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Beelzebub vs Nikola Tesla (Source: Pinterest)

Beelzebub vs Nikola Tesla (A fight to remember)

We have already known that both Beelzebub and Nikola Tesla are powerful. Also, it is a battle that happens between light and darkness. Before round eight, the actual score is Gods 3 and humans 4. Adding on, Heimdall announces Beelzebub with a symbol of a fly and is from the hell.

On the other hand, Beelzebub shows him up. Nikola Tesla was very angry because of the death of Hades. So, if you want to know who will win between them, you are in the best spot. Here, is the result along with fights and both Beelzebub’s and Nikola Tesla’s introductions.

Introduction about Beelzebub and Nikola Tesla


Beelzebub (Source: Pinterest)

Beelzebub is from the God representative who shows up in the 8th round of the series. Even more, he is also known as the Lord of the Files. He lived his life alone because the one with whom he becomes friends with is killed due to Satan. Adding on, he was also a good friend of Lucifer.

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Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla (Source: Pinterest)

Nikola Tesla is a human representative in the Record of Ragnarok series. Further, he goes up against Beelzebub in the 8th round of the Ragnarok. His alternative name is Ultimate Mad Scientist of His Time. In addition, because of his knowledge many inventions have taken place. Many changes in the world have taken place. Also, he hates comparing something to magic.

Tesla’s entrance before fighting Beelzebub

When Tesla comes to fight him, Beelzebub watches him coming quietly. As he reaches there, Tesla is the one to make the first move. Adding on, Tesla keeps on moving without any idea and he stops for some time just to observe what is happening at the moment.
Further, he keeps on watching Beelzebub for a period of time. Altogether, he comes to a conclusion and says that Beelzebub is not literate. Whereas, he says Beelzebub seems very different from the literate people. Also, he expects that he will have a great moment while fighting with him and that the fight would be interesting.

Tesla vs Beelzebub

8th round of Ragnarok (Source: Twitter)

Along with it, the fight starts between them. Before starting, Beelzebub advised Tesla that the fight will not end up well for him and that he can be in broken pieces after the fight. Even more, we already know that Beelzebub can use and destroy everything for his research. So, Tesla tells him that if he will go against humanity then he will not spare him.

As well, he tells him that destroying anything is a very foolish act. Unlike, Beelzebub, Tesla use to make new things without harming humanity. As a result, he tells Beelzebub that humans will keep on inventing various new things. Whereas, the gods will not stop humans.

Beelzebub attacks first

Beelzebub attack Nikola Tesla (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Beelzebub attacks Nikola Tesla first. But, while attacking he does not move from his position at all. His attack was powerful enough as it creates shock waves on the ground. Whereas, Tesla was able to dodge the attack. Also, the attack was powerful enough as it destroys the pillar behind Tesla.

After watching the attack, Heimdall says that it was great magic but Tesla denies it and says it’s not magic whereas it is science. Beelzebub attacks actually create vibrations that he can use for both offenses as well as defense.

The match between Beelzebub and Tesla is inside a cage

Cage Match (Source: Reddit)

Tesla is the one to form the Prison of Gods in which the fighter is found in the cage. Also, tesla is having benefits through it whereas people start to call it magic. Adding on, he seems to have various knowledge of various weapons.

This cage and its anti-gravity system were already in my mind of Tesla. But, to use this the Super Tesla particles are required. As well, the area is in the presence of these particles. As a result, the environment is already on the side of Tesla and his speed is also increased due to it.
Beelzebub was on a hard time because of anti-gravity.

Because of the gravity, Tesla was having continuous attacks. But, Beelzebub was not able to stop it. From the attack of Tesla, Beelzebub hurt his left shoulder too. Whereas, Beelzebub was not being able to match the speed of Tesla as Tesla’s speed was increased due to anti-gravity.
Even more, Beelzebub starts to attack with the swords but Tesla manages to dodge. It just only dis balances him. Moving on, Tesla increases his speed and attacks back. After this attack, Beelzebub vomits blood. Further, the Gods were also amazed to see the speed of Nikola Tesla.

Beelzebub is about to meet the speed of Tesla

Nikola’s speed (Source: Pinterest)

After a moment of time, Beelzebub was able to see Tesla’s attacks. Adding on, he also blocks the attacks of Tesla. In return, Beelzebub says that he cannot reach him now. But, Tesla does not agree with it and says science will continue new things and disappears. Later, Tesla again appears and hits him with a plasma pulse punch.

Who is going to win on Beelzebub vs Nikola Tesla?

Well, if we move towards the ability it seems that Tesla has more chance. As we know that he is a scientist and he can have a very new invention. But, Beelzebub is also under the control of Satan. His body also can come under the control of Satan.

Both Beelzebub and Nikola Tesla fought really hard in order to win each other. Beelzebub has fantastic power and skills. Where as Tesla has an immense knowledge of science and motivation to win the battle. However, Beelzebub won Tesla making gods victorious. The 76th Chapter discloses the Beelzebub is the winner of the battle


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