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The Daily Life of the Immortal Kings

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The daily life of the Immortal Kings is the action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, and a slice of life Chinese animation series. The show was animated by Haoliners Animation and first aired on 18 January 2020. The anime gets popular worldwide as it has an action-packed plot and quite interesting animation.

Main Plot

The anime follows Wang Ling, who was born with spiritual prowess. He is as much as powerful even his power can destroy the world. Wang keeps on utilizing the power due to these thoughts and besides mentioning others he only tells about the power to his family. As he seemed to be emotionless, Wang does not associate with people. Mostly, people used to think of him as a weird person. Though he is such a kind of boy he was able to make friends and they cope with high school life. Furthermore, they handle dangerous situations together.

The Daily Life Of  the Immortal Kings- Characters

Wang Ling of The Daily Life Of the Immortal Kings

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 •Age: 16

Height: 183 cm

Wang Ling is the main protagonist of the Chinese series, The Daily Life Of Immortal Kings. At the age of 6, he killed a powerful demon. Ling is the wizard as of now, going to high school as an ordinary child. He is also a genius who gets to cultivate the realm every year. Having so much power, even he can’t control it. With his increasing age, his power keeps increasing too. Gods also rewarded him with the title ‘Almighty’.

The Chinese voice actor, Sun Lu Lu provided the voice for Wang Ling. Some of his projects include No Boundaries, The Legends, and Word of Honor.

Sun Rong of The Daily Life Of the Immortal Kings

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 •Age: 16

•Height: 165 cm

Sun Rong is also called Rong Rong by her grandfather. At No. 60 High School Sun met Wang and greet him. Though Wang shows different behavior with her she wants to know more about him. As well she also falls in love with Wang. Guo Hao and Chen Chao are her closest friends.

The Voice for the character is provided by the Chinese voice actress Qian Chen.

Tuntian Ha

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Tuntian Ha is an old demon who was defeated by Sun Rong. Moreover, Sun Rong was only six years old when Tuntian was defeated. Also, the credit was given to Odd Zhou. Furthermore, Sun Rong turns him into a dog spirit. As of now, he is Green-coloured Akita. In addition, he lives with the Wang family now.

Yi Zhou


Yi Zhou is an employer of Wang Ling. Additionally, he is also immortal. Among the sixty geniuses, he is also one. Because of his master he has won many heroes. His strength is similar to the strength of He Bufeng. Though he has not gotten a higher title his title should be of Jindan Stage.

Hu Bufeng

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He Bufeng is a student of 59 Middle School. As well, he repeatedly joins the school. Firstly, he is at the top level of Golden Elixir. Secondly, he has the ability to swallow which is very special. Along with Wang Ling, he was arrested. At that time Hu Bufeng strength was very different from Wang Ling’s.

Wang Zukang


Wang Zukang is the reincarnation of Sanren. Moreover, he is stronger than in his past. The old demon was also destroyed by him. As well, Wang Ling is his student. Even more, he knows him far better as he has taught him for years.

Why Watch The Daily Life Of the Immortal Kings?

The series starts with a good premise and the characters are slowly built up. It consists of sword battle also. The characters are overpowered. The story follows the powerful teens hiding most of the power to survive in the ordinary world. The animation is very great and the plot is interesting too. Besides, the fights also consist of romance as well as a great story.

As you have been watching the Japanese series, you may feel a little difficult. Because it is a Chinese series. But you will be used to it after you keep on watching. The dialogues scenes seem funny too. The protagonist of the series is low-key and very enjoyable. Furthermore, the protagonist is overpowered. Moving on, if you like funny, relaxing anime with action. This anime is very good.

Where To Watch The Daily Life Of the Immortal Kings?

The Daily Life Of Immortal Kings is available on Netflix. Also, you can watch the series in Funimation too. Moreover, the anime is also available online in 4anime.

Episode 1

The first episode of the series leads us to the future year 4386 on the Cultivation calendar. We learn that society enjoys the convenience of farming technology. The narrator uses airplanes shaped like flying swords. Until Giant Frog appears, the commercialized yet serene city of Huaxiu continues on its way. Furthermore, the Magic Squad bearing the immortal’s flag arrives. The Giant Frog arrives to take charge of the situation.

The goal is to use all of one’s spiritual power to hit Giant Frog square in the face. Chen Chao and Guo Hao, prepare to demonstrate their abilities. The real Giant Frog goes beneath the building. As he continues to collect small quantities of force from each assailant, almost ready to strike. Sun Rong comes charging in with a punch and an elegant somersault to the worth of 2019.

The first lesson for the Elite Class has been assigned for summoning spells. The teacher states that the strength of the spiritual body you conjure is proportional to your force level. Then classmates attempt the spell which turns into failure. Sun Rong is the first to control a skeletal creature. Wang Ling manages to summon Giant Frog on his turn. The instructor causes Giant Frog to transform into a green dog. Sun Rong calls it Froggy 2 and Wang Ling runs away as the other kids start to gather around him.

Similar anime like The Daily Life Of the Immortal Kings

1. Mob Psycho 100

Source: IMDb

The anime revolves around the boy who is always misjudged. Due to his dumb appearance, he is often misjudged by people. Furthermore, the anime is written and adapted by the same team as One Punch Man. From you can imagine how overwhelming the series can be. Besides the story, the animation is also on another level.

2. Classroom of the Elite

Source: Anime-Planet

The classroom of the elite follows the lonely and genius boy whose name is Kiyotaka Ayanokouji. Also, he joins the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School. The school holds only genius students. Because he is low-key and quiet everyone thinks he is just an ordinary boy. But he is a real monster from inside.

Unlike the other animes, it holds various tactical fights among the students of the classroom. Also, to survive and gain the score students should be very intelligent.

3. The Irregular at Magic High School


The main plot of the anime is based on a powerful boy whose name is Tatsuya Shiba. In addition, he is a very powerful character. Because of his strength, he is also taken as the god in his universe. In his school, he is often treated badly by his classmates. While his classmates don’t know that he is the most powerful person.

4. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

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The anime is similar to The Daily Life Of the Immortal Kings. Just like Wang, the protagonist of this anime Saiki K also lives a normal life. But he is gifted with superpowers like teleportation. Also, he acts to hide his power when comes to school.

5. Hero Return!

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The Hero Return! is a similar series to The Daily Life Of the Immortal Kings. It is also a Chinese anime series. The first-ever hero emerged 5 years before the story began and conquered the evil. Then no one knows he has vanished. Now it appears like Wang Ling destroyed the Toad monster, but the credit belongs to someone else. And he appears to have vanished from the picture. Lin Jie, the initial hero had returned 5 years later. After then the plot follows his trip.

6. Beyond the Boundary


The main protagonist of the series is Akihito Kanbara. Akihito is a very energetic person. In addition, he acts very normally when he is around people. But he is very powerful as he is immortal. As he possesses the legendary power in his blood, the anime is named Beyond the Boundary.

8. The Legend of the Legendary Heroes


This anime is adventure anime for shounen genre fans. As well as this anime includes fights, romance, and humor. Similar to listed anime here the hero of the anime hides his power. Though he is a very powerful person. Also, you can know about Futsal Boys!!!!!

8. The King’s Avatar

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The King’s Avatar is also a Chinese anime series. Ye Xiu does not have the explosive powers to kill monsters. But he is the god. In the e-sports arena, he was kicked by his team. Despite getting a kick from his team he still wants to continue to play. The anime shows his journey to return as the best player on the field.


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