and acting. As Kyōko thinks about Yasuko, other people in her class also think the same about her. Further, she has already engaged with Kō Sawanoi. Moreover, Kō is also a young college student.

2. Haruka Ōno

Haruka Ōno is a girl who is also reading in Fujigaya Girl’s School. Whereas, she is one year junior to that Akira and she also had joined the drama club. Also, she has a very good personality that leads her to become friends with anyone around her very easily. Even though she has such a kind personality she still does mistakes from time to time.

Matsuoka High School Students

1. Yasuko Sugimoto

Yasuko Sugimoto (Source: Pinterest and Tumblr)

Yasuko Sugimoto is reading in their third year and is loved by most of the students of the college. Moreover, she also has the status of the captain of the school’s basketball team. Whereas, she is very different from others as she has developed feelings for her teacher. The reason she was in basketball was because of rejection from her teacher. Thus, that even leads her to change her school.

2. Miwa Motegi

Miwa Motegi (Source: ShareTV)

Miwa Motegi is also having her study at Matsuoka High School and she has joined the drama club there. Further, she has a very humble and kind personality. Whereas, she grows interested in Akira’s brother. Even more, her interest turns to be a relationship and they both start dating each other. Though, they were good about the relationship between them whereas Akira feels a little hesitant about that.

Similar anime like Sweet Blue Flowers


Kuttsukiboshi (Source: DeviantArt)

The anime follows the two girl characters falling for each other. The sweet girl Kiiko Kawakami falls for Aaya Saitou. Moreover, their ears of Kiiko felt so good when she hears the voice of Aaya. Further, they were having a good relationship with them until she gets into an accident. From which she also got psychic power. Moreover, they have romance and feelings in the anime. The anime keeps on moving and let us know about can Aaya find the secret or not.


Doukyuusei (Source: Pinterest)

Doukyuusei is a different kind of anime having romance and a slice of life in it. The plot follows a very talented boy Rihito Sajou who used to get very good marks on his exams. While the chorus festival was coming near he gets to meet with a very good guitarist girl, Hikaru Kisakabe. Further, Rihito helps her and they both start to talk with each other through that. In addition, although they took too much time to be close to each other but grows feelings in a very short period of time. Additionally, Hikaru has a very pure intention toward him whereas Rihito hesitates a little at first.

Kimi ni Todoke

Kimi ni Todoke (Source: Pinterest)

The plot of this anime follows the character who is often taken as a ghost girl by her classmates. Kuronuma Sawako is a very sweet girl who wants to become friends with others but her friends don’t want to. Moving on, she meets one of the handsome boys in her class Kazehaya Shouta. Moreover, Kazehaya wants to have a friendship with her. And, her wish of making friends comes to become very true. Even more, due to his charming face, Kazehaya was famous among the class. Gradually, they can become friends, and maybe this turn into some romance too.

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