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Characters of Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling: 15 Strongest Characters Ranked According to Their Strength

Solo Leveling is Korean webtoon or manhwa series. adding on, it is written by Chu-Gong and illustrated by Gi Si-Ryeong and Jang Su-Rak. The normal is provided by people who are called hunters.

The plot of the anime follows a young boy whose name is Sung Jin-woo. He was powerless but he gains powers without boundaries when he was chosen by the system. Along with him, here are the strongest character in Solo Leveling.

15. Igris

Igris (Source: Pinterest)

Igris is also known as Marshal Grade Knight. Adding on, he is a shadow of the Blood-Red Commander. With his abilities, he is also known as the wings of the Shadow Army and the Knight of Destruction. Even more, he is working under Monarch of Shadows.

In addition, he has very good swordsmanship. In battles, he uses his long sword easily. Even more, he uses Dominator’s Touch to increase the flexibility of his swordsmanship.

14. Beru

Beru (Source: Pinterest)

Beru is also a shadow whose grade is Marshal. Even more, he is from the Jeju Island Arc. Also, he is a personal shadow of the main protagonist Sung Jin-woo. Among all of the characters, he is the first one to break the monarch of Frost’s ice prison. He can even fly as he has wings too.

Heading towards his powers and ability, he is very concentrated and can use manipulation over others. As well, he is stronger using paralysis poison. His poison is more toxic and powerful than the poison of Ant King. Besides it, he can also somehow perform healing magic too.

13. Rulers

Rulers (Source: Pinterest)

There are eight rulers in the series Solo Leveling. Adding on, the rulers are born from World Tree. As they have six wings and armor they are often taken as angels. They can also provide their power to humans.

But, when human absorbs more power, they act as a vessel. Even more, they can use the power of telekinetic with their ability, Ruler’s Hand.

12. Monarch of Transfiguration

Monarch of Transfiguration (Source: Pun)

This monarch is also known as the King of Demonic Specters and the Greatest Sorcerer in the Chaos World. Likewise, another monarch also performs erasure that can send the opponent directly into a void.

In the series, he is the monarch who creates lots of trouble for Sung Jin-woo. Whereas, his power of enhancing his soldier is not mentioned in the series up to now.

11. Baran, Monarch of White Flames

Monarch of White Flames (Source: Pinterest)

In the past of Monarch of White Flames, he was known as Demon King. Later, he was defeated by Ashborn. Also, he even fights against Rulers along with the Shadow Monarch and Beast Monarch. But, he was very powerful as he can summon a demon army using Hell’s Army creating a portal.

Adding on, he can also change the lighting using his breath. This lightning breath can also be used in different types of long-range as well as short-range combat. Thus, using this he was able to fight against his opponents.

10. Monarch of Iron Body

Monarch of Iron Body (Source: Pinterest)

The Monarch of Iron Body is also popular with his alternative name King of Monsterous Humanoids. Following the novel, we can watch him helping Antares. Even more, he is powerful enough as he can control the beings who are presented in the Chaos World. Adding on, he also has a connection with Tusk of Chaos World. Similar to other monarchs, he also practices existence erasure.

9. Legia, Monarch of Beginning

Legia (Source: Pinterest)

Legia is very different than other monarchs as he does not seem to have any physical body. also, he was captured by the rulers and they used him as a buffer for Mana reinforcement. The reason for it was he has mana absorbing chains with him.

Even more, he can also manipulate the pressure using his ability which name is Truth Inducement. He was also very good at casting the spell. Heading on, he was beheaded by Sung Jin-woo in only one hit.

8. Bellion

Bellion (Source: Pinterest)

Bellion is the strongest shadow among all of the shadows present in the series. as well, he is the Grand Marshal of Ashborn’s shadow army. Even more, he also carries a sword which is like a centipede in shape. His sword is very different than an actual sword as it can extend and be controlled telepathically. In addition, he is also born from the World Tree. Besides, his ability ins swordsmanship and using the swords, he is very skillful in combats and has very good reflexes.

7. Sung II Hwan

Sung II Hwan (Source: Pinterest)

Sung II Hwan is the father of the main protagonist, Sung Jin-woo. Adding on, he was not able to see his family for a very long period of time as he was trapped in a dimension where he met the Rulers. Heading on, he also becomes a vessel for Fragment of Brilliant Light. At that time, he does not learn that he was on a mission to kill his own son.

Later, the Rulers started to see Sung Jin-woo as a friend and wanted to save him. He also saves his son when Frost and Beast Monarch where very near to kill his son. Also, his son was injured and he gives his son time to heal by stabbing the Beast Monarch.

6. Monarch of Beastly Fangs

Monarch of Beastly Fangs (Source: Pinterest)

Monarch of Beastly Fangs is one of the strongest hunters in the Chaos World. He is also popular with his other name, King of Beasts. Likewise, his name uses brutal force and strength to attack his opponents. Even more, he comes to be the strongest monarch as he can perform telekinesis, regeneration, and Spiritual Body Manifestation. In his Spiritual Body Manifestation, he changes himself into a werewolf with very sharp claws and a jaw.

5. Monarch of Frost

Monarch of Frost (Source: Pinterest)

Monarch of Frost is also known as the King of Folk. Actually, he is an Ice Elf and can perform ice magic. Adding on, he wants to kill Jin-woo before everyone knows the true potential of Ashborn’s power. He was also very near to killing Sung Jin-woo. But, in the meantime, Sung II Hwan stopped him.

While in the process he pushed Sung II Hwan backward using his ice magic. As he pushed Sung II Hwan back, he comes to beast mode and stabs Beast from behind which leads to the death of the King of Beasts. Heading on, he is very powerful as he can freeze his opponents at zero temperatures.

4. Antares, The Monarch of Destruction

Antares (Source: Pinterest)

Antares is popular with his second name, the King of Berserk Dragons. He can also perform the Breath of Destruction which can complete the erasure of the opponent. As well, he can also perform telepathy as well as spatial manipulation. Adding on, he is so strong that no one can become his vessel.

Even more, he was the final opponent of Sung Jin-woo. Ashborn was the only monarch who was able to fight against Antares. Whereas, The Shadow Monarch’s intention was not to fight with him but the betrayal of the Monarch of Destruction leads to this scenario.

3. Ashborn, Monarch of Shadows

Ashborn (Source: Pinterest)

Ashborn is one of the monarchs who fought the very best until his death. Also, he is even popular as the Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light. Heading on, he betrays the Rulers in order to become Monarch of Shadows. This even leads to a fight between him and Antares. He was so powerful that most of the monarchs including the shadows fears of him.

Even though, he was not after violence whereas he only wanted peace. Heading towards his power, he was able to crush the skull of Baran with his single hand. The most powerful ability he has was Shadow Extraction because, with the help of it, he can add dead shadows to his army.

2. Absolute Being

Absolute Being (Source: Dunia Games)

Absolute Beings possess power over everything as well as he is the creators of Monarch and Rulers. He is the one who created the fight between Rulers and Monarch just for his entertainment. Adding on, he is so powerful as he can create a life from nothing. Whereas, he can also return life to nothing. Thus, he is also as stronger than that Ashborn and Antares. Later, he was killed by the Seven Rulers as they attack him together.

1. Sung Jin-woo

Sung Jin-woo (Source: Pinterest)

Sung Jin-woo is a very powerful S-rank hunter who was able to defeat Antares. The monarch along with rulers was no match for his powers. Adding on, he can perform telekinesis, Shadow Extraction, Regenerative Healing, and Shadow Exchange. As he has the power of both monarchs as well the shadows he stands as one of the strongest characters of the series.


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