Know everything about The Garden of Words with its ending? Does it has happy ending or not?

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The Garden of Words (Source: Pinterest)

The Garden of Words

The Garden of Words (Source: Pinterest)

The Garden of Words is a drama and romance Japanese drama film and manga series. Also, the manga was first serialized on April 25, 2013, in Monthly Afternoon magazine. The manga is written by Makoto Shinkai and illustrated by Manga Artist, Midori Motohashi.

Moving the anime movie, the movie was first released on April 28, 2013. The anime movie is directed by the director Makoto Shinkai. Also, the movie is of 46 minutes in terms of duration. Later, a novel was developed which was serialized in September 2013.

Main Plot

The main plot of the anime follows a young student whose name is Takao Akizuki. Even more, Takao has an interest in making shoes and he has very good talent in that. One day, he plans to leave his first class in order to sketch a design of a shoe sitting in the garden. While doing his work he comes to meet a beautiful girl, Yukari Yukino.

In addition, she seems to be very mysterious to Takao. Also, offered her to make a new shoe according to his design. But, their meet-up was only up during rainy seasons. Though, they meet up smiling they hold most of their feelings, sadness, and aches only in their heart. Moving on, can their relationship make them feel better or they will be drowning through it.

Main Characters

Takao Akizuki

Takao Akizuki (Source: Pinterest)

Takao Akizuki is the main character of the Japanese anime series known as The Garden of Words. Also, he is a very young shoemaker who can make shoes of various designs. When going to school if it rains, he loves to skip his classes. Thus, that leads him to meet a beautiful lady Yukari Yukino. His parents’ names are Takashi Fujisawa and Reimi Akizuki.

The garden he used to go to while skipping class was the place where he and his family celebrated his mother’s birthday. Even more, Takao seems very humble person and he also manages to design a shoe for Yukari. Later, they both have connections with each other too.

Yukinaro Yukino

Yukinaro Yukino (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Yukinaro Yukino is also the character of the Japanese anime The Garden of Words. Also, she has appeared in a famous Japanese anime movie known as Your Name. Since her childhood days, she was very beautiful and that made her feel different from her friends. In addition, she used to love her literature teacher. So, as of now, she is a teacher too. Additionally, on rainy days she also used to visit the garden that Takao used to visit only on rainy days. Slowly, they talk to each other and she gives him a design to make a shoe.

Sōichirō Ito

Sōichirō Ito (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Sōichirō Ito is also working as a teacher like Yukinaro Yukino. As well as, he is the former love of Yukiaro Yukino. Before, he became a teacher he was involved in another job. At that time he used to work in real estate. Also, he has another girlfriend at that time who was known as Natsumi. Later, while working as a teacher he expresses his feelings toward Yukinaro and they both get together. But, as Yukinaro starts to be absent from school they both have broken up.

Shōko Aizawa

Shōko Aizawa (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Shōko Aizawa is also reading in high school along with Takao Akizuki. At an early age, she was hated most because she didn’t have a beautiful face. But, as she was in her last days of junior high she turned into a beautiful one. That leads many boys to get attracted to her. While in high school she dated a boy who was senior to her. Moving on, one day she finds Shinji flirting with Yukino. After looking at it, she makes fun of Yukinaro. Which was the reason Yukinaro left the school.

Reimi Akizuki

Reimi Akizuki (Source: Pinterest)

Reimi Akizuki is mother of main protagonist Takao Akizuki. Further, she has a bad habit of drinking alcohol. Besides Takao Akizuki she has another son whose name is Shōta Akizuki. In addition, that let her become different and detached from her sons. Even more, she was very beautiful in her early days which made her in relation to various boys. She got pregnant when she only reached 20 years old and that led her to marry Takashi Fujisawa.

Shōta Akizuki

Shōta Akizuki (Source: MyAnimeList)

Shōta Akizuki is older brother of Takao Akizuki. He also has a very beautiful girlfriend whose name is Rika Teramoto. The mother’s behavior of drinking alcohol and romantic nature leads him to be a little away from her. As well, he has already engaged with Rika Teramoto. Though they have different negative vibes in the relationship, they still managed to be with each other till now. While now he is engaged in a job and feels jealous about his brother’s interest in shoemaking. But, he has no hobby for himself as his brother has.

What is the ending of The Garden of Words?

After not meeting Yukinaro, Takao continues to focus on her studies. So, he moves toward Tokyo and keeps on studying. Similarly, Yukinari also starts to go to her school and continues her profession of teaching school.

Later, on winter days he receives a letter from Yukinari. Which leads him to travel again towards the park. This time he left the shoe that he design for Yukinaro on the bench of the park. While leaving the shoe he also leaves a message that he wants to meet her again. Altogether, the ending seems to be sad at all.

The Shoe in the anime has a deep meaning

The Garden of Words (Source: Pinterest)

The shoe also holds another meaning that means the will to live. And, the shoe can also help anyone to walk easily protecting them. While if we look at the plot, Yukinaro has to hold a lot of pain herself. Which was caused due to her friends, ex, and more ln. But, when she travelled to the park and met Takao on rainy days. She was able to forget it. In addition, that finally let her to again fit in her life. That’s why the shoe is well attached to the main plot of the anime The Garden of Words.

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