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Vinland Saga

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Vinland Saga is an adventure, epic, and historical Japanese manga and anime series. The manga was written and illustrated by the Manga Artist, Makoto Yukimura. On April 13, 2005, the manga was first serialized in youth-targeted Weekly Shōnen Magazine. Later it was published in the monthly manga magazine Monthly Afternoon, aiming adult audience.

Moving towards the anime, the anime was first serialized on July 7, 2019, on the network NHK General TV. The anime is directed by the director Shūhei Yabuta and written by Hiroshi Seko and Kenta Ihara.

Main Plot

Thorfinn grew up hearing tales of elderly sailors. Who had visited the seas and arrived at Vinland, the legendary land? It’s claimed to be pleasant and fertile. Moreover, a place where fighting isn’t necessary. Now Thorfinn lives in a war zone. Despite the fact that his father once informed him, you don’t have any enemies, and neither does anyone else. Thorfinn comes to realize things as he grows up.

Death has become a way of life for the Viking professional soldier. As well, they are relishing every second of it. Thorfinn has a high amount of revenge for the person who has killed his father. The Vikings only paradise seemed to be the ongoing era of fights and death.

Character Chart Of Vinland Saga

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Character Name           Age         Height
Thorfinn      25(1021) 155 cm(From 19 years old)
Askeladd      44(1014)       170 cm
Canute      25(1021)       170 cm
Gudrid      19(1st  appearance)       152 cm
Thorkell      58(1021)       230 cm
Ylva      34(1021) 170 cm(From 31 years old)
Thors Snorresson             39       180 cm
Karli        4(1022)          N/A

The number in () is the chapter number in which the character’s age is mentioned.

Characters Of Vinland Saga

1. Thorfinn Of Vinland Saga

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 • Age: 25(1021)

 • Height: 155 cm (From 19 years old)

Thorfinn is the main protagonist of the series. Furthermore, he is an old fighter of Askeladd’s band. His father’s name is Thors. As well, his father was a very popular Jomsviking warrior until his loss. Moreover, Thorfinn is related to the Jomsviking leadership and he leads it through his mother. Also, he gets punishment after killing Askeladd. Askeladd was the one who killed his father.

As of now, he is traveling to conquer the Vinland saga. In addition, Thorfinn gradually recovers and adopts a more compassionate and peaceful mindset. Additionally, he appears to have taken on the characteristics of Thors.

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actor, voice actor, and singer Yūto Uemura. Yūto is affiliated with the Himawari Theatre Group.

Moving towards the English dubbed version, the American voice actor Mike Haimoto provided the voice.

2. Askeladd Of Vinland Saga

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 • Age: 44 (1014)

 • Height: 170 cm

Askeladd is also known by many people as Lucius Artorius Castus. Furthermore, he is also a Viking. As well as he is also in a mercenary band in which Thors is also involved. The name Askeladd was given to him by his mother. Even more, he was hired by Floki to kill Thors. Later, Throfinn kills Askeladd’s commander to take revenge for his father’s death. Also, Askeladd has taken care of his mother since he was a child. As living in poverty and working long hours without complaining.

The Japanese voice for the character is contributed by the Japanese actor and voice actor Naoya Uchida. Some of his projects include Devil Lady, Black Lagoon, and Sound of the Sky.

Heading towards the English dubbed version, the American voice actor David Wald provided the voice.

3. Canute

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 • Age: 25 (1021)

 • Height: 170 cm

Canute is the king of both Denmark and England. Being weak and not able to fight, Canute learns to stand up for himself. As well, Canute develops different feelings. The feeling to kill his father in order to get revenge. Moving on, Canute develops himself as the person who can fight and stand alone for the goal he/she wants. Moreover, he stands with the goal of creating a beautiful Viking place on earth.

The Japanese voice for the character is portrayed by the Japanese voice actor and singer  Kensho Ono. In this anime world, he is known for providing a voice for anime like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Kuroko’s Basketball, and Seraph of the End.

Whereas, the English voice for the character is provided by the American voice actor Josh Grelle.

