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Kotaro Lives Alone

Kotaro Lives Alone is a comedy Japanese manga series manga and anime. The anime is illustrated and written by the Manga Artist, Mami Tsumura. On March 13, 2015, the manga was first serialized in Big Comic Superior magazine.


Moving towards the anime, the anime’s release date is 10th March 2022. The anime is directed by the director, Tomoe Makino under the studio Liden Films. The anime is licensed by Netflix. TV-Asahi also broadcast the ten-episode television drama in 2021.

What is the story of Kotaro Lives Alone?

The main plot of the anime is based on 5-years old Kotaro Sato. Shin Karino unpopular manga writer lives in an apartment where the children are forbidden. One day, Sumusu’s doorbell rings and he finds 5-years old kid Kotaro Sato. Kotaro tells him that he has just moved to the apartment and he is living alone. The manga writer feels sad and makes a weird face as he does not like kids and as the rule of the apartment kids are not allowed to enter the apartment. Though at first Sumusu Kano is annoyed by the small kid. As they started living together Sumusu Kano even the people living in the apartment get attached to the small boy, Kotaro Sato. Kotarou often makes people happy and slowly makes people around him to be attached to him.

The first episode introduces us to a strange but well-behaved small boy who calls his neighbors Lord and Lady. Most of the time he seems to have a plastic katana with him.

Why watch Kotaro Lives Alone?

The marvelous issue of Kotaro Lives Alone is that it won’t hit you over the main point with the teaching you don’t notice in this series but its character unit teaching you.

The various character backstories, the mystery close to the main character Kotaro slowly unravel. We discover why he speaks formally. Why does he live alone and ready to pay the rent? What his father did. And, whereas Kotaro himself doesn’t appear to understand, the reality regarding his mother.

Just as the characters begin out as strangers, therefore to do they appear alien to the United States till we discover additional regarding them. And notice that it’s true that we tend to shouldn’t be too fast to evaluate others, as a result of we tend to don’t extremely understand their story. The kinky characters drive this show — and therefore the marvelous performances by the actors bring them to life. The plot and the character of the anime are well balanced and make it more interesting to watch. The characters that attract us towards the anime are mentioned below with their respective voice artist.

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Know all the characters of Kotaro Lives Alone

Kotaro Sato


Kotaro Sato is 5-years old kid who just transfer to Apartment Shimizu where children are not allowed. But he got permission from the landlord as he says you can live if you pay the rent. He even throws the waste into the dustbin properly and has subscribed to 5 newspapers. Being a 5-years old kid he does not act like a child. He also thought that his existence in the apartment made the people harder to live there. In reality, his presence was playing a great role in Karino’s Manga. He only imitated two words that are “shi” and “I’m going.”

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actress and singer Rei Kugiyama provided the voice. Kugiyama is also the agent of I’m Enterprise. Some of her projects include Fairy Tail, Edens Zero, and Gin Tama. At the first Seiyuu Awards, she was nominated for Best Actress in Leading Role. Similarly, at the second Seiyuu Award, she won the Best Actress in Supporting Role Award.

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Shin Karino

Shin Karino is also one of the members who is living in Apartment Shimizu in Room No 202. Karino is a very well manga artist. In the room, he lives very silently without making noise and only focuses on his work. One day he finds a 5-years old kid Kotaro Sato outside the door of his room. As he is annoyed by the children he makes a weird face because the apartment rule was a break. Talking about his parents, his parents died when he was young and are living with his uncle and aunt. After the days, he gets attached to the 5-years old kid Kotaro Sato.

Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actor and singer Toshiki Masuda. Masuda was previously affiliated with SpaceCraft Group. In August 2018, he become a freelancer. Also, In November 2018, he joined Toy’s factory as a voice actor and a solo singer. In this anime world, he is known for providing a voice for anime such as Noragami, Haikyū, and One-Punch Man.

Mizuki Akitomo

Mizuki Akitomo also lives at the Apartment Shimizu. She works at the night restaurant and pub. Also, she is very good at making sweets and she often gives sweets to Kotaro Sato. Mizuki is a happy and energetic girl but she is suffering from her boyfriend who handles the prostitute.

The Japanese voice for the character is contributed by the Japanese voice actress and singer Saori Hayami. Hayami is represented by the Agency I’m Enterprise. Warner Bros signed her as a singer. She also got the award for Best Supporting Actress at the 10th Seiyuu Awards. She has provided the voice for many other animes. Some of them are Clannad, Sword Art Online, and Fairy Tail.

Ayano Kobayashi

Ayano Kobayashi is the lawyer of “Suzuno Law Office”. Naturally, she is very honest as well as strict. The director orders her to provide the money to Kotaro once a week for living expenses. However, she can’t take good of the children so, she is worried about Kotaro.

The voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actress Yumiri Hanamori. Some of her projects include Happy Sugar Life, Pastel Memories, and Kemono Jihen.

Isamu Tamaru

Isamu Tamaru is living in the Apartment Shimizu in Room No. 102. Tamaru loves Kotaro Sato and often calls him Kotaro Kyun. Moreover, most of her play with Kotaro Sato.

The Japanese voice for the character is portrayed by the Japanese voice actor and singer Junichi Suwabe. Suwabe is also affiliated with Haikyō. Some of her projects include Fairy Tail, Black Clover, and Bleach.

Toko Futaba

Toko Futaba is the teacher of Kindergarten Shimizu. Futaba always watches over children with the help of chief teacher Oka. While children sing he used to play the piano. As he is a teacher, he acts very gently and politely.

The Japanese actress and voice actress Yuka Morishima played the character Toko Futaba. Futaba works with the talent management company, 81 Produce as a voice star. Some of her projects include Girly Air Force, Kaguya-Sama, and Nekopara.

Kotaro Sato Changes the world of Shin Karino!

The arrival of Kotaro fully changes the life of Shin Karino. Before this, they didn’t even recognize World Health Organization their next-door neighbors were, plus interacted with one another. Karino, specifically, is shown within the initial episodes as a bum whose space may be a place like where pig lives very dirty.

Shin Karino and Kotaro Sato
Shin Karino and Kotaro Sato (Source: animenewsdaily)

While proficient enough to win a contest for manga creators, Karino appears too lazy and causeless to require advantage of that initial success and keeps troubled to complete a replacement manga and meet the point set by his publisher. Initially, he’s simply curious to search out why this five-year-old boy lives alone and wherever his folk’s area unit is. Kotaro is the initial neighbor to act with him, as a result of the boy knocks on every door to present them a present since he has simply touched in.

Gradually, Kotaro changes Karino, although the manga creator doesn’t need to admit it to himself or Kotaro. He starts tidying his space and throwing out the trash once Kotaro innocently asks him why garbage is everywhere in the place. Whereas Kotaro insists on being freelance, Karino worries regarding what would possibly happen to the small boy whereas he’s walking alone, thus he finds himself incidental Kotaro at the tub house and to high school. From an egotistical and feckless one that was living as if he were a child or a young adult, Karino begins acting like an Associate in Nursing adult.

What do you get after watching Kotaro Lives Alone?

Kotaro Lives Alone teaches us that as children are fulfilling the act of adults, those people who are adults should step ahead and work by themselves. And also we should show sympathy and love towards others. As well towards yourself too. We hear that the first impression is the last. But in the first episode when Kotaro meets his neighbors, he was a little bit hard for the people even for Shin Karino. Later he even changed Shin Karino. So, the anime provides the moral that the first impression might be wrong, we all want is to find our home.


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