Know All About The Hindu God Shiva in Record of Ragnarok From Voice Actor, Fight to Controversy

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The Japanese anime and manga series, Record of Ragnarok has introduced various mythological characters from the different mythological systems including Hindu and Greek gods and Biblical characters. Among such characters, the Hindu god, Shiva is one of the most popular characters.

Who is Shiva in Record of Ragnarok?

Shiva is a prominent god in the Hindu religion. Also, he holds the title of the god of destruction.

In the manga, he is representing the gods against the humans as the fifth representative. In the fight, he is facing the human representative Raiden Tameemon, a Japanese Sumo Wrestler.

Who are the Voice actors of Shiva in Record of Ragnarok?

Japanese Voice Actor, Tatsuhisa Suzuki

The voice actor, Tatsuhisa Suzuki has contributed a Japanese voice to the character. Suzuki is from the Ichikawa of Chiba Prefecture, Japan. The voice actor is renowned for anime series including Kuroko’s Basketball, Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy, and Ace of Diamond.

Commercially, he started his career as a voice actor in the year 2003 with the Japanese anime based on sports, Dear Boys. following that, he had been a part of various sort of anime series including Gakuen Alice, Pocket Monsters: Advance Generation, and Shuffle in some character roles. As of now, the voice artist has been part of more than 100 anime series. Last, in 2021, he contributed his voice to the character, Ban in the Japanese fantasy anime, The Seven Deadly Sins. 

Besides being a voice actor, he is also a vocalist who goes under the stage name Ta_2 for the rock band, Oldcodex. Currently, the talent management agency, I’m Enterprise represents him.

English Voice Actor, Benjamin Diskin

Furthermore, the American VA, Benjamin Diskin voiced the character, Shiva for the series. The hometown of the voice actor happens to be Los Angeles County, California.

Heading towards his career journey as a voice actor, he kick-started his voice acting journey in the animation TV series short, Problem Child in 1993. In the series, he contributed his voice to the child character of Healy. Prior to his voice acting career, he also acted in some of the few movies like Baby Boom as Ben, Kindergarten cop as Sylvester, and The Pickle as Little Boy 1945.

Following his first anime series, Problem Child he shifted his career more as a voice artist. After that, he has been a part of various anime series including Blood+, Blood Lad, The Seven Deadly Sins, Hunter x Hunter, and My Hero Academia.  Some of his famous characters include Joseph Joestar of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Knuckle Bine of Hunter × Hunter, and Tomoyasu Chikazoku/Skeptic of My Hero Academia. 

Ben Isaac Diskin
Ben Isaac Diskin (Source: Instagram)

Apart from the anime, he is also a renowned name when it comes to contributing his voice to various video games. Last, in 2020, he voiced the characters Jusis Albarea, and Count Egret in the role-playing video game, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV.


Who are the Shiva’s Wives in Record of Ragnarok?

In the manga, three goddesses; Parvati, Kali, and Durga are portrayed as the wives of Shiva. His first wife, Parvati is the goddess of fertility. Whereas Kali and Durga are goddesses of time, death, and war respectively.

Record of Ragnarok Shiva Wives
Record of Ragnarok Shiva Wives (Source: Reddit)

All the wives are Shiva are cheering for Shiva during the fifth match of Ragnarok against, Raiden Tameemon.

Who is Raiden?

Raiden is the fifth representative of the human in the Record of the Ragnarok. In the anime, he is well known for the title, Peerless Rikishi. In human history, he is the strongest and most powerful sumo wrestler on the history.
Since, a very early age, Raiden was blessed with super-strength, unlike any other human child. As the result, his friends in his village viewed him as a monster which made him depressed at the various events. However, his sunshine, his mother always cheered him up and encouraged him to use his strength to help the weak people who require his help.

Moving forwards, he found his mentor and teacher, Kajinosuke Tanikaze who trained him to be a sumo wrestler. Entire life, he dedicated his life to sumo and played fair and square. However, his opponents also viewed him as a monster since his childhood. Finally, he sealed his most powerful moves. Despite that, he also remained victorious in all the fights.

