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Classroom of the Elite (Source: Pinterest)

Classroom of the Elite

Classroom of the Elite (Source: Pinterest)

Classroom of the Elite (Yōkoso Jitsuryoku Shijō Shugi no Kyōshitsue) is a psychological thriller Japanese manga and anime series. It is a Japanese light novel series illustrated by Shunsaku Tomose. Later, a manga was adapted which is illustrated by Manga Artist, Shia Sasane. The manga was first serialized on January 27, 2016, in the magazine, Monthly Comic Alive.

Moving the anime, the anime was first aired on July 12, 2017, on English Network, Animax Asia. The anime is directed by director Seiji Kishi.

Main Plot

The plot of the anime follows a young high school boy Kiyotaka Ayanokouji. Also, he gets admitted in highschool Koudo Ikusei Senior High. Even more, the high school seems to stand as a very different one because it allows too much freedom to students. Further, the high school is one of the top high schools in Japan.

In addition, the high school classes are divided into four sections A-D. Additionally, they are classified according to their marks. As well, the lower section is provided worst facilities than class A. Adding on, Kiyotaka also falls on section D. Heading on, he meets Suzune Horikita in his class who wants to be in Class ‘A’. They try to aim for the top. Can they do all to reach Class ‘A’?

Main Characters

Kiyotoka Ayanokōji

Kiyotoka Ayanokōji (Source: Pinterest)

Kiyotoka Ayanokōji is the main protagonist of the Japanese anime series Classroom of the Elite. As of now, he is reading in his second year in one of the finest high schools, Advanced Nurturing High School. Even more, his marks scored in the entrance make him fall into section ‘D’.

Further, he always sits near Suzune Horikita in class. Though he comes average in his studies in his class, he is very talented. Whereas, he does it for his purpose and gets average marks on his exams. Additionally, he has different nature which makes him hard to socialize with people around him.

Suzune Horikita

Suzune Horikita (Source: Pinterest)

Suzune Horikita is also a student of Advanced Nurturing High School. In, she even has her sister as a Student Council president. Adding on, her sister’s name is Manabu Horikita. As well as, she is also in the second year in section D along with Ayanokōji. In addition, she has the quality to be in other sections but her fewer skills in co-operating with others let her be in the worst section of the high school. Most of the time she seems to emotionless girl. Moreover, she is not like other girls as she tends to keep herself away from communicating with people.

Kei Karuizawa

Kei Karuizawa (Source: Pinterest)

Kei Karuizawa is one of the best girls from section D in Advanced Nurturing High School. At the start of the series, she seems to be a very selfish girl. As she only cares about herself. Additionally, she is very interested in fashion. After her classes, she goes shopping with the girls in her class.

Even more, she never tells her past events to others. Whereas, she keeps their secrecy. She is even very beautiful which let her make Yōsuke Hirata her boyfriend only two week after joining High School. Later, she also becomes a girl leader of her class.

Kakeru Ryūen

Kakeru Ryūen (Source: Pinterest)

Kakeru Ryūen is a student of Advanced Nurturing High School and is a class representative of section C. Also, he is not too intelligent to be the representative of the class. Further, with the activity of threatening others, he is able to become the class representative.

To threaten students of his class, he even hired a bunch of henchmen. Adding on, creating problems for others has become his habit and he loves doing such activities. Once, he was even going expelled for the reason of causing trouble for Ken Sudō. Even though, he has such kind of behavior he also has sadistic nature within him.

Kikyō Kushida

Kikyō Kushida (Source: Pinterest)

Kikyō Kushida is a popular student of Advanced Nurturing High School and is in class 1-D. Moving on, she is a very good and friendly person who loves to make friends. Also, because of her this nature she is very popular in the school. But, she is not able to befriend Suzune Horikita.

After which she starts to hate Suzune while Ayanokōji listens to her yelling about it. Later, to blackmail him not to tell about it anyone, she keeps Ayanokōji’s hands on her chest. Then, she gives a warning to him about the fingerprint remains on her clothes whereas Ayanokōji accepts that he will not tell anyone about the happenings.

Know Everything About Manga Of Classroom of the Elite ( Yōkoso Jitsuryoku Shijō Shugi no Kyōshitsue ) Season 2

Classroom of the Elite Manga (Source: Pinterest)

The manga of Classroom of the Elite season 2 was first serialized on December 25, 2021. Alike, in season 1 the season is also illustrated by the Manga Artist, Shia Sasane. Even more, the manga of Season 2 will cover 7 volumes. Along with it, a short version of manga has been already released too. Among the total manga, 12 tankōbon volumes has been released on February 22, 2022.

What Is The Release Date Of Classroom of the Elite Season 2?

The Classroom of the Elite Season 2, Yōkoso Jitsuryoku Shijō Shugi no Kyōshitsue was first aired on July 4, 2022. Even more, the anime is still running and getting too much hype. In addition, due to the hits of its first season, the second season is also getting a good result. Though it has already been released you can watch it from various websites and even from Crunchyroll.

Know Everything About Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 1 and 2

Episode 1 of season 2 starts from the point where Season 1 ended. Akane Tachibana tells what happened and the shocking result of Ayanokōji to president Manabu Horikita. The news let Manabu become unhappy over the fast success of Ayanokōji. Further, the students are divided into groups named according to planets. Heading on, it is revealed that giving the correct answer will give them points. Different from VIPs and different from normal ones.

Heading towards the second episode, it is more focused on characters like Ayanokōji and Ryūen. There are a lot of transformations in characters’ behaviors. Whereas, the game still remains and everyone waits for Ayanokōji to come back. Even more, lots of bullying activities take place in the class.

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