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Asa Mitaka

Who is Asa Mitaka?

Asa Mitaka is the main protagonist of the Academy Saga of Chainsaw Man. She is a high school student. Later, she dies and becomes a host of War Devil, Yoru. Though she has died she is again living along with War Devil as a fiend.

Also, the War Devil has control over her but she still has a personality of herself when she was a human. Even more, she also attends the same high school, Fourth East High School along with Denji.

Asa Mitaka – Background

In her childhood, Asa lived with her mother. Her mother loved and care a lot about her. But, one day Typhoon Devil attack them. So, in order to save the life of her daughter her mother sacrifices her life. Whereas, Asa was saving a cat when the incident took place. As her mother died she starts to live in an orphanage along with the cat she rescued. She even gives the cat a name, Crambon.

The caretaker of her living in the orphanage also had lost his mother due to Typhoon Devil. He asked Asa to give him Crambon in order to live a happy life. She agrees and gives the cat to him. Later, another orphan living in the same orphanage told her that the cat has died near the river. The reason for it was he want to kill it being jealous that Asa still have someone to regard as her family.

Asa Mitaka – Appearance and Personality

Asa Mitaka Appearance (Source: Pinterest)

Asa Mitaka appears as a young high school girl. The color of her eyes is brown with black hair. Most of the time, she seems to be wearing her high school uniform. Along with her uniform, she uses to wear sneakers.

Moving towards her personality, she is a very quiet and focused girl. Even more, she does not like to interact with people so she wishes her friends to be dead. But, her friends keep on asking her for friendship. She loves the cats very much and kills anyone for it. Heading on, she hates to drag other people into her problem. One day, she was saved by Denji and becomes happy realizing she has not harmed anyone.

How Asa Mitaka becomes the War Devil Fiend?

War Devil and Asa Mitaka (Source: Pinterest)

One day, Asa Mitaka finds out her class president having affair with a teacher. As he knows Asa has found out, he uses Justice Devil in order to kill her. But, before her death War Devil asks her for the contract. So, Asa Mitaka contracts with War Devil to possess her body for saving her life.

Due to it, she can also talk to the war devil inside her head. Sometimes, she also receives hallucinations of Yoru. This also has an impact on her personality. As a result, when she is in human form, she tries not to involve in violence but when the devil controls her she changes herself into a very brutal person.

Why war devil hates Chainsaw Man?

Asa Mitaka is a fiend of war devil. In past, Chainsaw Devil has eaten the organs of War Devil. Which has made him weaker than before. As a result, the war devil has seen Chainsaw Man as his enemy. Thus, in her human form, she does not care about any other violence. But, when the war devil possesses her, she will be after Chainsaw Man and wants to kill him.

Find out about the relationship between Denji and Asa Mitaka and their date

Asa Mitaka and Denji (Source: Sportskeeda)

Asa Mitaka was able to meet Denji after his introduction of him to Hirofumi Yoshida. When they first met, they quarrel a lot and seem like the opposite of each other. In their next meeting, Denji becomes reacts very aggressively toward her. Anyway, he accepts to go on date with Asa Mitaka.

On their date, Asa Mitaka explains to him about sea anemones and lectured him for a long period of time. Even more, Asa Mitaka has no idea about talking to the boys and taking a boy to date. As a result, Denji feels very bored on the date. Adding on, their relationship takes a good turn when they both were trapped inside the aquarium. Afterward, Denji starts to have a positive talk with him.

Asa Mitaka’s weapon and friend, Yuko

Asa Mitaka and Yuko (Source: Danbooru)

At their first meeting, Asa Mitaka hesitates to become friend with Yuko. They were even assigned to the same group in the Devil Hunter Club tryouts. As they keep on spending time with each other, Yuko starts to like her and wanted to become friends with her. She even told the time spend with her was the best moment of Asa’s life.

Later, she did not want to kill Yuko but she changed her into a weapon for War Devil. While fighting with Bat Devil she even risked her own life to save Yuko even though she was changed into a weapon. Heading on, Yuko changes herself into a monster because of Justice Devil. After being changed, she started to kill many of the students. Though she was changed into a monster, she still wants to fight with the Justice Devil and change into the real person she was before.

Power and Abilities

Enhanced Speed

Her speed rapidly changed when she becomes the host of War Devil. After it, she can quickly jump and even dodge attacks easily.

Enhanced Strength

Along with her speed, her strength is also increased after being a host of war devils. An example of it is she was able to pull off the head Tanaka from his shoulder. Also, she can also carry big objects too.

Weapon Creation

This is one of the main power of the war devil. Using this power war devil can change any object into a weapon.


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