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Beelzebub (Source: Pinterest)
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Beelzebub is a god representative from the Japanese anime series Record of Ragnarok. He shows up in the eighth round of the series and he comes up against Nikola Tesla. Among humans, he is famous through various od names. One of the names is Lord of the Files.
Besides it, he is also popular as Anathema. Adding on, he also has various names which are Priest of Gluttony, God of Darkness, and Ruler of Evil Spirits.
Here below contain every fact about Beelzebub that you must know:


Beelzebub (Source: Pinterest)

Beelzebub is a tall young man who used to have messy black hair. As well, the color of his eyes is dark black. When he changes his form he develops wings as well as horns.

Beelzebub – Dress

Beelzebub Dress (Source: Pinterest)

Most of the time, Beelzebub wears black color od shirt with a little purple slash cloth on it. Those purple slash cloths are actually long and reach his thighs. Further, for pants, he wears leggings which are always baggy. Also, the size of his boots is also long which is known as mid-calf boots.


Beelzebub (Source: Pinterest)

Like a gentleman, he is very calm and focused on the work he does. Even more, he is very fond of doing experiments on various types of animals or living beings. But, he has no guilt and shame for doing these acts. The reason he involves in such activities is to get more knowledge. In return, he has pleasure from knowing various new things from these acts.

Adamas also describes him in a different way. According to Adamas, he is the type of person that would never have a friend. It’s also not his fault. He was cursed when he was born. As a result, he has to live away from everyone there. Anyway, he has a good friendship and bond with Lucifer, Azazel, and Samael.

Beelzebub is the assassin of the gods

Beelzebub (Source: Pinterest)

Actually, Beelzebub is one of the most powerful gods. Because of his curse, he was exploited. Adding on, he loves to involve in making new things. Such as different kinds of weapons and equipment that can aid to assassinate the target he wants. Adding on, he can create various types of weapons to reach the end. Hence, he is also called an assassin of gods.

Why he is a powerful god?

As we already know that he was exploited by god and cursed by satan. Even more, his friend is nonother than Lucifer. Also, he knows every technique including both gods and demons. As a result, he has no problem eliminating the problem he wants to because he can take the target in two different ways. Therefore, he stands as one of the most powerful gods.

He has no respect for the gods.

Beelzebub seems to have no respect for the gods. The gods have created various types of punishments and come toward the earth. But, he does not fear any of them and kills the being he wants. Further, not only the gods he also doesn’t care about the hades too.

He is the god of the demons

Demon form of Beelzebub (Source: Pinterest)

In his life, he is very fond of killing the being he wants for the experiments. For doing the tasks he greatly uses demons. To kill the beings and collect the things he wants demons are even ready as he commands. The demons even pay tribute to him by calling him a powerful demon. In such a way, he seems to be the god of demons as he is one among the gods.

Beelzebub lived his life alone

Beelzebub (Source: Pinterest)

Beelzebub has a very sad life. Because of the curse from satan, he has to live alone. Adding on, he was also not able to make friends. But, after a period of time, he was able to become friends with Lucifer and others. As we look towards the backstory of Beelzebub he has a very hard time in his life.

Beelzebub lost his friends

After a very long time, Beelzebub was able to make a friend. He had a good bond with Lucifer. Even more, he was happy after the decades. But, it was just for a short period of time as he finds his three friends died. They were covered in the woods with blood. It was an unknown fact who killed them whereas Beelzebub thinks that it is because of his curse.

After it, there was more to come. He was very unhappy and want to research why Satan does this to his friends. Even more, he develops a strong hatred for Satan and even wants to take revenge on him.

Goddess Lilith is over Beelzebub

Lilith and Beelzebub (Source: Pinterest)

Goddess Lilith is a very old friend of Lucifer. She comes to investigate to find the murderer of her friend, Lucifer. Whereas, she also knows that Satan is behind it. Adding on, she even plans to take revenge on Satan. Also, she has her eyes on Beelzebub as he was cursed by Satan.
Later, they both manage to work together and start their research. Further, they even visited different dangerous places. But, they could not find any information about Satan.

Beelzebub drinks bloods of his friend

As Lilith and Beelzebub were searching Satan for their revenge. One day, Satan appears behind him and takes him to the dream. In the dream, Satan forces him to sip the blood of his friends. It was just a dream and Lilith was there to help him too. Then, the situation starts a good relationship between them.

Beelzebub kills Lilith

Beelzebub kills Lilith (Source: Pinterest)

Too many times after their research, they were able to find the identity of the research. Whereas, in the other hand the love of Beelzebub for Lilith was increasing day by day. But, he cannot uphold the love as it comes to the limit and the curse makes him kill the one he loves. After reaching the limit, he pierces Lilith’s heart and killed her. This act is also called Destrudo (Impulse self-destruction).
Facing such an incident Beelzebub also wants to die. But, Lilith said to him to live. So, he is just waiting for someone to kill him.

Beelzebub shows up at round 8 of Ragnarok

In round 8 of the Ragnarok, the score was Gods 3-4 Humans. While at the spot Heimdall describes a new fighter as a symbol of fly and who comes there from hell. Adding on, while doing the entry Beelzebub explodes the gate of God’s side entry. Further, he still seems to be angry about his friend’s death.

To fight against him, Heimdall also calls up someone for the fight but no one seems to appear. Later, Tesla shows his appearance.

Beelzebub vs Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla vs Beelzebub (Source: Pinterest)

When no one comes to fight against Beelzebub, Nikola Tesla comes with the appearance of a robot. From his appearance, people call him a wizard from mankind. The one wizard who makes the God and Humans bond more strong.

Firstly, Tesla only looks at how Beelzebub fights and how intelligent he is. After, observing some period of time he states him as an intelligent person and thinks that the fight will be amazing. Secondly, Beelzebub is also aware that he will come to end if he involves in the fight.
Whereas, Tesla says that he will not spare anyone who will go against humanity and that destroying humanity is a foolish act. Adding on, he also says humans will keep on inventing new things and even gods will not be able to stop them. According to him. If god and humans both work together they can make very wonderful things. Tesla describes the attacks on Beelzebub as science, not magic.

Beelzebub abilities

Being a god, Beelzebub has unpredictable speed and reflexes. Further, he was able to cut down the hands of the monster without that monster realizing the attack. Along with it, he is a very intelligent and calm type of person. As well, he can also use his intelligence while taking part in the battle too. With his intelligence, he can also determine what kind of weakness his opponent has.

Even more, he is also very good at using medicines. He is also very good as a doctor. One example of it is when Hades gives him an order, he does the surgery of Adamas to make him heal. For the process, he uses different machinery equipment as the organ of Adamas. Altogether, he is a very good doctor and also has knowledge of technology.


One of the technique’s names is Beat of the Devil’s Wings. With the help of his wings, he can create vibrations that can destroy solid objects. Also, it can even cut steel too. Further, he can use it as both offence as well defense.

Another technique is the Gates of Hell which he mainly use for the purpose of defense. With the help of it, he even blocks the Plasma Pulse Jet Punch of Nikola Tesla.

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