4. Gudrid

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 • Age: 19 (first appearance)

 • Height: 152 cm

Gudrid is the supporting character in the Japanese anime series Vinland Saga. Furthermore, she is married to another husband leaving the first one. As well, She is currently on her way to Vinland with Thorfinn. Even more, she is the wife of Thorfinn.

As she wants to get involved in various adventure things, she kills her first husband. In addition, she kills her husband by stabbing him from the backside. Later, Throfinn invites her and they both get out on the adventure.

5. Thorkell

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 • Age: 58 (1021)

 • Height: 230 cm

Thorkell is a commander of Jomsviking. Moving on, he develops his own band at the time of the England invasion. Additionally, before being a friend with Canute, he turns sides and fights for English. Furthermore, Floki and Garm reward him as the powerful Viking. Because of his high amount of strength. Moreover, Thorkell is a merry, good-natured fellow. In addition, when he deprives of combat for an extended period of time, he becomes sad and irritated. As well, he is only inspired to battle those that are capable of self-defense.

The Japanese voice for the character is voiced by the Japanese actor, voice actor, and narrator Akio Ōtsuka.

Also, the English voice for the character is provided by the American voice actor Joe Daniels.

6. Ylva

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 • Age: 34 (1021)

 • Height: 170 cm (From 31 years old)

Ylva is older sister of Thorfinn. Furthermore, she lives in Iceland and is the wife of Ari. Even more, she becomes the main supporter of her family after her father’s death. Because Thorfinn was also with their father on a warship. Later she meets Thorfinn, and Leif convinces Thorfinn that she is already married and leads a family. Besides the female things, she can do fishing and hunt whales. As well as Helga teaches her to control herself in various hectic situations. Though, Thors feel sad that she was not born a boy. But she can really take good care of a family.

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actress and singer Hitomi Nabatame. Hitomi is affiliated with Ken Production. Some of her projects include Ninja Nonsense, Bleach, and School Rumble.

Moving towards the English dubbed version, the American voice actress Olivia Swasey provided the voice.

7. Thors Snorresson

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 • Age: 39

 • Height: 180 cm

Thors Snorresson is also a commander of Jomsviking. Moreover, he is very good at combat skills. Also, he has a son and daughter whose names are Thorfinn and Ylva. Even more, he was a very strict fighter. After the birth of his first child, he becomes kinder. Later, after the second child, he wants to walk throughout the peace as he loves his second child very much. Additionally, knowing the outcomes of the battle, he wants not to involve in the fights anymore. In addition, he thinks that warrior does not need a weapon in their hands to fight.

The Japanese voice for the character is contributed by the Japanese voice actor Kenichiro Matsuda.

Heading towards the English dubbed version, the American film, television, and voice actor Jason Douglas provided the voice.

8. Karli

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 • Age: 4 (1022)

 • Height: N/A

Karli is the daughter of Lief’s buddy Arngrim. In addition, Karli’s mother was killed by Vikings associated with Gisli. Additionally, she was killed because of her rivalry with Arngrim. Thorfinn and his friends rescue him from his own home. Aside from that, he’s a typical infant. He is a very little child around one year.

Why Watch Vinland Saga?

Besides, other animes Vinland Saga stories are grounded and have background stories too. The story contains thriller and suspense. Which will make fans attracted to the anime. This is anime and manga aimed at teenagers and people of all ages. Because at first the manga was released aiming at the young audience. Later, for adult audiences. So, the anime targets both young and adult audiences. Moreover, the character development of anime is also good.

The cast of the anime is those who are admired by anime fans. The action scenes of the anime are very exciting and overwhelming. As well, the anime has action scenes with the powerful warrior, Thorfinn. We can also predict how the action will appear in the climax. With the action-packed, the animation is also a very high level. The animation makes anyone attracted to the anime.

Most people think Vinland Saga only has the revenge story. But it is not the truth, it contains more than that. There are many other characters snd they have different stories as well. Even more, the anime plots start slowly. And the story elongates the story takes place. With the package of all things, anime is a bucket list type of anime.

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