Know everything about Call of the Night. Find all about its main characters and season 2

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Call of the Night (Source: Pinterest)

Call of the Night

Call of the Night (Source: Pinterest)

Call of the Night is a romantic comedy and supernatural Japanese anime and manga series. The manga was first serialized on August 28, 2019, in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shōnen Sunday. Also, the manga is written and illustrated by Manga Artist, Kotoyama. As of now, the manga has 12 lists of volumes.

Moving towards the anime, the anime was first aired on July 8, 2022, on Network, Fuji TV. The anime is directed by the directors Tetsuya Miyanishi and Tomoyuki Itamura

Call of the Night- Main Plot

The anime revolves around the young boy, Kou Yamori. Yamori is shy in nature. As the result, it is extremely difficult to express love. Furthermore, he doesn’t know what a romantic relationship experiences. Due to this reason, he also stops going to school and start roaming around the street at night. Also, he is suffering from insomnia.

While roaming the street at night, he meets a girl, Nazuna Nanasuka. Further, she advised him that the reason people can’t sleep is due to the problems occurring during the day. Adding on, Nazuna also explains that they can sleep if they make themselves get relief from problems that occur during the day. Even more, she tells Kou that she will help him to have sleep. But, she bites him while he was pretending to sleep.

After biting Kou, she reveals that she is a vampire. Furthermore, Kou thinks that it will change him into a vampire but just a bite is not enough to do so. If the human and vampire are in true love and get bitten then only he/she can change into a vampire. So, to change into a vampire Kou plans to fall in love with Nazuna.

Call of the Night-Main Characters

Kou Yamori

Kou Yamori (Source: Pinterest)

Kou Yamori is the main protagonist of the Japanese anime series Call of the Night. He happens to be a goof student and attends school daily. But, he left going to school as he developed an interest in becoming a vampire.

For becoming a vampire, he even got help from Nazuna Nanasuka. In addition, due to his kind and friendly behavior with everyone, most people like him a lot. But, he doesn’t want to live such a life getting attention from people. Whereas, he wants to live alone and become a vampire. So, he starts to walk the streets at night with the mission to become a vampire.

Nazuna Nanasuka

Nazuna Nanasuka (Source: Pinterest)

Nazuna Nanasuka is a vampire who also roams the streets at night. While roaming, one day she meets Kou and drinks his blood. Though, she does not like to be friendly with people but starts to help Kou to become a vampire.

In addition, most of the time she seems to be a very cool and relaxed person. As well as, people think of her as their enemy because she is a vampire. Anyway, she gets along with people roaming at night and helps them to visit the town too. Though, she is a vampire she does not show off among others rather she keeps it a secret.

Mahiru Seku

Mahiru Seku (Source: Pinterest)

Mahiru Seku is a supporting character in the anime series, Call of the Night. Even more, he is a very good childhood friend of the main protagonist, Kou Yamori. Even though, he is not a vampire he has fallen in love with a vampire whose name is Kiku Hoshimi.

Additionally, he is waiting to change into a vampire. Further, he is waiting for Kiku to do so. Adding on, he is a very kind and friendly type of person who can easily make friends. As well as, due to his personality he is very famous among teachers and friends in his school.

Kabura Honda

Kabura Honda (Source: Pinterest)

Kabura Honda was previously a human who turned herself into a vampire. As of now, she is a very bad attitude type of person who loves to tease people. Whereas, before turning herself into a vampire, she was a very helpful, friendly, and kind person. In her past, she used to be very ill and don’t want to become a burden to others.

Along with it, she also thought that her parents and lovers even hate her. So, she wants to get rid of it and as a result, she turned herself into a vampire. That even changed her behavior and started to become happy and involved in bad things like drinking, smoking, and hanging with men.

Akira Asai

Akira Asai (Source: Pinterest)

Akira Asai is a childhood friend of Kou Yamori and Mahiru Seku. Even more, she used to live in the same apartment in which Kou used to live. Further, she is a very good student who attends classes daily and does work on time.

Even more, for doing her work in school, she even does not involve in various fun things happening at school. Whereas, she is very different from his two friends Kou and Mahiru as she doesn’t like vampires. Additionally, when she was a child, she was very talkative but as of now she very serious and calm person.

Kiku Hoshimi

Kiku Hoshimi (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Kiku Hoshimi is a vampire in the series Call of the Night. Further, she wants to drink the blood of Mahiru Seku, whereas Mahiru wants himself to turn into a vampire. Also, she has been testing a theory of biting the person who vampire love, would kill the human.

But, every time she does so, she found herself wrong. The human she bites even turned into a vampire without being killed. Adding on, she keeps most of the things secret having a long look at the people. Moreover, she has turned about 50 humans into a vampire.

Will there be season 2 of Call of the Night?

Well, yes there is going to be a season 2 of the Call of the Night. But, fans have to wait for the information. As the chapters of a manga are still remaining so there is a higher chance there will be season 2 of Call of the Night. If you feel too long to wait, you can even read the manga. Also, it is an ongoing anime so there is a chance of the release of season 2 too.

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