Forbidden Move, Three Legged Crow

During the fight against the Shiva, he got to use his most powerful and forbidden move, Three Legged Crow. While using his move, he focuses all his muscle’s power through his legs and channels his power through his hands which creates an immense thrust that he uses against his opponents. During the fight, he blows two arms of Shiva using his forbidden move.

Who won Shiva vs Raiden?

Shiva vs Raiden happens to be one of the most epic battles in the Record of Ragnarok. Despite Raiden fighting against the Shiva bravely and with courage, Shiva won the battle against Raiden.

During the battle, Raiden used his 100% strength. As the result, Raiden was able to damage one of the four hands of the Shiva. From that time, the battle got nasty and Shiva used his power against him too.

Shiva vs Raiden
Shiva vs Raiden (Source: deviantart)

In the battle, Raiden also used the Þrúðr as his Volund. Also, he developed a romantic feeling towards Þrúðr. At the last time, Raiden tried the released Þrúðr as his Volund to save Þrúðr from being destroyed with him. However, she refused to let him go and got destroyed with him.

Hence, in the fifth match, the gods became victorious as Shiva won Raiden. During the last moment, Raiden also enjoyed the battle as he was able to do sumo to his heart’s content.

Attacks and Techniques of Shiva in Battle

The anime is about the battle between human kinds and the mightly gods. In the first season of the anime, attacks used by humans and gods were quite an interesting sight for the audience to witness. Being one of the almightly gods who is all pumped up to fight against, Shiva has plenty of extraordinary attack techniques. Some of them are as follows:


Tandava is a dancing technique used by Shiva. While using this technique, he dances intensely. As the result, his body became super hot surrounding his entire body with the flame. At a point in time, his body starts to combust which increases the power of his entire attacks. At the end of this technique, his opponent is burned.

The Flaming Tiger Claw dance, Krittvasa

 It is also a dancing technique that Shiva possesses. While using this technique, he jumps in the air. While jumping in the air, he lands a powerful kick with the combusting feet which is enough to burn the opponent to his/her core by cauterizing flesh.

Samsara War Dance, Tandav Karma

It is also a dancing technique that the god possesses. Also, it happens to the ultimate secret technique. While using this attack technique, he forces his own heart to beat very fast so that he could stimulate his own spirit. At the impact, his power increases extremely and very fast. In this state, his body combusts at a very higher level than any other technique.

This technique is more than enough to burn the entire body opponent along with other things that lie around the surroundings. Despite being one of the highly-rated techniques of the god, it has some limitations too. Shiva himself cannot use this technique for too long time. Using this technique for a longer time span will burn him too.

The Final Act Flame Dance, Deva Loka

This technique enhances the Tandava Karma dance of the Shiva. While using this technique, he hits a straight sidekick to his opponents. The kick is super strong and super hot. Shiva uses the kick during the battle against Raiden. As the consequence, Raiden’s arm is ripped in half.


Record of Ragnarok Shiva Controversy 

Shiva is one of the major deities of Hinduism. It is believed that the god is responsible for the destruction of the world so that the creation of a new world could take place. Furthermore, the god also symbolizes the balance between god and evils.

Like various other gods from Bible and Norse mythologies, the illustrator of the anime and manga has adapted the Shiva from Hindu mythology. As the result, the Netflix anime received a major backlash in India. The major reason for the backlash happens to be the portrayal of Lord Shiva who is fighting against humanity and for the destruction of humans for its existence. However, it is not that way the worshiper of the deity looks to the god. Due to the major difference between the Hindu mythologies and the way the god has been portrayed within the anime, the controversy has started.

The President of the Universal Society of Hinduism, Rajan Zed also issued a statement against the manga. In the statement, he criticized how the Hindu Gods and Goddesses were portrayed in the manga. Prior to that, he also released a similar type of statement for the way Hindu gods were depicted in X:Men: Apocalypse.



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